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Katharina Haase, Die politische Ökonomie der Agrarpolitik

M Groß & M Groß

Food Budget Shares and Elasticities in Malawi’s Prisons

Hastings B. Moloko, Davis H. Ng'ong'ola, Joseph Dzanja, Thabie Chilongo, Hastings B. Moloko, Davis H. Ng'ong'ola, Joseph Dzanja & Thabie Chilongo
While Malawi’s per capita cereal production may be higher than her per capita cereal consumption, Malawi is a net cereal importer and thus food insecure. The food situation is much worse in Malawi’s prisons because inmates generally eat one meal per day. The general objective of this study was to determine food budget shares and elasticities for the food stuffs commonly eaten in Malawi’s prisons. Using structured questionnaires in face to face interviews, the study...

Organic Farming Suffices to Feed a Country: a Large-Scale Linear Programming Model to Develop an Organic Agriculture Plan for Turkey

Bulut Aslan, A. Yonca Demir, Bulut Aslan & A. Yonca Demir
A frequently voiced critique is that due to lower yields on organically managed farmlands, one cannot feed a country using organic agriculture. In this paper, we aim to mathematically disprove this claim by developing a linear programming model and produce a detailed agriculture plan for Turkey sufficient to feed her population with a 2400 kcal daily menu on average, solely comprising of organic foods. The model uses information about population sizes and food needs of...

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Economic Logic of Development and Value Basis of Reform of China’s Rural Land System

The historical changes of China’s rural land system show that the allocation of rural land rights, as the most important agricultural production relationship, has a huge effect on the development of productivity. The essence of the rural land system is the allocation of rights. At this stage, China’s agricultural development is facing a series of challenges such as agricultural modernization, food security issues and arable land issues, and the reform of the rural land system...

Interdependenzen zwischen EG-Zuckerpolitik und Preis- oder Mengenschwankungen auf dem Weltmarkt

Jörg-Volker Schrader & Jörg-Volker Schrader

Nachfrage nach Eiern in der BR Deutschland

Egon Wöhlken, Jana Filip, Egon Wöhlken & Jana Filip

IFAD RESEARCH SERIES 52 Information and communication technologies and rural youth

Jenny Aker & Jenny Aker
IFAD RESEARCH SERIES 52 Information and communication technologies and rural youth

Evaluating investment fund performance in Portugal

Fatima Amaral, Pedro Reis, Pedro Pinto, Fatima Amaral, Pedro Reis & Pedro Pinto
The investment fund market has not only attracted increasing interest from investors seeking alternative investments but has also become increasingly important among professionals and academics. Within this framework, this study seeks to contribute to the research developed through identifying the inducers of investment fund performance in Portugal. The sample consists of 78 funds, covering the timeframe from 2006 to 2016, incorporating stock funds, bond funds, mixed funds and treasury funds analysed in accordance with the...

Funding liquidity and bank lending: Evidence from Vietnam

Van Dan Dang & Van Dan Dang
This study examines the impact of funding liquidity on bank lending in terms of loan growth, using a dataset of commercial banks in Vietnam, an emerging country over the period from 2003 to 2017. The empirical results by GMM estimator to control dynamic nature of panel data model show that banks owning higher funding liquidity measured by higher ratios of deposit tend to lend more. Further analysis also strongly suggests that bank capital usually mitigates...

Die Märkte für Schlachtvieh und Fleisch

, F-W Probst, & F-W Probst

Die Märkte für Geflügelfleisch

, K Frenz, & K Frenz

Die Märkte für Obst und Gemüse

, Hans-Christian Behr, W Ellinger, , Hans-Christian Behr & W Ellinger

Der Markt für Wein

, Dieter Hoffmann, & Dieter Hoffmann

Rainer Doluschitz - Unternehmensführung in der Landwirtschaft

Martin Odening & Martin Odening

Effect of Inbound Marketing Factors on Marketing Performance: The Case of Restaurant and Catering Industry in Rasht with an Emphasis on Restaurants with Gilaki Names

Mehdi Mohammadi Kouchesfahani, Mohammad Jalili, Mahmoud Noraei, Mehdi Mohammadi Kouchesfahani, Mohammad Jalili & Mahmoud Noraei
The present study explores the effect of inbound marketing factors on marketing performance. The statistical population was composed of all customers of six restaurants with Gilaki names in Rasht, which are active in cyberspace. A total of 400 individuals were selected by convenience sampling. The standard scales included visibility management, active listening, community building, word-of-mouth (WOM) intention, and purchase intention. Data were analyzed by structural equations modeling in AMOS (ver. 24) software package. The coefficient...

Farm Food Safety Practices in the North of Iran

Ahmad Abedi Sarvestani, Amaneh Avarand, Ahmad Abedi Sarvestani & Amaneh Avarand
Food safety begins on the farms and farmers play a crucial role in producing healthy food. Several factors were investigated here including water quality, labor health, health facilities, packaging and storage, transportation, fertilizers and solid organic materials, and field sanitation to reach more comprehensive results. So, 380 farmers were selected from 77 villages of rural areas of Gonbad-e Kavus County, north of Iran, using multistage random sampling. Data were collected by a questionnaire and analyzed...


Árpád László Hortolányi, Szilvia Domán, László Mucha, Árpád László Hortolányi, Szilvia Domán & László Mucha
A kutatásunk célja annak feltárása, hogy Gyöngyös város és vonzáskörzetében milyen okok, milyen preferenciák alapján választanak az emberek gyógyszertárat. Ugyanaz a fogyasztó más és más élethelyzetekben, vajon ugyanazt a patikát választja-e, a hűség kialakítható-e ezen a speciális piacon. Primer kutatásaink első etapjaként megvizsgáltuk a szolgáltató oldalát, abból a célból, hogy jelenleg mit tesznek meg, illetve milyen további eszközöket alkalmazhatnának a fogyasztók megszerzése és megtartása érdekében. A kvalitatív kutatás alkalmával egyéni mélyinterjúk készültek az eladói oldalon...

Sensitivity of public debt to macroeconomic shocks: An application to the Egyptian economy

Heba Youssef M. Hashem, Heidi Aly Fahmy, Heba Youssef M. Hashem & Heidi Aly Fahmy
This paper aims at assessing the vulnerability of public debt to various shocks in macroeconomic variables in Egypt. This is particularly relevant for the Egyptian economy since it has currently witnessed high levels of public debt and has adopted a structural reform program that encompasses fiscal and monetary reforms to ensure macroeconomic stability. Hence, it is crucial to provide insights to policy makers on the most influential variables that affect the public debt to boost...

A study on the impact of economic freedom on economic growth in ASEAN countries

Dung Viet Tran & Dung Viet Tran
We examine the impact of economic freedom on economic growth using data of ASEAN countries over the period of 2000-2017. To capture the characteristics of ASEAN liberalization purposes, we use different proxies documented in prior literature such as trade freedom, labor freedom and financial freedom as proxies of economic freedom. We document that higher economic freedom and higher labor freedom lead to higher economic growth. However, more trade freedom appears to inhibit economic growth in...

Economic growth, environmental degradation and business cycles in Eswatini

Andrew Phiri & Andrew Phiri
This study investigates the impact of the business cycle on the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) for the Eswatini Kingdom over the period 1970-2014. To this end, we employ the nonlinear autoregressive distributive lag (NARDL) model to capture the long-run and short-run cointegration effects between economic activity and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over different phases of the business cycle. Our findings reveal that economic activity only degrades the environment during upswing of the economic cycle whilst...

Factors Contributing to Changes in Agricultural Commodity Prices and Trade for the United States and the World

Getachew Nigatu, Flavius Badau, Ralph Seeley, James Hansen, Getachew Nigatu, Flavius Badau, Ralph Seeley & James Hansen
Agricultural commodity prices play an important role in the production decisions of farmers and ranchers, including planted/harvested acreage of crops or inventory of livestock and, thus, the supply of agricultural commodities. This report examines changes in global demand and supply factors that contributed to agricultural commodity price declines during 2014-19 and changes that contributed to the rising trend in prices that peaked in 2007/08 and 2011/12. Additionally, the report projects how global commodity prices and...

Are farming companies emerging from non-agricultural sector better managed than conventional farms in Japan?

Yukio Kinoshita, Nobuo Kimura, Yukio Kinoshita & Nobuo Kimura
Conventional Japanese farmers have faced a longstanding challenge in adapting to a changing business environment.While the deregulation of the Agricultural Land Act in 2009 has led to the entry of companies from the non-agricultural sector into agriculture, another reason seems to be the general capitalisation of the agricultural industry into the wider economy. However, few management studies have analysed these new companies. An important question is whether the corporatisation of farm business is accompanied by...

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