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Vor Ort nach dem Frauenwahlrecht graben

Susanne Abeck & Uta C. Schmidt

Der 8. März als ‚Tag der Verbindung und der Solidarität‘ zwischen Frauen

Charlotte Binder

Endoskopische Brennraumdiagnostik im seriennahen Ottomotor durch Chemilumineszenz und laserinduzierte Fluoreszenz

Martin Rafael Goschütz
In Rahmen dieser Arbeit wird ein UV-Endoskopsystem zur minimalinvasiven optischen Brennraumdiagnostik durch Chemilumineszenz und laserinduzierte Fluoreszenz (LIF) in einem seriennahen Fahrzeug-Ottomotor eingesetzt. Der erste Teil der Abhandlung beschreibt die Detektion der Entflammung und der frühen Flammenausbreitung über die Chemilumineszenz in der Reaktionszone mit verschiedenen Kamera- und Abbildungssystemen. Durch das morphologische Bildverarbeitungsverfahren der Segmentierung wird die projizierte Flammenfläche in jedem Bild ermittelt. Diese Messgröße korreliert ab 10°KW nach Zündung sehr gut mit dem Zylinderinnendruck und liefert...

Cross-Border Political Orientations of Migrants of Turkish Descent in Germany

Dirk Halm & Martina Sauer
Transnational political orientations and participation of immigrants are often distrusted, being interpreted as the result of a lack of loyalty towards the host society and a sign of failed assimilation. We present results from a representative survey which we conducted in 2017 among immigrants from Turkey and their descendants in Germany to examine the relationship between social integration and transnational political orientation. Our analyses show that those who are socially and politically well integrated actually...

Dynamic performance of electrical power systems with high penetration of power electronic converters: analysis and new control methods for mitigation of instability threats and restoration

Abdul Wahab Korai
The increasing penetration of the power electronic converter-based generation units in the electrical power system have given rise to many challenges to power system operation. Three of the most important challenges are the voltage control, frequency control and the grid restoration by the power electronic converter-based generation units in absence of conventional generation units. Moreover, the controllers of power electronic converter-based generation units can interact with the power system elements i.e. natural resonances and can...

Contested Spaces–Shared Places: Negotiating the Contours of Democratic Citizenship

Saloshna Vandeyar
Utilising the theoretical framework of pedagogy of compassion, a single embedded case study, and narrative inquiry, this paper explores how a teacher negotiates the contours of migration and social transformation to promote education for democratic citizenship. Data capture comprised a mix of semi-structured interviews, observations and field notes. Data was analysed by means of the content analysis method. The teacher anticipated and fulfilled requirements not only to raise the critical consciousness of learners but to...

Enhancement of energy efficiency in stirred tank reactors by use of computational fluid dynamics

Alexander Stefan
The research subject of this work is the fluid and heat flow in a stirred tank reactor with immersing internals like heating elements and baffles. On the basis of an industrial esterification process, the investigation is focused on the efficiency improvement of the reactors unit operations and the interaction between stirrer and static elements. Since flow field measurements are not possible on the industrial precedent, the investigation is approached by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation....

Alterserwerbsbeteiligung in Europa auch in Zeiten der Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise im Aufschwung?

Arthur Kaboth & Martin Brussig
Auf einen Blick... * In nahezu allen 28 Mitgliedsstaaten der Europäischen Union ist die Erwerbsbeteiligung Älterer von 2005 bis 2016 gestiegen. Trotz dieses praktisch universellen Trends, gibt es erhebliche Unterschiede innerhalb der EU. Die europäischen Beschäftigungsziele von 2010 wurden auch im Jahr 2016 teilweise nicht erreicht. * Große Unterschiede in der Alterserwerbsbeteiligung zeigen sich vor allem zwischen Männern und Frauen. In der Regel sind die Erwerbstätigenquoten der Männer höher als die der Frauen. Die stärkeren...

Smart and Energy-efficient Actuators based on Shape Memory Alloys and Dielectric Elastomers

Paul Motzki, Steffen Hau & Stefan Seelecke
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Stimmen des Widerstands: Emanzipatorische Räume in Ovids Erzählung der Minyastöchter

Stephanie Sera

Insight into the role of CENP-N in kinetcohore structure and function

Satya Krishna Pentakota
Accurate chromosome segregation requires the assembly of kinetochores, large multiprotein complexes that are built on the centromeres. A key step in this process involves the assembly of the constitutive centromere-associated network (CCAN) on CENP-A, a histone H3 variant that is enriched at the centromeres. The CCAN is composed of 16 protein components which can be subdivided into four functional groups: the CENP-LN complex, the CENP-HIKM complex, the CENP-OPQUR complex and the CENP-TWSX complex. Two kinetochore...

Agile Montagesystem durch Konsens von Roboter- und Sensornetzwerk – Eine Einführung zur Industrie 4.0

Amirreza Shahidi, Tim Detert, Mathias Hüsing & Burkhard Corves
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Reconfiguration of Modular Robots with triangular structure

Michael Gerbl, Michael Pieber & Johannes Gerstmayr
In this paper, we present strategies for the reconfiguration of modular robots with triangular structure. We analyse the kinematics of PARTS, a modular robot, consisting of adaptive triangular cells and present a kinematic model based on a chain of two degree of freedom bipod parallel manipulators. Utilizing meta-modules consisting of four modules arranged in a square geometry, we develop three motion primitives and show the equivalence to a pivoting square modular robot, thus enabling the...

Indicators of (In)Tolerance Among European Young People: An Assessment of Measurement Invariance in ICCS 2016

Maria Magdalena Isac, Laura Palmerio &
This contribution is an executive summary of the draft article “Indicators of (In)Tolerance among European Young People: An Assessment of Measurement Invariance in ICCS 2016” which was presented at the EARLI SIG 13 and InZentIM Conference 2018 on “Migration, Social Transformation, and Education for Democratic Citizenship.” A subsequent version of the background article is under consideration for publication in a journal. Further information can be obtained from the first author upon request. The work considers...

VaKE Intervention Method: Education for Democratic Citizenship for Female Refugees

Jean-Luc Patry, Sieglinde Weyringer & Natascha Diekmann
VaKE (Values and Knowledge Education) is an intervention tool that seems appropriate for fostering Muslim refugees’ integration in Western countries. This paper presents the principles of VaKE and the underlying concept for integration. A system of workshops for female refugees (N=95) is described, each lasting three half-days; for this purpose, VaKE was enhanced with a behavior-oriented intervention, among other things. Some concrete examples of the procedure (including drawings and posters) and general experiences are reported....

‘ICT Guides’ Project as an Example of Educational Support of Young Immigrants Through Intergenerational Learning and ICT Tools

Joanna Leek & Marcin Rojek
This paper presents the results of research conducted with the context of an EU-funded ‘ICT Guides’ project which was carried out in Gothenburg (Sweden), Madrid (Spain), Sheffield (United Kingdom) and Berlin (Germany). The study aimed to find out how ICT tools and intergenerational learning can facilitate access to the general education system for newly-arrived immigrant young people. Our findings show that intergenerational learning and ICT tools empower immigrant young people, improve their language skills, and...

The Effects of Linguistic Competencies and Civic Literacy on Political Decision-making in School – First Results of the Interdisciplinary Project, “SchriFT II”

Sabine Manzel & Claudia Luft
The ability to form political judgements and to make decisions is a key competence for the political participation of citizens in democracy. This study is based on the results of “SchriFT II” project, which finds that missing literal competences constitute a disadvantage for success in school and political participation, especially when connected with a migration background (multivariate analysis t(305)=3.385, p

The Role of Religion for Countering Violent Islamist Extremism — The Situation in France

Milena Uhlmann
France has been the target of numerous jihadist-inspired terrorist attacks, especially since the 2015 attacks in Paris. Islamist radicalisation seems to be of a more intense nature in France compared to its neighbouring countries, posing severe challenges to the security and cohesion of French society. This article addresses the question of how this situation came about and how it relates to the debate on preventing and countering violent Islamist extremism (PVE/CVE).

Herstellung von Wärmedämmstoffen aus Polyvinylalkohol-Kompositen mittels Freeze-Casting

Kevin Voges
Die Wärmedämmung von Gebäuden ist wichtig, um Wärmeverluste durch die Gebäudehülle zu verringern. Die dafür eingesetzten Dämmstoffe sind hochporös und die Isolationswirkung basiert auf der Ausnutzung der geringen Wärmeleitfähigkeit ruhender Luft oder anderer Gase in den Poren. Diese hohe Porosität sorgt aber auch für eine geringe Festigkeit solcher Materialien. Eine Möglichkeit der Festigkeitserhöhung besteht darin, die Form und Ausrichtung der Poren zu beeinflussen. In dieser Arbeit wird die Freeze-Casting-Methode zur Herstellung von porösen, anisotropen Polymerkompositen...

Tools to consider larger scales and the recolonisation potential in river restoration planning

Veronica Claudia Dahm
Due to long-lasting ecological deterioration and fragmentation of freshwater systems the success of local river restoration measures that target the improvement of the ecological status as defined by the European Water Framework Directive is limited. To better account for the fragmentation of river networks, river restoration planning needs to target larger scales but tools to support large-scale strategies are widely missing. This dissertation aims to stimulate the consideration of larger scales in river restora¬tion planning...

Decisions based on ratings, reviews, and recommendations - the cognitive processing of online information

Guillermo Alejandro Carbonell Carrasquilla
The Internet allows consumers to find different kinds of information about products or services before a purchase. For instance, there is objective information provided by the platform or marketer, as well as different subjective opinions and several forms of ratings generated by users who already bought the product. This cumulative doctoral dissertation aims at depicting the cognitive process that consumers go through when choosing a product while using Internet information. More precisely, this thesis will...

Simultane Visualisierung von Öl- und Kraftstoffschichten in der Kolbengruppe eines direkteinspritzenden Ottomotors durch laserinduzierte Fluoreszenz

Torben Müller
Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Dissertation wurden Öl- und Kraftstoffschichten in der Kolbengruppe eines optisch zugänglichen Ottomotors mit Benzin-Direkteinspritzung durch das Verfahren der laserinduzierten Fluoreszenz (LIF) untersucht. Zur Optimierung der Kolbengruppe hinsichtlich Reibung, Verschleiß, NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) und Emissionen müssen die komplexen Wechselwirkungen zwischen Öl, Kraftstoff und Brennraumgas analysiert, sowie quantitative Daten für Simulationsmodelle bereitgestellt werden. Die Untersuchung der Phänomene in der Kolbengruppe erfolgten in einem optisch zugänglichen Einzylindermotor mit auf Druck- und Gegendruckseite seitlich...

Metric two-level measure spaces: a state space for modeling evolving genealogies in host-parasite systems

Roland Meizis
We extend the notion of metric measure spaces to so-called metric two-level measure spaces (m2m spaces for short). An m2m space is an isomorphism class of a triple (X, r, ν), where (X, r) is a Polish metric space and where ν is a finite measure on the set of finite measures on X. We define a point separating class of test functions on the set of m2m spaces based on the idea of sampling...

Software Documentation for Embedded Systems: A Problem-Based Approach

Nelufar Ulfat-Bunyadi
Embedded systems shape and govern our world today. We can hardly imagine a life without these systems. Examples are mobile phones, DVD players, pacemakers, train control systems, and automotive components. Embedded systems are frequently part of complex safety-critical systems that can be found in the following domains: automotive, avionics, medical, consumer electronics, automation. A main characteristic of the development process of these complex safety-critical systems is the division of labour. The manufacturer usually decomposes the...

No. 118 (2017): From ‘State Control’ to ‘Business Lobbying’

Dongya Huang & Minglu Chen

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