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Die Rolle der SK-Kanäle in alpha-Synuclein-aktivierter primärer Mikroglia

Florian Wilhelmy
Background: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases and the most common movement disorder in the human. α-Synuclein has recently been discovered as a harmful endogenous compound and trigger of PD. The role of microglia in neurodegenerative disorders is an emerging field of research. In fact, increasing evidence suggests that microglia largely contribute to the inflammatory pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases. Hypothesis: Previous studies showed that positive modulation of SK-channels by CyPPA...

Scope, Application and Mechanistic Details of the Nickel-Catalyzed Z-Selective Isomerization of Terminal Olefins

Felicia Weber
Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Dissertation konnte der Mechanismus der Nickel-katalysierten Z-selektiven Isomerisierung terminaler Alkene mit dem Additiv Diphenylphosphin erfolgreich aufgeklärt werden. Die Nickel-katalysierte Z-selektive Isomerisierung konnte zudem erfolgreich als Schlüsselschritt in der Synthese des Pheromons des Eulenfalters spodoptera exigua, (9Z,12Z)-Tetradeca-9,12-dien-1-ylacetat, eingesetzt werden. Für den finalen Isomerisierungsschritt stellte sich Ni(dppe)Cl2 als effektivster Katalysatorvorläufer heraus. Bezüglich der Erweiterung der Substratbreite, wurden sekundäre sowie tertiäre N-Allylamide und -carbamate als vom Katalysator tolerierte stickstoffhaltige Substrate ausfindig gemacht. Bei sekundären...

Invasive fungal infection after allogeneic stem cell transplantation - an analysis of possible risk factors and prophylactic strategies performed at the University Hospital Marburg

Deborah Christen
Invasive Pilzinfektionen zählen zu den gefürchteten Komplikationen nach allogener Stammzelltransplantation, da sie mit hohen Mortalitätsraten verbunden sind. Um ihnen vorzubeugen hat sich die Einführung einer antimykotischen Prophylaxe mit Fluconazol bewährt. Auch nicht-medikamentöse Maßnahmen, wie beispielsweise Ausstattung der Patientenzimmer mit HEPA-Filtern, können zur Prophylaxe beitragen. Als anerkannter Risikofaktor für das Auftreten einer invasiven Pilzinfektion nach allogener Stammzelltransplantation gilt das Entwickeln einer schweren GvHD. Für diese Patientengruppe wird anstatt der Standardprophylaxe mit Fluconazol eine Aspergillus-wirksame Prophylaxe mit...

Contacts in the MENA region: a brief introduction

Vera Tsukanova & Evgeniya Prusskaya

ʿAmr Munīr: Miṣr fī al-āsāṭīr al-ʿarabiiyah

Ahmed Mohamed Sheir

Arabic as a scholarly language?

Vera Tsukanova & Michael Waltisberg
Virtually all Arabists at some point ask themselves whether they should take into account specialized literature in Arabic, whether to take part in conferences held in Arabic countries, and which language they should choose for publishing their work. In this paper, we try to review this question in a broader context of the language of scholarship. By adducing historical and typological parallels, we reflect on the role of language in conducting research and exchanging ideas....

Sarhan Dhouib, editor: "Sprache und Diktatur. Formen des Sprechens, Modi des Schweigens."

Anna Christina Scheiter

When Crisis Promots Proximity

Jonathan Kriener
During the Lebanese war of 1975 to 1990, the only public university of Lebanon branched out into more than 40 locations all over the country. While this deed reflects the inner division of Lebanon, it also moved the University nearer to the country’s geographical and social peripheries. Employing field research, newspaper articles, and grey literature this article gauges the effects of fragmentation in terms of the dynamics of social control that resulted from it. It...

The Invisible Life-worlds of a Coptic Christian

Mina Adel Ibrahim
This essay presents the life-story of a Coptic Christian between the PlayStation lounge, the coffeehouse and the prison. By taking this constellation as a point of departure, I broadly link such a portrait to overlooked contacts between Coptic Christian youth and the clerical hierarchy of the institution of the Coptic Orthodox Church. While attention is usually given to how Copts experience, negotiate and struggle against the various roles of the Church and its tradition of...

Inquiries into Proto-World Literatures

Chiara Fontana
Western studies on Persian metrical system debate the linguistic origins of quatrains, (Per. robāʽiyyāt - Ar. rubāʽiyyāt) in Arabic, and regard prosodic Persian schemes independently of Arabic counterparts, despite reciprocally influenced metrical patterns. Attempts to dismantle Arabo-centric critical inferences about Persian metres are largely prosodic observations of the robāʽi/rubāʽī, thus neglecting their ontological evolution from a metrical scheme into an aesthetically experimental frame in Persian and Arabic poetry. This study closely investigates the spread of...

Arabic or Latin: Language Contact and Script Practices

Dris Soulaimani
This study discusses the social aspects of script reforms and the hierarchies attached to languages and scripts in contact. In Morocco, Arabic, French, and Berber/Amazigh compete for similar social domains. In recent years, intense debates took place surrounding the official adoption of Tifinagh to codify Amazigh; however less focus has been placed on the unofficial selection of the French-based Latin characters to write both Arabic and Amazigh. This study argues that, besides practicality, preference of...

Touching Language!

Christian Junge
This paper argues for using academic Arabic more actively in Arabic Studies in Germany. Based on an ongoing discussion at the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the Philipps-Universität Marburg about the pros and cons of dealing more closely with academic knowledge production from the MENA region, this paper sheds light on the potentials of academic Arabic for non-native students and scholars. In the framework of postcolonial studies, it discusses linguistic, epistemic and...

Networks, Contact Zones and the Trans-Local Dimensions of the Imperial Mediterranean

Gavin Murray-Miller
Recent histories of the Mediterranean have drawn attention to the region’s internal diversity and provided a basis for considering the sea and its surrounding coastal areas as a place of trans-national entanglements. While this space was a contact zone between cultures, the dynamics and practices of Mediterranean imperialism frequently extended beyond a strict colonizer-colonized relationship. By examining networks forged through émigré communities, journalism, religion and finances, we can rethink concepts of the contact zone within...

Language Contacts in Arabic Poetry

Hanan Natour
Language contacts in poetry differ from other forms of linguistic contacts, allowing writers to merge formal specificities of distinct languages within a single poem. This paper focuses on contacts between Arabic and European languages in selected poems of Adonis (*1930) and Fuad Rifka (1930-2011), both of whom are Syrian-Lebanese by birth and have lived for many years in Western Europe: Adonis in France and Rifka in Germany. How, then, do both poets deal with contacts...

Urban Development in Beirut: Gender and Space

Sandrine Melki
While tackling the gender/urban development approach is new, but widely spread in the western world, the subject is almost irrelevant to Middle-Eastern research. The case study of one neighborhood in the cosmopolitan and distinctive Beirut explores this approach while focusing on women, either as recipients or as producers within their experience of space and their involvement with urban material.

High-Altitude Rock Shelters and Settlements in an African Alpine Ecosystem: The Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

David Reber
This first survey of rock shelters and settlements in the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia is a baseline assessment for further research into the settlement history of Africa’s largest alpine highlands. Extensive GPS-based mapping and interviews resulted in two detailed maps, a catalogue of profiles, and complete photographic documentation. In total, 331 rock shelters (four permanently inhabited, 51 seasonally inhabited, and 276 currently uninhabited) and 870 settlements (207 permanently inhabited, 449 seasonally inhabited, 214 uninhabited) were...

Marburg Journal of Religion : Vol 21 No 1 (2019)

Philipps-Universität Marburg, Institute For Comparative Cultural Research-Study Of Religions And Anthropology

Scientology's Legal System

Philippe Lord
This paper provides an overview of the legal system of the religion of Scientology. To the members of the religion, this legal system supersedes and fully displaces the mainstream legal system. Scientology’s legal system is self-contained and independent, with rules, enforcement mechanisms, and correctional facilities. The overview provided in this paper will be useful to courts and to further research in the nascent yet vital field of Scientological legal research.

'To the Top of the World'

Emmanouil Gkinidis
The prominent role of the mountain as the starting point of revelations in numerous apocalyptic narratives is in absolute relevance with the 'cosmic mountain', a motif widely attested within every cosmological and religious system across the southeastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. However, apart from its relation to the latter, the mountain motif emerged from the background of supernatural descriptions and displayed an 'individual' character, acquiring a role as distinctive as few other motifs in...

Role Models as Moral Means of Persuasion in Apocalyptic Literature

Emmanouil Gkinidis
Apocalyptic texts are teeming with moral teachings and ethical values, which make up the very core of their messages, acting like a mantle that caresses and bonds together all the parts of the narrative and moves the plot by justifying events, thoughts and actions. Apocalyptic discourse, as every other form of religious and philosophical speech, aspires to teach its recipients about the moral way of life and persuade them about the importance of remaining virtuous...

Einfluss intraoperativer Interface-Spülung nach Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) auf Effektivität, Sicherheit und Komplikationshäufigkeit

Ralf Kind
Small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) has become established in the field of refractive surgery since 2011 und has been advanced continuously since then. Aim of this study was to investigate the outcome differences of interface flushing with balanced salt solution (BSS) after the removal of the refractive lenticule in uncomplicated bilateral simultaneous SMILE. For this purpose, we performed a prospective randomized single-blinded interventional contralateral eye study in six centers within the SMILE EYES Group in...

Special Bilevel Quadratic Problems for Construction of Worst-Case Feedback Control in Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problems under Uncertainties

Hilke Isabell Stibbe
Almost all mathematical models that describe processes, for instance in industry, engineering or natural sciences, contain uncertainties which arise from different sources. We have to take these uncertainties into account when solving optimal control problems for such processes. There are two popular approaches : On the one hand the so-called closed-loop feedback controls, where the nominal optimal control is updated as soon as the actual state and parameter estimates of the process are available and...

Elisabeth Oy-Marra, Klaus Pietschmann, Gregor Wedekind, Martin Zenck (Hg.): Intermedialität von Bild und Musik

Sophie Brakemeier

Bor- und Kohlenstoff-basierte Liganden im Spannungsfeld von Donor- und Akzeptorfunktionalität

Leon Maser
In this work, donor groups based on boron or carbon in the form of (R3P)2BH, (R3P)2C and [(R3P)2CH]+ were to be investigated. In transition metal complexes that were to be isolated with the donor groups of interest stabilized in pincer ligands, insight in the bonding situation of the different donor groups with emphasis on the donor-metal interactions was to be gained. The general reaction behaviour, especially in (de)protonation reactions, was to be determined and explained....

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