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In situ investigation of light soaking in organolead halide perovskite films

Yu Zhong, Carlos Andres Melo Luna, Richard Hildner, Cheng Li & Sven Hüttner

Graminoid Invasion in an Insular Endemism Hotspot and its Protected Areas

Anna J. Walentowitz, Severin D. H. Irl, Aurelio Jesús Acevedo Rodríguez, Ángel Palomares-Martínez, Vanessa Vetter, Barbara Zennaro, Félix M. Medina & Carl Beierkuhnlein
Invasive plant species are increasingly altering species composition and the functioning of ecosystems from a local to a global scale. The grass species Pennisetum setaceum has recently raised concerns as an invader on different archipelagos worldwide. Among these affected archipelagos are the Canary Islands, which are a hotspot of endemism. Consequently, conservation managers and stakeholders are interested in the potential spreading of this species in the archipelago. We identify the current extent of the suitable...

Investigation on the Flame Retardant Properties and Fracture Toughness of DOPO and Nano-SiO2 Modified Epoxy Novolac Resin and Evaluation of Its Combinational Effects

Markus Häublein, Karin Peter, Gökhan Bakis, Roi Mäkimieni, Volker Altstädt & Martin Möller

Chemical Modification and Foam Processing of Polylactide (PLA)

Tobias Standau, Chunjing Zhao, Svenja Murillo Castellón, Christian Bonten & Volker Altstädt

A Novel Method for Humidity-Dependent Through-Plane Impedance Measurement for Proton Conducting Polymer Membranes

Patrick Heimerdinger, Andreas Rosin, Michael A. Danzer & Thorsten Gerdes

Energy and Resource Efficient Production of Fluoroalkenes in High Temperature Microreactors

Konstantin Mierdel, Andreas Jess, Thorsten Gerdes, Achim Schmidt & Klaus Hintzer
Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and hexafluoropropylene (HFP) are the most common monomers for the synthesis of fluoropolymers at industrial scale. Currently, TFE is produced via multistep pyrolysis of chlorodifluoromethane (R22), resulting in a high energy demand and high amounts of waste acids, mainly HCl and HF. In this study, a new chlorine-free process for producing TFE and HFP in a microreactor is presented, starting from partially fluorinated alkanes obtained from electrochemical fluorination (ECF). In the microreactor, high...

How freshmen perceive Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Michaela Maurer & Franz X. Bogner
Concepts of 464 university freshmen towards Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) were analyzed. Responses were classified into seven main categories: ‘ecological aspects’, ‘ecological problems’, ‘economical aspects’, ‘social aspects’, ‘environmental attitudes’, ‘environmental behavior’ and ‘education’. Analyses of sustainability concepts show a large discrepancy between EE and ESD, whereby the latter includes an additional sub-group: ‘the next generation aspect’. Labeling individual sources of EE in a retrospective assessment identified the family as the...

Data on alpine grassland diversity in Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

Samuel Hoffmann, Laura Steiner, Andreas Schweiger, Alessandro Chiarucci, Jonas Benner, Anotnello Provenzale & Carl Beierkuhnlein

Disentangling the environmental impact of different human disturbances : a case study on islands

Sebastian Steibl & Christian Laforsch
Coastal ecosystems suffer substantially from the worldwide population growth and its increasing land demands. A common approach to investigate anthropogenic disturbance in coastal ecosystems is to compare urbanized areas with unaffected control sites. However, the question remains whether different types of anthropogenic disturbance that are elements of an urbanized area have the same impact on beach ecosystems. By investigating small islands that are utilized for tourism, inhabited by the local population, or remained completely uninhabited,...

Novel Method for NTC Thermistor Production by Aerosol Co-Deposition and Combined Sintering

Michaela Schubert, Christian Münch, Sophie Schuurman, Veronique Poulain, Jaroslaw Kita & Ralf Moos
A novel three-stage process to produce NTCR sensors is presented. In this process, an uncalcined powder mixture of NiO and Mn2O3 was deposited onto an alumina substrate via aerosol co-deposition (AcD). Then, an electrode structure was screen-printed onto the surface and the composite film was sintered in a multifunctional temperature treatment. Thereby, the sintering of the electrode, the formation of the NiMn2O4 spinel and the removal of film strains took place simultaneously. This enabled a...

Computer classification of linear codes

Iliya Bouyukliev, Stefka Bouyuklieva & Sascha Kurz
We present algorithms for classification of linear codes over finite fields, based on canonical augmentation and on lattice point enumeration. We apply these algorithms to obtain classification results over fields with 2, 3 and 4 elements. We validate a correct implementation of the algorithms with known classification results from the literature, which we partially extend to larger ranges of parameters.

Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten Jahresbericht 2016

Combining subspace codes

Antonio Cossidente, Sascha Kurz, Giuseppe Marino & Francesco Pavese
In the context of constant--dimension subspace codes, an important problem is to determine the largest possible size A_q(n,d;k) of codes whose codewords are k-subspaces of GF(q)^n with minimum subspace distance d. Here in order to obtain improved constructions, we investigate several approaches to combine subspace codes. This allow us to present improvements on the lower bounds for constant-dimension subspace codes for many parameters, including A_q(10,4;5), A_q(12,4;4), A_q(12,6,6) and A_q(16,4;4).

Schwarzgurt-Kata mit Weißgurt-Anfängern

Uwe Mosebach
Das „Studium–Fundamentale“ (bei uns abgekürzt Stufu), ist eine besondere Lehrveranstaltungsart an der Universität Erfurt. Die inhaltliche Öffnung des Studiums hin zur Praxis und die Vermittlung von Schlüsselkompetenzen stehen dabei im Vordergrund. Hier sollen die Studierenden fachliche Kenntnisse und Bildungsinhalte über den Rahmen ihrer gewählten Studienrichtung hinaus erhalten. Die Teilnahme an einer gewissen Anzahl von Lehrveranstaltungen ist verbindlich. In der Regel führen zwei Wissenschaftler aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen die Lehrveranstaltungen durch, um einem integrativen Charakter gerecht zu...

Integrating supply chain partners into the front end of the innovation process : Empirical evidence from the German automotive industry

Felix Homfeldt
In today’s global competitive environment, firms are being challenged by developing new products not only quickly but also economically, whilst simultaneously ensuring greater novelty and market fit. The notion that product innovation should emerge primarily from within a firm is becoming obsolete and integrating external actors into the new product development process has evolved to an essential part of managerial strategy to meet the mentioned challenges. However, there is still limited empirical knowledge about the...

Enhanced self-compassion in female martial arts athletes

Petra Jansen & Stefanie Pietsch
On the one side, studies of martial arts refer to enhanced personal and social opportunities, on the other side they point to an increased aggressiveness or antisocial behaviour. Furthermore, it is often assumed that martial arts entail some aspects of mindfulness, additionally to self-compassion becoming popular in sports. Therefore it is the main goal of this study to investigate if female martial arts athletes differ in their self-compassion compared to female athletes who practice the...

„Ringen und Raufen“ als Seminar zur Entwicklungsförderung im Studiengang Heilpädagogik

Mone Welsche
In diesem Beitrag wird eine Untersuchung vorgestellt, die mittels geschlechtsspezifischer Gruppeninterviews erforscht, wie Mädchen und Jungen einer sechsten Klasse ein Angebot zum `Ringen und Raufen´ erleben.

Being a \"Good Muslim\": The Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Islamic Reform and Religious Change in Yorubaland, 1954 - 2014

Adeyemi Balogun
This study focuses on the history of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) and its involvement in the processes of religious change among “Yoruba Muslims” in Southwest Nigeria from 1954 to 2014. It posits that the notion of being a “good Muslim” has changed significantly especially among Western educated Yoruba Muslims since the colonial period and that the MSSN not only play a key role in this change but also part of this change....

Transient Effects during Dynamic Operation of a Wall‐Cooled Fixed‐Bed Reactor for CO₂ Methanation

Georg Tauer, Christoph Kern & Andreas Jess
The power‐to‐gas process is an option to transform fluctuating renewable electric energy into methane via water electrolysis and subsequent conversion of H2 by methanation with CO2. The dynamic behavior of the methanation reactor may then be a critical aspect. The kinetics of CO2 methanation on a Ni‐catalyst were determined under isothermal and stationary conditions. Transient isothermal kinetic experiments showed a fast response of the rate on step changes of the concentrations of H2, CO2; in...

Drought survival is positively associated with high turgor loss points in temperate perennial grassland species

Shanwen Sun, Eun-Young Jung, Julian Gaviria & Bettina M. J. Engelbrecht

Stability of the King model : a coercivity-based approach

Christopher Straub

Stability and Solubility of the FeAlO3 Component in Bridgmanite at Uppermost Lower Mantle Conditions

Zhaodong Liu, Catherine McCammon, Biao Wang, Leonid Dubrovinsky, Takayuki Ishii, Dmitry Bondar, Ayano Nakajima, Yoshinori Tange, Yuji Higo, Tian Cui, Bingbing Liu & Tomoo Katsura

Improvement of Oxygen-Depolarized Cathodes in Highly Alkaline Media by Electrospinning of Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Barrier Layers

Marcus Gebhard, Tim Tichter, David Franzen, Melanie C. Paulisch, Konstantin Schutjajew, Thomas Turek, Ingo Manke & Christina Roth

Efficient viscosity contrast calculation for blood flow simulations using the lattice Boltzmann method

Moritz Lehmann, Sebastian Johannes Müller & Stephan Gekle
The lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) combined with the immersed boundarymethod is a common tool to simulate the movement of red blood cel ls (RBCs)through blood vessels. With very few exceptions, such simulations neglect thedifference in viscosities between the hemoglobin solution inside the cells andthe blood plasma outside, although it is well known that this viscosity contrastcan severely affect cell deformation. While it is easy to change the local vis-cosity in LBM, the challenge is to...

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