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Messverfahren zur Ermittlung der Schraubenvorspannung mittels Dehnungsmessstreifen

D. Chorzewski & S. Hofmann

DFG SPP 1551: Der Druckkamm als "Ressourceneffizientes Konstruktionselement"

M. Heß

Optimierung der Zahnwellenprofilform

G. Schäfer & J. Wild

Price Formation of Exhaustible Resources: An Experimental Investigation of the Hotelling Rule

Christoph Neumann & Mathias Erlei
In 1931 Harold Hotelling published his seminal contribution to the economic theory of exhaustible resources. His major insight states that the prices of exhaustible resources - more specifically the scarcity rent - will rise at the rate of interest, and consumption will decline over time. The equilibrium implies social optimality. However, empirical analysis shows that market prices of exhaustible resources rarely follow the predicted pattern. Yet our experimental investigation provides support for the position that...

PICASSO - Eine wissensbasierte Konstruktionsumgebung

F. Heinen, M. Holland & R. Kalwa

Beanspruchungsgerechte Konstruktion eines thermisch hoch beanspruchten Bauteils aus dem Bereich des Akkumulatorenbaus

T. H. Dao, K. Engel & A. Schmidt

Gemeinsames Kolloquium Konstruktionstechnik erstmals in Clausthal

C. Ernst & J. Langenbach

Entwicklung eines spanenden Fertigungsverfahrens für Hinterlegungen an Schaltgetrieberäder mittels CAD-Simulation

N. Schiedeck

Anwendung von Berechnungssoftware für Maschinenelemente am Beispiel einer Getriebewelle

H. Gieleßen

Zusammenspiel von Theorie und Praxis

R. Konetzky

"Generische Tiefenlagermodelle mit Option zur Rückholung der radioaktiven Reststoffe: Geologische und Geotechnische Aspekte für die Auslegung", Vertikalprojekt 6: Einlagerung in tiefe geologische Formationen mit Vorkehrung zur Überwachung und Rückholbarkeit

Joachim Stahlmann, Rocio Leon-Vargas & Volker Mintzlaff

Carl Menger's Contribution to Capital Theory

Eduard Braun
The common interpretation of Carl Menger's take on capital theory rests upon a few sentences in his Principles of Economics. His later monograph on the topic, Zur Theorie des Kapitals (A contribution to the theory of capital), is more or less ignored, although it must be seen as a recantation of his earlier views. As it becomes clear in this work, Menger would have opposed all attempts to define capital as a heterogeneous structure of...

High-Tc Superconductivity: Strong Indication of Filamentary-Chaotic Conductance and Possible Routes to Superconductivity Above Room Temperature

Hans Hermann Otto
The empirical relation of T_co(K)=2740/_c^4 between the transition temperature of optimum doped superconductors T_co and the mean cationic charge _c, a physical paradox, can be recast to strongly support fractal theories of high-T_c superconductors, thereby applying the finding that the optimum hole concentration of h^+ = 0.229 can be linked with the universal fractal constant delta_1 = 8.72109... of the renormalized Henon map. The transition temperature obviously increases steeply with a domain structure of ever...

Teilplastische Auslegung der durch Bohrungen geschwächten Welle-Nabe-Preßverbindungen

L. Tan

Ein Beitrag zum Thema Kunststoff-Recycling

U. Neumann

Erweiterung der Virtual und Augmented Reality Ausstattung

J. Langenbach

Berechnung der Lastverteilung in radial belasteten Klemmrollenfreiläufen

V. Martinewski

Der SFB 180: Konstruktion verfahrenstechnischer Maschinen: Eine Übersicht

P. Dietz

To choose or not to choose: contracts, reference points, reciprocity, and signaling

Mathias Erlei & Christian Reinhold
Hart and Moore (2008) argue that varying degrees of flexibility in contracts induce differing reference points and aspiration levels for parties' shares of a transaction's total surplus. As a consequence, a trade-off between adaptational flexibility and the prevention of distributional conflicts emerges. In a recent paper, Fehr et al. (2011) analyze a buyer-seller-relationship with incomplete contracts and ex ante uncertainty regarding the sellers' cost level to test these effects. We re-run their experiment and introduce...

Endogenous property rights in a hold up-experiment

Mathias Erlei & J. Philipp Siemer
In a hold-up experiment designed to test theoretical predictions following from Hart (1995) and deMeza/Lockwood (1998) regarding investment behavior Sonnemans et al. (2001) (SOS) find only a partial confirmation of theory. According to SOS these deviations from standard theory can be explained by positive reciprocal behavior. In this paper, we replicate the experiment by SOS and add another group of treatments in which asset ownership is endogenized by auctioning off the assets. Our experiment shows...

Entwicklung eines optischen Rissvermessungssystems

M. Jakob

Erweiterung der institutseigenen Innenhochdruck-Fügeanlage für künftige Forschungsvorhaben

F. Mörz

The Theory of Capital as a Theory of Capitalism: Hidden Austrian Contributions to a Historically Specific Approach to Capital

Eduard Braun
Before economists and sociologists came up with their own definitions of the term "capital", it was commonly understood as money invested in businesses by their owners or shareholders, and it continues to be understood this way in everyday business practice. In a recent article, Geoffrey Hodgson (2014) advises economists to return to this pre-Smithian usage of the term. The present paper takes up Hodgson's demand and develops a theory of capital that is based upon...

Innovatives Wickelsystem für Faserseile

M. Schulze & M. Wächter

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