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Therapuetic Vision, Discipline, and Religious Virtue in Ordinary Life: A Comparative Ethical Analysis of Augustine and Zhiyi

Eun Young Hwang
In this cross-cultural comparison on religious therapeutics and pathology in Christianity and Buddhism, I focus on Augustine of Hippo (354-430) in the Roman Empire, and Tiantai Zhiyi (538-597) in Sui China. Addressing the cross-cultural phenomena of interiority and disciplinary measures in ordinary life, the present comparison suggests a multi-dimensional comparative method in dialogue with phenomenology, hermeneutics, interiority studies, and post-colonial theories. This comparison examines how Augustine and Zhiyi show similarities and differences when envisaging the...

The Rise of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Growth, Internal Politics, Foreign Affairs and Overextension, 1868-1941

Wilson Tang
Well known as the powerful opponent of the United States Navy and the other Allied navies during the Second World War, the Imperial Japanese Navy have a long-storied career through time. However, most works are written about the Japanese Navy’s combat actions during the Second World War. This paper would examine the Japanese Navy from the inception in 1868, up to the beginning of the American entry of the Second World War in 1941, as...

Determinants of Well-Being across Socio-Demographic Groups

Christopher Sukhu

Admissibility in Roman-Canon Procedure: The Emergence of the Law of Positions

William Sullivan
This dissertation studies the circumstances under which explicit norms of evidentiary admissibility were adopted in twelfth- and thirteenth-century Roman-canon procedure. I demonstrate that norms of admissibility arose in two areas: the law of positions and the law of witnesses. I argue that these norms first emerged in Roman-canon procedure to mitigate the problems caused by shifting a measure of control over examination of parties and witnesses from the adjudicator to the parties themselves. I focus...

A Massively Scalable Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Zhihao Lou

\"Disembering\": The Activity of the Archive in Hollis Frampton

Kenneth Eisenstein

Finding Sense of Self: Understanding the Experiences of Black Students at Predominantly White Institutions

Lashon Miller
Higher education is a unique experience for all students as a place where students grow, nurture their passions, build on their knowledge, and learn more about who they are as individuals. As Black students enroll into higher education, specifically predominantly white higher education institutions, what is their experience? This research captures the experiences of Black students that are educated in predominantly white institutions and hopes to capture a clearer understanding of their racial identity. Does...

On Self Government: Democratic Politics and Law in Prisons, Asylums, and Boarding Schools

Christopher Dimitri Berk

Medieval Arabic Islam and the Culture of Gender: Feminine Voices in al-Suyūṭī’s Literature on Sex and Marriage

Daniela Rodica Firanescu

Unsettled Settlement: Paralysis of the World Trade Organization Appellate Body (WTOAB)

Youngjae Pak
This paper looks into the recent cases of American blockings on the World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body and the ensuing response of an interim option introduced under the leadership of Canada and the European Union. Across both the Obama and Trump Administrations, the U.S. has continued to block re-appointments and novel appointments of panelists serving on the appeals court leading to overall paralysis. How was the Appellate Body allowed to fall into this level of...

Between Function and Fiction: The Representation of Women in al-Ibshīhī’s Mustaṭraf

Mirella Cassarino


Luz Maria Alliende Serra
Visual working memory impairments have been consistently found in people with schizophrenia, however, there is no consensus on the neural mechanisms behind these deficits. The current study aims to build a more cohesive conceptualization of the neural correlates of visual working memory impairment in people with schizophrenia (PSZ) by taking advantage of the strengths from different types of recording methodologies. To do this, non-simultaneous EEG and fMRI recordings of neural signatures were performed in a...

The Role of GAGA Motif Domains in Chromatin Remodeling of Igk During B Cell Development

Kaitlin Christina McLean
V(D)J recombination is a spatially and temporally restricted process, and depends heavily on epigenetic regulation to provide this control. The failure of V(D)J recombination would result in an immunodeficiency, while the lack of regulation of this process can result in genomic instability and oncogenic transformation. Brwd1 is an epigenetic reader required for normal B cell development, and specifically for Igk recombination. Brwd1 is recruited to activating histone marks, and when binding is coincident with GAGA...

Woodland Natures: Knowing Vegetal Nature Through Sympathy and Anthropomorphism in Thomas Hardy’s The Woodlanders

Tasha Chanel Harris
This thesis proposes that the depictions of the trees in Thomas Hardy's novel "The Woodlanders" shares resonance with current posthumanist theory through its recognition of the trees as subjects entangled in mutual relationships with the humans and also through the humans' attempts to gain knowledge of and interact with the trees.

Mamluk Studies in Japan: Retrospect and Prospect (MSR X.1, 2006)

Sato Tsugitaka

Slave Traders and Karimi Merchants during the Mamluk Period (MSR X.1, 2006)

Tsugitaka Sato

The Making of a Sufi: al-Nuwayri's Account of the Origin of Genghis Khan (MSR X.2, 2006)

Lyall Armstrong

Tumor Cell-Intrinsic Defects in STING Pathway Signaling and Type I Interferon Expression

Blake Alan Flood
It has previously been shown that immunogenic tumors spontaneously activate the innate immune system through the STING pathway. Based on this observation, STING agonists have been developed and are being tested as a pharmacologic approach to activate the pathway and promote anti-tumor immunity. As part of these studies, we observed that tumor cells themselves usually fail to produce IFN-β in response to STING agonists or cytoplasmic DNA, arguing that loss of activation of this pathway...

Statistical Machine Learning Methods for Complex, Heterogeneous Data

Mahtiyar Bonakdarpour
This thesis develops statistical machine learning methodology for three distinct tasks. Each method blends classical statistical approaches with machine learning methods to provide principled solutions to problems with complex, heterogeneous datasets. The first framework proposes two methods for high-dimensional shape-constrained regression and classification. These methods reshape pre-trained prediction rules to satisfy shape constraints like monotonicity and convexity. The second method provides a nonparametric approach to the econometric analysis of discrete choice. This method provides a...

High-Resolution Mapping of mRNA Modifications

Lisheng Zhang
Transcriptome carries a wide range of different chemical modifications. Among these modifications, RNA methylation is the most abundant, exerting important functions in multiple biological processes in eukaryotes. Especially, the recent discoveries of N6-methyladenosine (m6A) in transcriptome with reversible dynamics and regulatory roles have drawn considerable attentions from world-wide scientists. While N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is widely observed to regulate gene expression in mammals, our lab has also reasoned that positively-charged mRNA modifications such as N1-methyladenosine (m1A) could...

The Turbah of Tankizbugha (MSR X.2, 2006)

Hani Hamza

Genetic and Genomic Approaches to Investigate the Roles of Cis-regulatory Elements in Development and Disease

Lindsey Elizabeth Montefiori
Gene regulation describes the totality of molecular events that result in precisely orchestrated gene expression patterns which collectively drive organismal development and define cellular states. Much of this logic is encoded in the genome itself, which is subject to mutation and natural variation. Because of the fundamental role that gene regulation plays in cellular biology, perturbations to gene expression patterns may have pathophysiological consequences, and these are far from being well understood. In my dissertation...

The Good Death: The New American Search to Reshape the End of Life

Marilyn S. Webb
Dying has been completely transformed by medical advances that can prolong our lives but have created confusion and difficulties at the end of life, obscuring a traditional art of dying. This manuscript looks at those medical and end-of-life changes, examining what they are and why they have occurred, and it posits ways to recreate a modern art of dying for current times. It addresses pain and symptom management, family support policy, physician assisted suicide, legal...

Population Structure and Local Adaptation in the Olympia Oyster (Ostrea lurida)

Katherine Elizabeth Silliman
Effective management of threatened species requires an understanding of both the genetic connectivity among populations and adaptive population divergence. For the numerous coastal marine species with planktonic dispersal, high connectivity can obscure population boundaries and oppose the diversifying effects of natural selection through homogenizing gene flow. Using an ecologically and commercially important marine bivalve as a model system, my dissertation aimed to characterize the spatial scales of neutral and adaptive differentiation in the face of...

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