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Moving the Goal Posts: Vietnam’s Evolving Rice Balance and Other Food Security Considerations

Steven Jaffee, Nguyen Do Anh Tuan, Nguyen Ngoc Que, Dao The Anh, Nguyen The Dzung, Nguyen Ngoc Mai, Vu Nguyen, Nguyen Anh Phong, Steven Jaffee, Nguyen Do Anh Tuan, Nguyen Ngoc Que, Dao The Anh, Nguyen The Dzung, Nguyen Ngoc Mai, Vu Nguyen & Nguyen Anh Phong
Over an extended period, food security in Vietnam has been associated with the availability and supply/demand balance of rice. This paper examines the past, present, and likely future scenario for Vietnam’s ‘rice balance’ and the major policy, investment and other factors contributing to these trends. The focal time period is from 1990 to 2030. With Vietnam moving from a situation of food deficit to food surplus to becoming one of the developing world’s leading exporters...

Structure and transportaiton analysis of new mexico marketed alfalfa hay, 1965

Joseph E. Williams & Joseph E. Williams

Ecological impacts of Greening versus Agri-Environmental and Climate Measures (AECM): An ecological-economic evaluation for Lower Saxony, Germany

Sebastian Lakner, Carsten Holst, Guy Pe'er, Sebastian Lakner, Carsten Holst & Guy Pe'er
The introduction of Greening and the ecological focus area (EFA) due to the CAP-reform 2013 has introduced a new agri-environmental instrument into the CAPs first pillar, aside of the established agri-environmental and climate measures (AECM) within the second pillar. This introduction poses the questions, to what extent both instruments are collaborating to achieve positive environmental outcome. The paper presents an economic-ecological method to evaluate both EFA and AECM measures evaluation on arable land with respect...

Structure and perfomance of the food industries -- current issues

Norman R. Collins & Norman R. Collins


Julian M. Worley, Jeffrey H. Dorfman, Julian M. Worley & Jeffrey H. Dorfman
Presentation ID 15563

Growth of the Oldest Old Population and Future Implications for Rural Areas

Carolyn C. Rogers & Carolyn C. Rogers
The older population has been growing and aging rapidly, with the fastest growing segment being the oldest old—those 85 and older. This segment of the older population increased 37 percent between 1980 and 1990. The oldest old are more likely to be women, to be in poor health, to live alone, and to be poor. This article examines recent changes in the oldest old population by residence and considers implications for the future.


Ojuotimi E. Mafimisebi, Segun T. Ojumu, James O. Okunlola, Ojuotimi E. Mafimisebi, Segun T. Ojumu & James O. Okunlola
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The contribution of health facilities to rural economic development

Thaine H. Allison & Thaine H. Allison

Productivity distribution and drivers of productivity growth in the construction industry

Adam Jaffe, Trinh Le, Nathan Chappell, Adam Jaffe, Trinh Le & Nathan Chappell
This study draws on firm-level data from the Longitudinal Business Database to examine productivity in the New Zealand construction industry. It finds that over the period 2001–2012, on average labour productivity in this industry grew by 1.7 percent annually and multi-factor productivity by 0.5 percent annually, compared with 0.5 and 0.1 percent annually respectively for firms in the overall measured sector. Within the construction industry, productivity growth rates vary markedly by sub-industry and other firm...

Chapter 1: How does the CAP cope with the problem of rural employment? The examples of selected EU countries

Andrea Capkovicova, Jiri Hrabak, Andrea Capkovicova & Jiri Hrabak
Due to global changes in last decades, the share of agriculture on national GDP and employment has declined. Responding to this trend the importance of wider rural economic development is recently stressed out within the CAP, mainly by the support of non-agricultural activities in rural areas and non-agricultural actors involved in the economic development process. This study deals with the evaluation of rural employment creation strategies of selected member states or regions within them. We...

Labour market dynamics following a regional disaster

Richard Fabling, Arthur Grimes, Levente Timar, Richard Fabling, Arthur Grimes & Levente Timar
The 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes caused major upheaval to the people of the region. The second major quake killed 185 people, forced many from their homes, and closed Christchurch’s central business district. This paper examines the consequential effect on jobs and accumulated earnings for workers in Canterbury. In addition, we examine concurrent decisions about employment location, including job-to-job transitions and regional migration. While Canterbury workers’ employment outcomes were adversely affected in the short-run, those workers were...

Countries in Transition and Capital Investment Risk

Serif Sabovic, Vuk Miletic, Zoran Jovanovic, Serif Sabovic, Vuk Miletic & Zoran Jovanovic
For the majority of international investors, country’s risk and sovereignty risk are the greatest risks. Country’s risk usually includes political and economic uncertainty. Transition countries are characterized by big budget deficit, inflation, domestic currency appreciation, inconstant exchange terms, low accumulation, limits and market restrictons. Special risk type is market concentration and monopoly. Other factors increasing foerign capital investment in transition countries are payment risk, market risk, operating risk, off-balance sheet risks, consolidation and convergence, money...

Financial Autonomy of Local Government and its Survival in Modern Constitutional Sysyem

Dragoje Andric, Duro Durovic, Tamara Stijovic, Dragoje Andric, Duro Durovic & Tamara Stijovic
In modern political systems, in which increasingly speaks of the alienation of power from the people, „local government undoubtedly plays a major role in the participation of citizens in public affairs, thus making an important corrective to direct democracy and factual inability of citizens to directly participate in making important decisions of general interest. The importance of local self-government evidenced by the fact that she‘s in almost all the states a constitutional category, as well...

Chapter 2: Changing structure of rural areas: the socio-economic characteristics of non-farming population in Poland

Pawel Chmielinski & Pawel Chmielinski
Non-farming population represents an increasingly significant group of rural residents and therefore became an important object of study. The paper is primarily focused on the description of the non-farming rural population. The main source of the analysed data were surveys of families residing in 76 villages across Poland. The sampling of villages for the surveys was purposeful and representative, based on socio-economic features of the population and the land structure. Research shows that as many...

Subjective wellbeing impacts of national and subnational fiscal policies

Arthur Grimes, Judd Ormsby, Anna Robinson, Siu Yuat Wong, Arthur Grimes, Judd Ormsby, Anna Robinson & Siu Yuat Wong
We study the association between fiscal policy and subjective wellbeing using fiscal data on 35 countries and 130 country-years, combined with over 170,000 people’s subjective wellbeing scores. While past research has found that ‘distortionary taxes’ (e.g. income taxes) are associated with slow growth relative to ‘non-distortionary’ taxes (GST/VAT), we find that distortionary taxes are associated with higher levels of subjective wellbeing than non-distortionary taxes. This relationship holds when we control for macro-economic variables and country...

The Dynamic Migration Game: A Structural Econometric Model and Application to Rural Mexico

Ruben I. Rojas Valdes, C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell, J. Edward Taylor, Ruben I. Rojas Valdes, C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell & J. Edward Taylor

Promoting the Bioelectricity Sector at the Regional Level: an Impact Analysis of Energy Tax Policy

Mauro Viccaro, Benedetto Rocchi, Mario Cozzi, Rudolf G. Egging, Gerardo A. Perez-Valdes, Severino Romano, Mauro Viccaro, Benedetto Rocchi, Mario Cozzi, Rudolf G. Egging, Gerardo A. Perez-Valdes & Severino Romano
The development of bioenergy, as a new business model integrated with environment and territory, may be a valuable opportunity for farmers with positive effects both in socio-economic and environmental terms. However, largescale biomass plantations might increase pressure on the productive land and might cause a substantial increase of food prices. The main goal of the current study is to support the policy decision making in the renewable energy sector by quantitatively assessing impacts of alternative...

Willpower Depletion: Can it Influence Responses and Attribute Non-Attendance in Choice Experiments?

Claudia Bazzani, Rodolfo M. Nayga, Kim Ha, Shadi S. Atallah, Claudia Bazzani, Rodolfo M. Nayga, Kim Ha & Shadi S. Atallah

Initiatives Conducted by the Cnasea Concerning Land Policy and Agricultural Development. Three Examples in Martinique

Corinne Concy, Bruno Iratchet, Corinne Concy & Bruno Iratchet
The very sharp reduction in usable farm area in Martinique over the last 30 years has led the local authorities to begin wide-reaching discussions on land management and to become concerned with the development of farm structures and the development of agricultural and rural land resources. The complexity of the land issue in Martinique necessitated the establishment in March 2001 of a mission of the General Council of the GREF to conduct an inventory, identify...

Bounds on the Effect of Heteroscedasticity on the Chow Test for Structural Change

David Giles, Offer Lieberman, David Giles & Offer Lieberman
This paper considers the effect of heteroscedastic regression errors on the size of the Chow test for structural stability. We show that bounds can be placed on the true size of this test in the light of such misspecification, and on the true critical value needed to achieve any desired significance level when using the test under various degrees of heteroscedasticity. These bounds are data-independent, and some cases are tabulated. An example is given to...

The Effects of Private Stocks versus Public Stocks on Food Price Volatility

Jean-Paul Chavas, Jian Li, Jean-Paul Chavas & Jian Li

Italian Political Consumption Attitude Through Food Purchasing Choices: A Qualitative Analysis

Giovanna Sacchi & Giovanna Sacchi
Currently, many consumers have expressed strong opinions about food production process, its distribution, and guaranteeing models. Consumers’ concerns about ecological and social sustainability issues can have significant impactson both food demand and food policies. Sustainable consumption attitude has been analysed in the framework of Political Consumerism and Collaborative Consumption theories by administering six focus groups among Italian critical consumers. Findings provide insights that represent a fruitful starting point for deepening the analysis of critical consumer...

Regionalne inteligentne specjalizacje szansą rozwoju sektora rolno-spożywczego w województwie podlaskim

Joanna Szwacka-Mokrzycka, Adam Miara, Joanna Szwacka-Mokrzycka & Adam Miara
The development of companies in the agri-food sector depends on their competitiveness and innovation, which is largely conditioned by the work of research and development. In the new EU financial perspective for 2014-2020, the funding of R & D is conditioned by the planned compatibility research with regional smart specializations. The article is a synthesis of the research literature on the directions of making innovation and assumptions of smart specialization in Podlaskie province. Guiding objective...

Natural Spread of Pests within and into the Greater Caribbean Region

Christie A. Bertone, Heike E. Meissner, Andrea V. Lemay, Christie A. Bertone, Heike E. Meissner & Andrea V. Lemay
Natural spread of exotic pest organisms mediated by wind may play a significant role in the movement of pests throughout the Greater Caribbean Region. Biological and atmospheric events and processes interact to facilitate aerial dispersal of organisms over long distances. Our objective was to review the scientific literature to answer questions about natural spread of exotic plant pests into and within the Greater Caribbean Region, e.g., whether it occurs, patterns of movement, types of pests...

Some Properties of the Durbin-Watson Test After a Preliminary t-Test

David Giles, Offer Lieberman, David Giles & Offer Lieberman
We consider the common situation in which the application of the Durbin-Watson test for serial correlation in the errors of a regression model is preceded by a preliminary t-test for the significance of one of the coefficients. The effect of such pre-testing on the size and power of the Durbin-Watson test is examined in a Monte Carlo experiment.

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