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Foucault und die Affekte : Warum uns genealogische Kritiken affizieren

Dominik Herold
In my paper I draw the connection between Michel Foucault’s way of using genealogy as a criticalmethod and the role of affects. I argue that genealogy as critique works because of its affectivedimension insofar as it offers us an experience of thinking and acting differently once we have beenconfronted with the genealogical text. Foucauldian genealogies tell us stories about power relations andsubjectivations that take their starting point from a current political problem. I show that...

Die Ästhetik herrschaftserhaltenden Regierens : Zur Einordnung persistenter machtpolitischer, rhetorischer Strategien in Machiavellis Il Principe

Daphne Tokas
Anti-democratic resistance is not uncommonly relied on critical theorems which design a model against domination. A look at the conditions of the sphere of influence in which Niccolò Machiavelli’s „Principe“ moved, who has become famous in political theory, must be astonishing in this context: it was different from today’s political sphere of influence of democratic states, but it produced similar political behavioral preferences – the stategical preservation of power. Whether it is a democratic system...

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