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Ungridded TROPOMI SIF (at 740nm)

Philipp Koehler & Christian Frankenberg
Ungridded solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (at 740nm) data set in netCDF4 format with explanations in file itself (self contained). Can be opened with standard tools such as Panoply.

Geologic map and sections, western end of the San Gabriel Mountains, Sylmar Quadrangle, California: Supplement 1 from \"Areal geology and contact relations of the basement complex and later sediments, west end of the San Gabriel Mountains, California\" (Thesis)

John Marshall Holloway
The west end of the San Gabriel Mountains is a relatively small block of pre-Cretaceous metamorphic complex faulted from the main mass of the San Gabriel Mountains by the San Gabriel fault. Their core of metamorphic rocks is flanked on three sides by Tertiary sediments represented by Eocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene formations. The Eocene and Pliocene are characteristic off-shore and littoral marine deposits. The Pleistocene is principally of terrestrial origin. The area is one of...

Physiographic and cultural features in the San José pluton and country rocks, Northern Baja California, Mexico: Supplement 6 from \"The structure and petrology of the San Jose pluton, northern Baja California, Mexico\" (Thesis)

Jay Dennis Murray
The San Jose pluton, a 117-km^2 body of medium-grained biotite-hornblende tonalite in the foothills of the Sierra San Pedro Mártir, northern Baja California, Mexico, is one of the more westerly plutons in the Cretaceous Peninsular Ranges batholith. The pluton has a teardrop form in plan view, elongate north-south and outlined by commonly well-exposed contacts. To the north the outline is remarkably hemi-circular and concordant to isoclinally folded, highly stretched strata. Traced southward, the form becomes...

caltechlibrary/eprints2bags: Release 1.9.1

Michael Hucka
This release updates the README file to explain how to install from PyPI, and fixes some internal files related to producing releases on PyPI.

Dry Canyon area areal geology: Supplement 1 from \"Geology of the Dry Canyon area in the eastern section of the Ventura Basin, California\" (Thesis)

Joseph Stewart Martin
The Dry Canyon area is located in the eastern section of the Ventura Basin in northwestern Los Angeles County California. The following problems confronted the writer in this area: (1) the relationships between the marine and the non-marine sediments of the basin (2) the general stratigraphy (3) the faulting along the base of the Sierra Pelona mountain, range which borders the basin on the north. Three Tertiary sedimentary formations are exposed in the area. The...

Geologic map of the eastern Tehachapi Mountains: Supplement 1 from \"Geology of the Eastern Tehachapi Mountains and Late Cretaceous-Early Cenozoic tectonics of the southern Sierra Nevada Region, Kern County, California\" (Thesis)

David Judson Wood
Many geologic studies have inferred that the California continental margin in the vicinity of the western Mojave Desert was tectonically disrupted after emplacement of the Cretaceous Cordilleran batholith and prior to Neogene displacements on the San Andreas fault system. The causes of this regional deformation, however, are poorly understood. Located along the northern margin of this disrupted region at the southern end of the comparatively little deformed Sierra Nevada batholith, the eastern Tehachapi Mountains are...

Automobile road map of Los Angeles and vicinity - Index: Supplement 2 from \"Results of Gravity Measurements in Southern California\" (Thesis)

Raymond Alfred Peterson
The various types of instruments for gravity measurements are briefly discussed. The theory of an inverted pendulum of the “Holweck-Lejay” type with an elastic mounting at its base is given, and an instrument of this design, ninety times as sensitive to differences in gravity as an ordinary pendulum, is described. The theory of the interpretation of gravity data is discussed. The results of gravity observations along a profile across the Los Angeles Basin and San...

Clytia Medusa TRINITY Transcriptome

Jase Gehring Tara Chari
TRINITY-assembled transcriptome for Clytia medusae

Raw mass spectrometry Thermo data from \"Systematic approach for dissecting the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in bacteria\"

Nathan Belliveau & Rob Phillips
This contains all Thermo .raw files. The LacI target purification experiments were performed on a nanoflow LC system, EASY-nLC II coupled to a hybrid linear ion trap Orbitrap Classic mass spectrometer equipped with a Nanospray Flex Ion Source (Thermo Fisher Scientific). All other measurements were performed on a hybrid ion trap-Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific), which provided greater detection sensitivity and other fragmentation techniques as described. The Orbitrap was operated in data-dependent acquisition...


Harrison Parker
South Coast Air Basin AQMD daily measurements for NOx, O3, and PM2.5 for 2015/01/01 to 2020/06/30. AQMD one hour measurements of NO2 and O3 for the Los Angeles main site, the Pasadena site, and the San Bernardino 3rd Street site from 2000/01/01 to 2020/06/30. Hourly temperature, humidity, rain, and solar radiance measurements from the meteorology site on the southwest side of the Caltech campus. One minute measurements of NO, NO2, NOy, O3, CO, SO2, PM2.5,...

Thesis - Multifunctional Volumetric Metaoptics - Section 2.4 Supplementary Video

Conner Ballew
This video shows an example of an adjoint-based inverse-design process of a free-space spectral demultiplexer discussed in Chapter 2 Section 2.4 of the thesis "Multifunctional Volumetric Metaoptics" by Conner Ballew. The video illustrates how the device response (squared electric field) and permittivity distribution evolve over the course of the optimization procedure. The device is designed to sort red, green, and blue wavelength bands to different locations in its focal plane. Beginning with a uniform refractive...


Manuel Bedrossian
This repository contains all code for the quantification of the power spectra density function (PSD) of DHM data as referenced in the PhD Thesis of Manuel Bedrossian. Please refer to the thesis text and appendices for more information on the code as well as instructions on its use.

Nickel in chalcopyrite – Bingham District, Utah: Supplement 18 from \"Trace elements in sulfide minerals from the Central Mining District, New Mexico and the Bingham Mining District, Utah\" (Thesis)

Arthur W. Rose
A total of 143 samples of chalcopyrite, 230 samples of sphalerite, and a few samples of other hydrothermal minerals from the Central and Pinos Altos mining districts of New Mexico, and the Bingham mining district of Utah, have been analyzed spectrographically for trace element content. Most of the sphalerites have also been analyzed for iron content by an x-ray fluorescence method. For many elements, variations within single crystals and within mines show no correlation with...

caltechlibrary/dataset: Bug fixes, issue #73, #74

Robert Doiel & Thomas E Morrell
This is a small bug fix release..

Geologic Map: Supplement 1 from \"Geology of the Las Flores and Dry Canyon Quadrangles, Los Angeles County, California\" (Thesis)

Lawrence William Bolles
The Santa Monica Mountains trend in an east-west direction and in this region lie north of and parallel to the sea. The area included in this report consists of a strip of land six miles wide and ten miles long reaching from the sea northward to the west end of San Fernando Valley. It is, then, a section six miles wide directly across the axis, and in the center of the Santa Monica Mountains in...

CellRanger-processed Clytia Starvation Data

Jase Gehring Tara Chari
h5ad for Scanpy analysis of initial cellRanger processing of starved Clytia medusae cDNA

caltechlibrary/microarchiver: Release 1.12.1

Michael Hucka & Thomas E Morrell
This release fixes a couple of issues: * The default network timeout was too short to get large PDF files from micropublication.org. Fixed by tripling the timeout duration. * Image conversion exceeded an internal default in the Python Pillow package being used for image conversion. Fixed by disabling the size check.

CTX multistrip elevation model of the NE Syrtis region, Mars

Daven Quinn
GIS files for a multistrip CTX elevation model created with SOCET Set to support geologic mapping at NE Syrtis, Mars

Geologic map: Supplement 2 from \"Geology of the Adelaida quadrangle, California\" (Thesis)

William Layton Stanton
This geological investigation covers an area lying across the southern Santa Lucia Mountains in south central California, immediately west of Paso Robles. The land forms of this region are due to structurally controlled erosion which, in most localities, has now produced late mature physiographic surfaces. There are evidences of a Pliocene peneplain, a Pleistocene late mature surface, and vigorous erosion in the present cycle. The sedimentary series, with an aggregate thickness of over 20,000 feet,...

caltechlibrary/dataset: Python module installation support

Robert Doiel & Thomas E Morrell
The primary change in this release is the dataset.py module became a Package and package installation is now supported for pre-compiled libdataset.(so|dll|dylib). Python module is now in a .tar.gz file as that is the way Python's distutil builds them. A correction in the link in the codemeta.json was also made.

caltechlibrary/ames: Dataset version and codemeta automation

Thomas E Morrell
This version brings everything up to date with dataset v0.0.32. It also includes improvements so the codemeta script can run automatically.

Velocity vectors, velocity-depth profiles, and calculated streamlines in a longitudinal section: Supplement 7 from \"Mode of flow of Saskatchewan Glacier, Alberta, Canada\" (Thesis)

Mark Frederick Meier
Research in 1952-54 on Saskatchewan Glacier was directed toward the measurement of velocity on the surface and at depth, the surface and bedrock topography, ablation, and structures produced by flow. These field data are used to test current theories of flow and to derive new conclusions about the flow of a valley glacier. Positions in space of 51 velocity stations fixed in the ice were computed from triangulation surveys. Summer velocities are generally greater than...

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