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Human dynamics and the intergenerational farm transfer process in later life: A roadmap for future generational renewal in agriculture policy

Shane Francis Conway, John McDonagh, Maura Farrell, Anne Kinsella, Shane Francis Conway, John McDonagh, Maura Farrell & Anne Kinsella
The senior generation’s reluctance and indeed resistance to alter the status quo of the existing management and ownership structure of their family farm is undoubtedly strong within the farming community. This phenomenon has resulted in extraordinary socio-economic challenges for young people aspiring to embark on a career in farming. The reasons why older farmers fail to plan effectively and expeditiously for the future are expansive, and range from the potential loss of identity, status and...

Psycho-Social Approach to the Associated Worker Cooperativism in Andalusia, Spain

Antonio J. Romero & Antonio J. Romero
In associated worker cooperativism, the degree of agreement between the cooperative principles and values (democracy, equality, solidarity, etc.) and their economic efficiency is going to depend, to a great extent, on the human profile from which this type of organization is nurtured. In this study, we approach, precisely, how both dimensions (social and economic) interact, fundamentally, through a psycho-social study carried out with a sample of 159 associated workers belonging to 36 Andalusian associated worker...

The Cooperative Difference? Social Auditing in Canadian Credit Unions

Leslie Brown & Leslie Brown
This paper reports research on three Canadian credit unions which have made an ongoing commitment to social auditing and which have conducted more than onc social audit. For these credit unions social auditing offers one way to promote and demonstrate accountability, and provides information which can guide credit unions' operations and policy development. Analysis of the thrce cases permits documentation of different ways of approaching the idea and execution of a social audit, and contributes...

Technology adoption and technical efficiency in maize production in rural Ethiopia

Abebayehu Girma Geffersa, Frank W. Agbola, Amir Mahmood, Abebayehu Girma Geffersa, Frank W. Agbola & Amir Mahmood
Farm efficiency analysis provides significant insights into farms’ potential to enhance agricultural productivity. This article reports on an investigation of technology adoption and technical efficiency (TE) in the Ethiopian maize sector. We estimated TE while accounting for the potential technological difference between improved and local maize varieties and addressing self-selection bias resulting from farmers’ decisions to adopt new crop varieties. Using comprehensive household-level data collected in 2011 from five major maize-producing regions in Ethiopia, we...

A review of the intuition literature relative to a recent quantitative study of the determinants of farmers’ intuition

Peter Nuthall & Peter Nuthall
Through a review of the literature covering the use of intuition for decision making, this article isolates the important intuition determining variables and relates them to recent quantitative intuition research. As most farm decisions are made through intuition farmers, consultants, researchers and students of farm management will find the review valuable when thinking about managerial ability. The literature reviewed is taken from both urban and rural business studies as urban based studies dominate. The search...

Exploration on the Teaching Method for Surveying and Mapping Practice in Ancient Architecture

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Since the introduction of the architecture course, the practice of surveying and mapping of ancient architecture has always been an important compulsory course in the professional course of architecture in colleges and universities in China. Against the background of the new era, the teaching methods used so far can no longer fully meet the needs of the development of the times and the construction of "Double First-Class" initiative. This paper explores deeply from the aspects...

Initial and long-term performance of IPOs. Does growth opportunity of issuing firm matter?

Siti Suhaila Abdul Rahman, Norliza Che-Yahya, Siti Suhaila Abdul Rahman & Norliza Che-Yahya
The performance of initial public offerings (IPOs) can be viewed at least into two different periods; initial aftermarket and long-term aftermarket. This study is initiated to examine the influence of growth opportunities of firms on initial aftermarket and long-term aftermarket performance. It is crucial to study on the influence of growth opportunities of firms in both periods as the investors, regardless of investment horizons, are looking for capital appreciation so that they can continuously secure...

The determinants of foreign direct investment in ASEAN: New evidence from financial integration factor

Ho Thanh Tri, Vo Thi Nga, Vu Hoang Duong, Ho Thanh Tri, Vo Thi Nga & Vu Hoang Duong
This paper examines the impact of financial integration and other variables on foreign direct investment capital inflows in ASEAN3 (Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam) and ASEAN5 (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore). Other variables are the gross domestic product, interest rate, infrastructure facility, labor cost, and trade openness. This paper uses the panel ordinary least square estimation with the method of first differencing for the period between 1996 and 2016. The authors divide ASEAN member countries into...

The impact of corporate ownership structure on corporate risk disclosure: Evidence from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Omer Saeed Habtoor, Waddah Kamal Hassan, Khaled Salmeen Aljaaidi, Omer Saeed Habtoor, Waddah Kamal Hassan & Khaled Salmeen Aljaaidi
Understanding the role of corporate ownership structure on corporate disclosure allows an assessment of its current effectiveness and opportunities for potential improvements. Prior research on the determinants of corporate risk disclosure (CRD) has basically focused on firm-specific characteristics and corporate governance characteristics and has largely ignored the potential role of ownership structure on CRD. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, there is no study has yet extensively investigated the effect of ownership structure on...

Produktion und Wertschöpfung der Landwirtschaft in der BR Deutschland

E Bittermann, M Schmidt, E Bittermann & M Schmidt

W. Günnemann, Agrarpolitik in der EG, Markt oder Lenkung

Ralf Petersen & Ralf Petersen

Versorgungsberechnungen für die EG

Günther Thiede & Günther Thiede

Landwirtschaftliche Betriebsgrößenstruktur und -entwicklung 1981

W Peters & W Peters

Außenhandel der BR Deutschland mit Butter 1968 bis 1980

Egon Wöhlken, M Keller, Egon Wöhlken & M Keller

Die Finanzierung der Krankenversicherung für landwirtschaftliche Altenteiler

Konrad Hagedorn & Konrad Hagedorn

Konsequenzen importbeschränkender Maßnahmen auf dem europäischen Futtermittelmarkt

Jürgen Zeddies, R Doluschitz, Jürgen Zeddies & R Doluschitz

Zur Weiterentwicklung einkommensschwacher Futterbaubetriebe

W Kloos & W Kloos

Welterzeugung und Weltausfuhr von Ölschroten

H Höh & H Höh

Zur Situation im Ernährungsgewerbe und im Nahrungsmittelhandel 1981 82

Heinz Wendt & Heinz Wendt

Mittelfristige Einkommenskonsequenzen der Agrarpreispolitik

S Bauer & S Bauer

Le Roy, Le Probleme Agricole Francaise

Günther Schmitt & Günther Schmitt

Anmerkungen zur Strukturberichterstattung aus agrarökonomischer Sicht

E Seebohm & E Seebohm

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