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The Stain of Association and the Burden of Membership: Institutional Ethics in Paul Ricoeur and Catholic Social Thought

Michael Thomas Le Chevallier
We live in a world increasingly marked by institutional injustices, yet our public imagination nevertheless relies on atomistic visions of the self and , individualistic models of responsibility, and amoral concepts of institutions in order to address them. This dissertation interrogates how persons might impute to themselves responsibility for the multiple, disparate, and varied institutions of which they form a part, whose history precedes them, whose symbols form them, and whose actions bleed far beyond...

Trials by Water: Law, Sacrifice and Submergence in German Realism

Alexander Hill Sorenson
This dissertation analyzes one of the most recurrent--and troubling--motifs in modern German literature: death by drowning. Ultimately, it suggests that these scenes of drowning function as narrative “knots” in which two concepts fundamental to the epistemology of realist literature intertwine: law and sacrifice. More specifically, it argues that the narrative logic of drowning stages a conflict between the “surface” domain of law, on the one hand, and the hidden “depths” of the subjective interior, on...

Book Reviews (MSR XIII.1, 2009)

Aram Shahin

Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy

Andrei Tokmakoff
This collection of notes is a resource for chemists that study the time-dependent quantum mechanics, dynamics, and spectroscopy of molecular systems. They are derived from my lectures in graduate quantum mechanics that focus on condensed phase spectroscopy, dynamics, and relaxation.

Expectations in the Cross Section: Stock Price Reactions to the Information and Bias in Analyst-Expected Returns

Johnathan Loudis
This paper provides evidence that the market does not efficiently incorporate expected returns implied by analyst price targets into prices. I use a novel decomposition to extract information and bias components from these analyst-expected returns and develop an asset pricing framework that helps interpret price reactions to each component. A one-standard-deviation increase in the information (bias) component is associated with a five (one) percentage point increase in announcement-month returns. The positive reaction to bias implies...

Fifteenth-Century Arabic Historiography: Introducing a New Research Agenda for Authors, Texts and Contexts

Jo Van Steenbergen, Mustafa Banister, Ben Othmen Rihab, Kenneth A. Goudie, Mohamed Maslouh & Zacharie Mochtari de Pierrepont

Mamluk Religious Policy (MSR XIII.2, 2009)

Jonathan P. Berkey

Book Reviews (MSR XIII. 2, 2009)

Th. Emil Homerin

Communication Ethics in Social Conflict: Nonviolent and Christian Perspectives

Russell Johnson
This dissertation brings together ethics and rhetorical theory to outline a model for activism and argumentation inspired by the tradition of nonviolent direct action. All too often, communicators subvert their own persuasive efforts by speaking in ways that increase defensiveness, alienating rather than convincing their audiences. The means we use to achieve social change have an expressive dimension, and often how one communicates influences what messages one actually sends to audiences. This dissertation outlines an...

The Problem of Sufism (MSR XIII.2, 2009)

Richard McGregor

How to Make it in Cairo: The Early Career of Burhān al-Dīn al-Biqāʿī

Kenneth Goudie

Radio Detection of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos

Andrew Ludwig
Ultra-high energy (UHE) neutrinos are a promising messenger particle, and their discovery would be an important step towards understanding the universe at energies above 10^{18} eV. The ANtarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) is a NASA long duration balloon payload that aims to measure the UHE neutrino flux by detecting Askaryan radiation in the radio band from neutrinos interacting in the Antarctic ice. Previous ANITA flights have also demonstrated an ability to detect geomagnetically induced radio...

Theology after the Problem of Intentionality: A Whiteheadian Corrective for Analytic Philosophy of Language

Lisa Landoe Hedrick
In this dissertation, I argue that contemporary analytic philosophers of language, particularly John McDowell, presuppose a problematic metaphysics of subjecthood that takes judgment to be the smallest unit of awareness. I propose that analytic philosophers turn to Alfred North Whitehead’s aesthetic ontology, as it provides an alternative understanding of how linguistic practices and noetic processes are in touch with the world. In this manner the dissertation enlists Whitehead to develop a new approach to the...

You Strike a Woman; You Strike a Rock: Dignity, Law, and Monuments in South Africa

Oluwaseyi Omonijo
‘Wathint' Abafazi, Wathint' Imbokodo' [You strike a woman; you strike a rock] as a rallying cry has two significant meanings for this thesis. First, to "strike a woman" highlights the ways in which politically active black south African women suffered from unspeakable violence under apartheid. Secondly, "to strike a woman, is to strike a rock", in a symbolic sense, highlights the current destruction of women's monuments, usually made of cement, marble or bronze. Although women...

Al-Subki and His Women (MSR XIV, 2010)

Jonathan P. Berkey

Virtual Realism: Victorian Fiction as Optical Technology

Amanda Shubert
This dissertation explores the rich intersections between realist fiction and pre-cinematic optical technologies in Victorian Britain. Most scholars agree that the styles and techniques of literary realism are deeply shaped by visual culture, but they limit their inquiry to pictorial media like painting and photography. In “Virtual Realism: Victorian Fiction as Optical Technology,” I reveal realist fictional aesthetics to be embedded in the visual culture of nineteenth-century optical technologies, from magic lanterns and optical conjuring...

Court in the Act: A Quantitative Analysis of Section 4 Endangered Species Act Cases

Cynthia Long
This paper examines the factors that influence the success of federal court cases about the Endangered Species Act (ESA). I use logistic regression and empirical analysis to test several models of judicial decision-making on section 4 ESA cases. In this paper, I aggregate literature on judicial decision-making, wilderness as a concept, and the implementation of the ESA and discuss the effects of these separate fields on each other. Next, I evaluate the characteristics of 358...

Renters, Buildings and Scale: A Spatial Analysis of Urban Tree Cover in Chicago

Samuel Joyce
Trees play an important role in the function of urban ecosystems. Beyond their role as a habitat for birds and other animals, trees provide an array of essential ecosystem services: stormwater management (Berland et al. 2017), temperature control (Coseo and Larsen 2014), air pollution reduction (Nowak, Crane and Stevens 2006), and carbon sequestration (Kendall and McPherson 2012), among other ecosystem services. Recent research has focused on the relationship between rentership rates and the distribution of...

The Impact of Spatial Design on Perceptions of Visibility: A Case Study of a Neoliberal Library

Jaida Nabayan
In 2008, the University of Chicago began the construction of the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, commonly referred to as Mansueto Library. One of the biggest reasons to construct this library was to store the growing book collection at the University of Chicago (Moser, 2019). After three years of construction and design processing, Mansueto Library debuted as a study space and library collection storage space attached to the main campus library, The Joseph Regenstein Library....

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