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Інструменти регіональної політики збереження людського ресурсу засобами регулювання зовнішньої міграції молоді сільських територій Карпатського регіону

Taras Vasyltsiv, Ruslan Lupak, Marta Kunytska-Iliash, Olha Levytska, Olha Mulska, Taras Vasyltsiv, Ruslan Lupak, Marta Kunytska-Iliash, Olha Levytska & Olha Mulska
Purpose. The aim of the article was to identify and analyze negative trends, substantiate practical recommendations for improving regional policy for preserving human resources by regulating the external migration of young people from rural territories of the Carpathian region in Ukraine. Methodology / approach. The methodological basis of the study involved general scientific (graphic, structural analysis) and special (sociological, integral and correlation analysis) methods of research. Sociological survey was conducted by the SI “Dolishniy Institute...

Progress Rural and Urban Students Entering Iowa State University, Fall 1955

William S. Folkman & William S. Folkman
Excerpt from the report Summary: This report presents results of a study of the 2,200 students entering college for the first time who enrolled at Iowa State University in the fall of 1955. Data are taken from the university records of these students from the time of entrance through the fall quarter, 1959. Two-fifths of the students were from rural areas and males outnumbered females 3 to 1. Most of the students came to college...

Major Uses of Land in the United States: 1978

H. Thomas Frey & H. Thomas Frey
Major primary uses of the U.S. land area of 2,264 million acres in 1978 were: cropland, 471 million acres; grassland pasture and range, 587 million acres; forest land, 703 million acres; transportation, recreation, and other special uses, 158 million acres; and miscellaneous land, 345 million acres. From 1974 to 1978, cropland area increased 1 percent and special uses increased 7 percent, while pasture-range and forest land each declined 2 percent.

Fiscal Impacts and Cross-Border Effects of a Change in State Liquor Policy

Philip Watson, Jason Winfree, Daniel Toro-González, Philip Watson, Jason Winfree & Daniel Toro-González
This paper analyzes the economic effects of the 2012 change in liquor policy (Initiative 1183) in Washington State in the United States. This policy increased the availability of liquor but also increased taxes on liquor in Washington. This research provides some evidence that the quantity of liquor sold in both Washington and Idaho increased, suggesting that availability/convenience effects can outweigh tax/price effects. Furthermore, the cross-border spillover effects are isolated to the nearest store to the...

California’s Wage Rate Policies and Head Lettuce Prices

Lynn Hamilton, Michael P. McCullough, Gary W. Brester, Joseph Atwood, Lynn Hamilton, Michael P. McCullough, Gary W. Brester & Joseph Atwood
We develop an ex ante analysis of labor wage regulatory impacts on the head lettuce industry to estimate the impact of future California wage rate increases. We construct an equilibrium displacement model based on 2006 and 2017 head lettuce case studies to estimate the direction and size of changes in head lettuce quantity and prices given presumed changes in labor costs based on California’s legislated wage rate increases. We find that a 20% increase in...

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Characteristics of Consumers Who Are Willing to Buy Certified Organic Produce: An Econometric Analysis

Ramu Govindasamy, Qun Gao, Joseph Heckman, Isaac Vellangany, Richard VanVranken, Ramu Govindasamy, Qun Gao, Joseph Heckman, Isaac Vellangany & Richard VanVranken
The profitability of farms in the northeastern U.S. is hampered by the high cost of production in the region. Production of high-value crops such as organic produce is one of the solutions to keep these farms viable in the region. However, production challenges and limited information related to marketing are likely to hamper the potential growth of organic agriculture in the northeastern U. S. A logit model was developed to predict who is more likely...


N. Hamzehpour, M.K. Eghbal, P. Bogaert, N. Toomanian, N. Hamzehpour, M.K. Eghbal, P. Bogaert & N. Toomanian
Drying of Urmia Lake in the north-west of Iran threatens all the agricultural lands around the Lake. Therefore, soil salinity appears to be the major threat to the agricultural lands in the area. The aim of the present study was to investigate the spatial variation of top soil salinity by taking into account of underground water quality data as secondary information. The research was performed on a grid of 500 m in an area of...


K.U. Ahamed, B. Ahkter, M.R. Islam, M.R. Humaum, M.J. Alam, K.U. Ahamed, B. Ahkter, M.R. Islam, M.R. Humaum & M.J. Alam
Genetic divergence of 110 lentil germplasm with checks was assessed based on morphological traits using multivariate analysis. Mahalanobis generalized distance (D2) analysis was used to group the lentil genotypes. Significant variations among lentil genotypes were observed in respect of days to 1st flowering, days to 50% flowering, days to maturity, plant height, and number of pods per peduncle, number of pods per plant, number of seeds per plant, 100 seed weight and yield per plant....

Developments in Marketing Spreads for Food Products in 1979

Denis Dunham & Denis Dunham
Retail food prices in grocery stores were 10.8 percent higher in 1979 than in 1978. The largest Increase was for red meat, up 17 percent, reflecting a 24-percent increase in Choice beef prices. Higher farm values for food commodities, up 11.4 percent, accounted for a third of the increase. The spread between farm and retail prices (representing charges made for processing; and distributing foods after they leave the farm) was 11.9 percent wider and accounted...

Rice: Background for 1985 Farm Legislation

Barbara C. Stucker & Barbara C. Stucker
Rice ranks ninth among major field crops in value of production. All U.S. rice production is irrigated, providing more stable yields than many other crops. Three classes of U.S. rice are produced—long, medium, and short grain—with long grain predominant. Domestic use and exports of U.S. rice rose sharply during the 1970's but have declined in the 1980’s. Between 1980 and 1983, rice stocks rose and prices fell, pushing rice program costs from less than a...

New Industrial Crops: Some Economic Considerations

Warren K. Trotter, Frederick J. Poats, Ivan A. Wolff, Warren K. Trotter, Frederick J. Poats & Ivan A. Wolff
Excerpt from the report Summary: Preliminary evaluations were made of the economic potentials of three types of new industrial crops: (1) annual pulp crops to provide raw material for the pulp and paper industry, (2) new oilseed crops that are sources of unique industrial oils, and (3) guar—a summer legume and source of natural gum. In these preliminary studies considerable emphasis was placed on the selection and adaptation of techniques for appraising economic factors involved...

The Balance Sheet for 1951 and Current Financial Trends of Agriculture

F. L. Garlock, A. S. Tostlebe, R. J. Burroughs, H. T. Lingard, L. A. Jones, M. E. Wallace, F. L. Garlock, A. S. Tostlebe, R. J. Burroughs, H. T. Lingard, L. A. Jones & M. E. Wallace


P. Chowdhury, M.Z. Hossain, N.A. Raushon, M.S. Rahman, P. Chowdhury, M.Z. Hossain, N.A. Raushon & M.S. Rahman
The experiment was conducted to determine the effects of different amounts of organic fertilizers on growth and production of Tilapia (monosex GIFT tilapia) in monoculture system for a period of 120 days. The experiment was carried out in six earthen ponds, which were situated at the south-east corner of the Fisheries Faculty Building under the Department of Fisheries Management, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh. The experiment was designed with three treatments and each of them consisted...


G.M. Karwani, L.L.L. Lulandala, A. Kimaro, Z.P. Msigwa, G.M. Karwani, L.L.L. Lulandala, A. Kimaro & Z.P. Msigwa
The roles of Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) Technology in fuelwood supply and offsetting CO2 emissions in the Tanzania and most African countries remain poorly understood. This study was carried in Rungwe District, Mbeya region in Tanzania, to determine trends, extent and drivers of adoption of SRC; identify various sources of household energy and assess the contribution of SRC to the total household fuelwood needs, and trees and shrub species used as sources of fuelwood. Data...


N. Parvin, M. Bilkiss, J. Nahar, M.K. Siddiqua, M.B. Meah, N. Parvin, M. Bilkiss, J. Nahar, M.K. Siddiqua & M.B. Meah
Eight isolates of Sclerotium rolfsii from four strategically geographical sites of Bangladesh were characterized and their cultural properties like average linear mycelial growth, colony colour, colony consistency, growth pattern and sclerotia formation were studied. Isolates varied in mycelial growth and other growth characteristics and were grouped into three. The highest linear growth was displayed by S8. DNA concentration of eight isolates varied from 1150-7200 ng/µl. DNA fingerprinting by RAPD prompted the grouping of isolates. Selected...

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2006 Nebraska Water Policy Choices

J. David Aiken & J. David Aiken

Agri-tourism: Family Style

David J. Goeller & David J. Goeller

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Richard K Perrin & Richard K Perrin

2005 Nebraska Farm Business Data

Tina N. Barrett & Tina N. Barrett

NAMA at National Marketing Competition in Kansas City

Melissa Williams, Matt Spilker, Melissa Williams & Matt Spilker

The Teeter Totter Factor in Community Development

Cheryl A. Burkhart-Kriesel & Cheryl A. Burkhart-Kriesel

Community Options for Wellhead Protection Areas

J. David Aiken & J. David Aiken

The Argentine Economy - We Should Care What Happened

Richard K Perrin & Richard K Perrin

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