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Numerical Study of the Deformation Behavior of Eutectic Cu/Ag Polycrystals

S. Dodla & A. Bertram
Technische Mechanik; 36; 3; 155-165; ISSN 2199-9244

Raw data from: T1-weighted in vivo human whole brain MRI dataset with an ultrahigh isotropic resolution of 250 μm

Falk Lüsebrink, Alessandro Sciarra, Hendrik Mattern, Renat Yakupov & Oliver Speck
We present an ultrahigh resolution in vivo human brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) dataset. It consists of T1-weighted whole brain anatomical data acquired at 7 Tesla with a nominal isotropic resolution of 250 μm of a single young healthy Caucasian subject and was recorded using prospective motion correction. The raw data amounts to approximately 1.2 TB and was acquired in eight hours total scan time. The resolution of this dataset is far beyond any previously...

Worksheet Target Market

Stefan Werner Knoll
This worksheet is intended for founders in the initial phase, who have identified possible customer needs and want to describe their target market. The result of this worksheet is a description of a potential target market for a given startup idea. This description forms the basis to think about the solution concept. The worksheet belongs to chapter 1.2 Target Market of the Founders Playbook (www.founders-playbook.de).

Worksheet Solution Concept

Stefan Werner Knoll
This worksheet is intended for founders in the initial phase, who in addition to a startup idea, have some assumptions about a possible target market and their related customer needs. The result of this worksheet is a description of a solution concept that satisfies possible customer needs of an intended target market. This description forms the basis to think about the business model and the problem-solution-fit. The worksheet belongs to chapter 1.3 Solution Concept of...

Frequency Shifts in Natural Vibrations in Pantographic Metamaterials under Biaxial Tests

A. Battista, D. Del Vescovo, N.L. Rizzi & E.Turco
Technische Mechanik; 37; 1; 1-17; ISSN 2199-9244

Mathematical Models for Thin Piezoelectric Interphases Including Thermal Effects

M. Serpilli
Technische Mechanik; 36; 1-2; 132-141; ISSN 2199-9244

An adaptive Strategy for the Multi-scale Analysis of Plate and Shell Structures with Elasto-plastic Material Behaviour

W. Wagner & F. Gruttmann
Technische Mechanik; 36; 1-2; 142-154; ISSN 2199-9244

Lengthwise Fracture of Two-Dimensional Functionally Graded Non-Linear Elastic Beam

V. Rizov
Technische Mechanik; 37; 1; 48-61; ISSN 2199-9244

Spatial attention shifts to colored items - an EEG-based brain-computer interface

Christoph Reichert, Igor F. Tellez Ceja & Stefan Dürschmid
This dataset has been released as a contribution to the Frontiers Research Topic "Datasets for Brain-Computer Interface Applications" https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/9784/datasets-for-brain-computer-interface-applications Here we provide EEG (electroencephalogram) data recorded during BCI (brain-computer interface) control. The BCI was intended for the decoding of binary decisions from a series of visual stimuli. The decoding task is to determine to which of the simultaneously presented items the participant shifted his/her attention. By determining the visual field in which the target was...

Geschichte des Klosters U.L. Frauen zu Magdeburg / von Albert Bormann. Fortges. von Gustav Hertel

Albert Bormann

Von Fehden und Kämpfen - Bilder aus der Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung Magdeburgs

Improved Blade Element Momentum theory (BEM) for Predicting the Aerodynamic Performances of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade (HAWT)

Y. El Khchine & M. Sriti
Technische Mechanik; 38; 2; 191-202; ISSN 2199-9244

Similarity-driven prioritization and sampling for product-line testing

Mustafa Zaid Saleh Al-Hajjaji
A software product line comprises a family of software products that share a common set of features. Testing an entire product-line product by product is infeasible, because the number of possible products can be exponential in the number of features. Combinatorial interaction testing is a sampling strategy that selects a presumably minimal, yet suffcient number of products to be tested. Several sampling approaches have been proposed, however, they do not scale well to large product...

On the Multiplicative Logarithmic Strain Space Formulation

K. Heiduschke
Technische Mechanik; 38; 1; 22-40; ISSN 2199-9244

Investigating Ramp Wave Propagation inside Silica Glass with Laser Experiments and Molecular Simulations

R. Renou, L. Soulard, E. Lescoute, C. Dereure, M. Nivard, J. Sangleboeuf, D. Loison, J. Guin & L. Berthe
Technische Mechanik; 38; 1; 97-103; ISSN 2199-9244

Das hämatopoetische Adapterprotein ADAP in neuronalen Zellen und seine Rolle beim Neuritenwachstum hippokampaler Neurone

Marlen Thiere
Die Funktion des Hippokampus ist assoziiert mit dem Lernen und der Gedächtnisbildung. Patienten mit neuropsychiatrischen Störungen, wie Epilepsie, Depression und Schizophrenie, weisen Veränderung im Hippokampus auf. Einige dieser Veränderungen sind auf Schädigungen während der hippokampalen Entwicklung zurückzuführen. Die Integrin-vermittelte Zelladhäsion beeinflusst nicht nur die Migration sondern auch die Differenzierung der Neurone während der Entwicklung. Integrine wirken in Neuronen sowohl auf das Neuritenlängenwachstum als auch auf die Verzweigungen der Neuriten ein. Ähnlich wie in den Zellen...

Neuroplastin-dependent signaling in neurons

Sampath Kumar Vemula
Neuroplastins are Ig domain-containing cell adhesion molecules important for brain function. Four neuroplastin isoforms arise from a single gene by alternative splicing. Np55 and Np65, which differ in the presence of an additional Ig domain, can both occur with or without a four amino acids insertion (DDEP) in their intracellular domains. While Np55 is also expressed in various non-nervous tissues, Np65 is expressed primarily in neurons, and it is proposed to mediate trans-synaptic cell adhesion...

Functions of Bassoon in hippocampus-dependent learning and memory processes

Annamneedi Anil
Bassoon is a large scaffolding protein and one of the core components of the cytomatrix at the active zone (CAZ) at presynapses. Bassoon is present in excitatory, inhibitory and modulatory presynapses and plays an important role in various aspects of presynaptic plasticity. Bassoon is involved in regulated neurotransmitter release from glutamatergic synapses and the regulation, specifically of P/Q-type Ca2+ channels. Bassoon plays a role in the control of presynaptic autophagy and the recruitment of the...

The airline pricing problem

Jonas Rauch
Airline revenue management can be separated into two major areas - pricing and inventory control - with the joint objective function of maximizing revenue. Pricing defines optimal fare products, each being a combination of a price, segmentation rules and attributes such as rebooking conditions, and assigns each fare product to a booking class. Inventory control then optimally controls availability of each booking class as a function of expected demand and remaining inventory. Both have a...

Anhalts Weg zur ersten nationalsozialistischen Regierung eines deutschen Landes

Marina Ahne
Schriften der Universitätsbibliothek Magdeburg; Bd. 1; ISSN 2509-2278

More Flexible Damping Systems for Blades and Vanes

A. Hartung, H.-P. Hackenberg & U. Retze
Technische Mechanik; 37; 2-5; 258-267; ISSN 2199-9244

On the Incorporation of Friction Into a Simultaneously Coupled Time Domain Model of a Rigid Rotor Supported by Air Foil Bearings

S. Von Osmanski, J. S. Larsen & I. F. Santos
Technische Mechanik; 37; 2-5; 291-302; ISSN 2199-9244

Prediction of Instability in Rotor-Seal Systems using Forward Whirl Magnetic Bearing Excitation

C. Wagner, W. Tsunoda, O. Matsushita, T. Berninger, T. Thümmel & D. Rixen
Technische Mechanik; 37; 2-5; 358-366; ISSN 2199-9244

Stability Analysis of parameter-excited linear Vibration Systems with Time Delay, using the Example of a Sheetfed Offset Printing Press

S. Neeb & N. Norrick
Technische Mechanik; 37; 2-5; 367-376; ISSN 2199-9244

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