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CAP measures towards environmental sustainability: Trade opportunities for Africa?

Catharina Latka, Thomas Heckelei, Arnim Kuhn, Heinz-Peter Witzke, Lukas Kornher, Catharina Latka, Thomas Heckelei, Arnim Kuhn, Heinz-Peter Witzke & Lukas Kornher
The future EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) requires coherence with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the international commitments in the fight against climate change. Next to ensuring stable food supply by supporting farmers and enhancing agricultural productivity, environmental sustainability is a core aspect of the proposed future CAP. At the same time, new policies must not compromise socio-economic development in low-income countries, especially in Africa, as stated in the European consensus on development. On...

Resource Requirements of Food Demand in the United States

Patrick Canning, Sarah Rehkamp, Claudia Hitaj, Christian Peters, Patrick Canning, Sarah Rehkamp, Claudia Hitaj & Christian Peters
Natural resources facilitate production of an adequate daily food supply for Americans. Food consumption in the United States, measured in total calories per day, increased about 50 percent over a recent 25-year span. Understanding how changes in food consumption impact the U.S. food system’s use of the country’s natural resources requires consideration of many factors. We find that diets, or food choices, are likely to be an important factor. For example, had the diets of...

Systematic Review: Analysis of the economic modeling of biodiversity in rural agricultural households, recommendations for future reports

Ivonne F. Reyes-Mandujano, Francisco J. Fernández, Waldemar Mercado, Luz Goméz, Roberto D. Ponce, Ivonne F. Reyes-Mandujano, Francisco J. Fernández, Waldemar Mercado, Luz Goméz & Roberto D. Ponce
The Farm-Household models have been used to analyze ex-ante different policies; however, the state of the art is unknown in relation to the evaluation of biodiversity within these models. For this reason, a systematic review on Farm-Household models that integrate the “biodiversity” variable is required. For this purpose, we consulted a specialized search engine, applying a generic search strategy, which identified 1420 articles, of which only 23 were selected based on specific inclusion criteria. There...

Agricultural Machinery Business Development in Shan State: A Comparative Analysis

Eric Abaidoo, Ben Belton, Eric Abaidoo & Ben Belton
The report presents analysis of data from a survey of the 37 agricultural supply businesses in Shan State, Myanmar. The patterns reported are broadly consistent with the rapid growth of agricultural machinery supply businesses in Myanmar’s Dry Zone and Delta, and with demand side surveys of agricultural machinery use in Shan. The following points stand out: The growth and spread of machinery suppliers over the past decade has been dramatic. The total number of machinery...

An Institutional Approach to Vertical Coordination in Agriculture

Gerald R. Campbell, Thomas S. Clevenger, Gerald R. Campbell & Thomas S. Clevenger

The Status of Competition in the Food Manufacturing and Food Retailing Industries

Russell C. Parker & Russell C. Parker

Summary - Symposium on Pricing Problems in the Food Industry (With Emphasis on Thin Markets)

Marvin L. Hayenga & Marvin L. Hayenga

Voluntary Approaches to Increasing Nutrition Information in the Mass Media

Katherine L. Clancy & Katherine L. Clancy

Televised Food Advertising Directed to Children: The Constitutionality of Restrictions

Margaret Ann Metzger & Margaret Ann Metzger

Chapter 5: Factors Impacting the Future of the Dairy Subsector

Hugh L. Cook, Leo Blakley, Robert Jacobson, Ronald Knutson, Robert Milligan, Robert Strain, Hugh L. Cook, Leo Blakley, Robert Jacobson, Ronald Knutson, Robert Milligan & Robert Strain

The Central Butter Markets

Hugh L. Cook & Hugh L. Cook

Pricing Problems in the Food Industry: Research Perspectives

Kenneth R. Farrell & Kenneth R. Farrell

Food Advertising, 1954 to 1979

Richard T. Rogers, Loys L. Mather, Richard T. Rogers & Loys L. Mather

Government Regulation of Competition in the Food Industry

Bruce W. Marion & Bruce W. Marion

The Role of Policy and Institutions in Greening the Charcoal Value Chain in Zambia

, Brian P. Mulenga, , , , Brian P. Mulenga, &
In Zambia, agricultural land expansion is responsible for 90 percent of forest cover loss (Mabeta, Mweemba, and Mwitwa 2018), followed by settlement expansion and infrastructure development; its annual deforestation estimated between 167,000 and 300,000 hectares is among the highest worldwide. Charcoal is becoming an increasingly important driver of deforestation and forest degradation due to its increasing role as a cooking and space-heating energy source, predominantly among urban households. The erratic and limited supply of electricity...

Product and Process Standards: Implications for Foreign Direct Investment and Processed Food Trade

Steven A. Neff, Margaret A. Malanoski, Steven A. Neff & Margaret A. Malanoski

Abstract: Food Consumption Patterns in the Developing Countries of the Pacific Rim: Implications for U.S. Agricultural Trade

Noel Nielson, Phil Colling, Yao-Chi Lu, Noel Nielson, Phil Colling & Yao-Chi Lu
Developing Countries and International Agricultural Trade, April 8-9, 1991, Arlington, Virginia

Abstract: Sub-Saharan Africa's Dairy Market and the Impact of Import Policies

Shahla Shapouri, Stacey Rosen, Shahla Shapouri & Stacey Rosen
Developing Countries and International Agricultural Trade, April 8-9, 1991, Arlington, Virginia

Abstract: Inward-Oriented Versus Outward-Oriented Policy Instruments: Their Impacts on the Agricultural Sector in the Dominican Republic

Developing Countries and International Agricultural Trade, April 8-9, 1991, Arlington, Virginia

Time Dependent Relationships in U.S. Processed Food Trade and Foreign Direct Investment

Margaret Malanoski, Charles Handy, Dennis Henderson, Margaret Malanoski, Charles Handy & Dennis Henderson

Regional Cooperative Educational Efforts

William A. Thomas & William A. Thomas
Farmer Cooperatives for the Future, November 4-6, 1985, St. Louis, Missouri

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