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Unfinished Tasks of Land Reform

Abhijit Sen & Abhijit Sen

Food Policy and Public Action in Brazil

Madhura Swaminathan & Madhura Swaminathan

The Conservation Reserve Program and Its Effect on Land Values

Robbin Shoemaker & Robbin Shoemaker
Some farmers enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) in 1986 and 1987 may have earned more under the CRP than they would have if they had not enrolled in the CRP and had farmed or rented out their land instead. The difference in earnings may have resulted in as much as a 7-percent average increase in values for enrolled land. The CRP may have also cushioned the decline in all land values. U.S. land...

Bioinformatics: scope and challenges in aquaculture research of Bangladesh- a review

K.M.S. Rana, K. Ahammad, M.A. Salam, K.M.S. Rana, K. Ahammad & M.A. Salam
Bioinformatics is one of the ongoing trends of biological research integrating gene based information and computational technology to produce new knowledge. It works to synthesize complex biological information from multiomics data (results of high throughput technologies) by employing a number of bioinformatics tools (software). User convenience and availability are the determining factors of these tools being widely used in bioinformatics research. BLAST, FASTA (FAST-All), EMBOSS, ClustalW, RasMol and Protein Explorer, Cn3D, Swiss PDB viewer, Hex,...

Mitigation of land scarcity situation through tenure practices: a study on two selected villages in Jashore district of Bangladesh

A.K. Ghosh, M.H.K. Sujan, A.K. Ghosh & M.H.K. Sujan
Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries with immense pressure on agricultural land in rural areas. Mainstream of the rural households depend on either agriculture or its associated activities for their livelihood. However, rural land distribution is highly skewed, majority of them are landless. Under such a land scarce situation, farmers in rural areas have been gradually inclining towards land tenancy. Present study steered to explore the nature and volume of temporary land...

Leptospirosis of Domestic Animals

Excerpts from the report: Leptospirosis is an infectious disease of animals and man caused by a spiral shaped organism (spirochete) of the genus Leptospira. The organism has a wide host range including man. Among the domestic animals, swine, cattle, dogs, and horses are most frequently affected. Known wildlife hosts infected with leptospires include many of the small rodents, raccoons, foxes, opossums, skunks, deer, and moose.

Know Your Soil


Willingness to Pay for Recreational Land Use in Minnesota

Rutherford Card. Johnson, , Rutherford Card. Johnson &
Decision strategy pertaining to discretionary activities such as recreation may have inherently psychological components that are difficult to observe or unobservable. Also, geographical factors may exist when possible recreation site choices are geographically dispersed, whether amenities are similar or not. The choice to visit a recreational facility, then, comes with both a potential utility reward and a potential utility risk. Prior literature has demonstrated that recreational site selection may either be from the perspective of...

A Comparison of Environmental and Economic Sustainability across Seafood and Livestock Product Value Chains

Andreas Tsakiridis, Cathal O’Donoghue, Stephen Hynes, Kevin Kilcline, Andreas Tsakiridis, Cathal O’Donoghue, Stephen Hynes & Kevin Kilcline
This paper uses an environmentally extended input-output model of the Irish economy to estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and economic output multipliers in 2010 for two aquatic (aquaculture products and sea fisheries) and five land-based livestock products (beef and veal, sheep meat, pig meat, poultry meat, and dairy products). Moreover, the Global Value Chain (GVC) framework is adopted to qualitatively understand the structure of Irish food sectors and identify segments of the food value chains...

Agriculture in the Future: An Outlook for the 1980's and Beyond

U.S. Department Of Agriculture World Agricultural Outlook Board & U.S. Department Of Agriculture World Agricultural Outlook Board
The years ahead may see U.S. agriculture more closely tied to other sectors of the economy at home and abroad and become even more closely linked to agricultural developments in other countries around the world. Greater interdependence and more intense competition for global agricultural markets may be spurred by world-wide adoption of new productivity-expanding technology. Agriculture's prosperity is likely to continue to depend on the productivity of the American farmer. To achieve productivity gains, farmers...

Földrajzi árujelzős termékek ismertsége és fogyasztási szokásai

Ágota Panyor, Ágnes Vörös, Ágota Panyor & Ágnes Vörös
Kutatómunkánk középpontjába a földrajzi árujelzős termékek, ezen belül is csak a mezőgazdasági termékek és élelmiszerek csoportjába sorolt termékkör került. Vizsgálataink során arra kerestük a választ, hogy a földrajzi árujelzők mennyire ismertek a hazai fogyasztók körében, valamint a jelöléshez kapcsolódó viszonyukat milyen tényezők befolyásolják, hogyan lehetne ezen megkülönböztetett minőségű termékek fogyasztását növelni. kutatási eredményeink alapján megállapítható, hogy a földrajzi árujelzős termékek ismertsége meglehetősen alacsony szintű, ebből következően a rendszeres fogyasztók aránya is mindösszesen 7% a válaszadók...

Rural America: Economic Performance, 1989

J. Norman Reid, Martha Frederick, J. Norman Reid & Martha Frederick
Rural America's economy in 1980-89 had a hard time keeping up with the urban economy and continued to undergo industrial restructuring, key indicators show. Nonmetro employment growth lagged growth in urban areas during that period. Job losses early in the 1980's, and slow growth afterwards, limited economic opportunities and led to declining relative incomes, higher poverty rates, and slow population growth in parts of rural America. These economic conditions reflect both the cyclical downturn in...

Effects of fodder conservation and ration formulation interventions on dairy performance in Kenya

B.N. Sakwa, J.O. Ondiek, A.M. King'ori, O.A. Ndambi, B.N. Sakwa, J.O. Ondiek, A.M. King'ori & O.A. Ndambi
Use of conserved forages and proper ration formulation has great potential to bridge the gap in dairy nutrition and reduce seasonal variations in milk yield. This study determined the effects of various fodder and ration formulation interventions on dairy farm performance in North Rift, Eastern, and Central regions of Kenya. Seventy-two farms were purposively selected as participating farms and assigned into six groups of twelve as follows: two groups on silage production, two groups on...

Managing Risk in Ethanol Processing Using Formula Pricing Contracts

David W. Bullock, William W. Wilson, David W. Bullock & William W. Wilson
Manufacturers of ethanol face considerable pricing risk from both an input (corn and natural gas) and output (ethanol, distillers dried grains, and corn oil) in addition to the fluctuating value of the ethanol renewable identification numbers (D6 RINs) attached to each gallon of ethanol produced. Additionally, ethanol plants face technical risks related to their physical plant extraction rates for ethanol, DDGs, and corn oil along with their efficiency in using natural gas (or an alternative...

COVID-19 Working Paper: Shares of Commodity Consumption at Home, Restaurants, Fast Food Places, Schools, and Other Away-from-Home Places: 2013-16

Biing-Hwan Lin & Biing-Hwan Lin
A better understanding of commodity consumption will help government and businesses to address the Nation’s deficiency in meeting Federal dietary guidelines and the effectiveness of commodity promotion and educational efforts. The data on commodity consumption by food source can be used to gauge adverse impacts on the agricultural commodity sectors when access to commercial eating places is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. To this end, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2007-08 Food Intakes Converted to...

Adoption and Socio-Economic Impacts of the Pre-Harvest Disease Management Technology for Carabao Mango in the Philippines

Marilyn M. ELauria, Alessandro A. Manilay, Girlie Nora A. Abrigo, Marilyn M. ELauria, Alessandro A. Manilay & Girlie Nora A. Abrigo
This study was conducted to determine the adoption and socio-economic impacts of the pre–harvest disease management project on anthracnose and stem-end rot control and production cost reduction through need-based fungicide spraying and fruit bagging funded by PCAARRD. Results of the survey of 141 mango farm owners, share-holders and mango contractors in various provinces of the Philippines show that 69% of the respondents fully adopted need-based spraying and fruit bagging while 26% adopted either need-based spraying...

Valuation of Gender Role Participation in Coastal Resource Management in Masinloc, Zambales, Philippines

Zenaida M. Sumalde, Maria Helen F. Dayo, Zenaida M. Sumalde & Maria Helen F. Dayo
Recognizing the importance of incorporating gender dimension into any development and conservation programs, gender analysis has become an important input in decision making that gives particular attention to sustainability of the programs. Using the case of Masinloc, Zambales, this study identifies the roles of men and women in the coastal resource management (CRM) and estimates the value of time spent by men and women in CRM activities. Gender-segregated data were gathered from 50 households where...

Male-Female Wage-Gap Decomposition in Agriculture-Based Employment in the Philippines

Rodger M. Valientes & Rodger M. Valientes
The study uses the 2006 to 2009 Labor Force Surveys (LFS) to estimate the wage structure and wage differentials between employed men and women in agriculture-based employment in the Philippines. Estimates reveal that average male wage workers in the agriculture sector receive remunerations that are approximately 13% to 18% higher than what the average female wage workers receive. Using the threefold Blinder-Oaxaca wage decomposition method, about 12% of the estimated gender wage gap is due...

Loose Housing for Dairy Cattle

Thayer Cleaver, Robert G. Yeck, Thayer Cleaver & Robert G. Yeck

Economic Effects of Federal Regulation of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Fluid Milk Market

Alexander Swantz & Alexander Swantz
This study was designed to provide an economic analysis of the effect of Federal milk regulatory programs on the marketing of fluid milk and its products in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., marketing area. Since 1933, the Federal Government, through the medium of milk marketing agreements, licenses, and orders, has played an increasingly important role in the pricing of milk that is marketed in the major fluid milk consumption centers. As of December 1950, 39 markets...

System in the County Extension Office

Karl Knaus & Karl Knaus

Food Costs... From Farm to Retail in 1993

Denis Dunham & Denis Dunham
How much are food costs changing? Why? How much of the consumer food dollar goes to the farmer and how much to food processors and marketers? Because of great interest in these questions, Congress directed the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to regularly study them and to report its findings. This bulletin provides the answers, relative to 1993 developments.

Farm and Ranch Enterprise Budgets: Return to What?

Larry Van Tassell, Jay Parsons, Glennis McClure, Larry Van Tassell, Jay Parsons & Glennis McClure

2020 Nebraska Agricultural Custom Rates with Statewide Survey Summary

Glennis McClure & Glennis McClure

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