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Eine affekttheoretische Betrachtung der #MeToo-Bewegung

Lioba Martin
In October 2017 the US-American actress Alyssa Milano called upon all women around the worldwith a Twitter statement to speak out about their experience with sexual violence. The #MeToo move-ment followed, an incisive event in the feminist movement to start a wide public discourse about sexu-al violence. However, building identification with a movement on the basis of pain that is assumed tobe collective, creates certain problems, which are analyzed in this paper from a perspective...

Privilegienblindes Reisen in Zeiten des Klimawandels

Nina Degele
In Germany, travelling is taken for granted without question. However, it is predominantly practiced by privileged people. This paper discusses climate conscious travelling and unfolds the associated privileges by reconstructing strategies of legitimizing travel practices. Moreover, "flight shame" is discussed as a strategy to reconstruct moral standards of privileges. The empirical basis is provided through discussions with six groups of middle-class people in rural towns as well as urban cities in southern Germany who differ...

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