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Crime in Mamluk Historiography: A Fraud Case Depicted by Ibn Taghribirdi (MSR X.2, 2006)

Carl F. Petry

Thrifty Query Processing

Dixin Tang
Database systems have long been designed to take one of the two major approaches to process a dataset under changes (e.g. a data stream). Eager query processing methods, such as continuous query processing or immediate incremental view maintenance (IVM), are optimized to reduce query latency. They eagerly maintain standing queries by consuming all available resources to immediately process new data, which can be a major source of wasting CPU cycles and memory resources. On the...

The Merits of Economic History: Re-Reading al-Maqrizi's Ighathah and Shudhur (MSR VII.2, 2003)

John L. Meloy

Al-Maqrizi's Discussion of Imprisonment and Description of Jails in the Khitat (MSR VII.2, 2003)

Carl F. Petry

Defining Myosin-10 Navigation Rules

Kevin Christopher Vavra
Myosin-10 an unconventional myosin motor that localizes to tips of filopodia, long finger- like projections from cells, to help relocate its cargo proteins to the tips and bodies of filopodia. While it is known that myosin-10 moves along filopodial actin, how myosin-10 specifically selects for filopodial actin tracks is currently unknown. Three research groups attempted to determine myosin-10’s track selection ability using single molecule techniques to measure myosin-10 actin bundle selection behavior. Due to the...

Who Was al-Maqrizi? A Biographical Sketch (MSR VII.2, 2003)

Nasser Rabbat

The Tail Wagging the Dog: Uncertainty and Organization in the Fashion Production Market

Linzhuo Li
My dissertation seeks to explain the puzzle of the sustained domination of small shops over large companies in a highly volatile apparel production market in China. Three major elements of the market are analyzed—explosive fashion in seasonal production, off-season production, and clearance transactions. For explosive fashion, the study showed that it is a recurrent phenomenon mediated by an external institution—the sample marketplace. I show how the sample marketplace connects and coordinates the behavior of manufacturers...

Insurgent Dynamics: The Coming of the Chinese Rebellions, 1850-1873

Yang Zhang
My dissertation offers a dynamic, relational explanation of the emergence of mid-19th century rebellions in the Qing Empire of China—the bloodiest insurgent civil war in human history. This turbulent era witnessed the formation of widespread and protracted uprisings, including not only the landmark Christian-inspired Taiping Rebellion but also a conjunction of sectarian, ethnic, and religious revolts. Theoretically, my thesis moves beyond the structural, eventful, and endogenous models, and further develops the dynamic model that has...

Equal Local Levels: A Global Testing Approach with Application to Trans EQTL Detection

Takintayo Akinbiyi
In order to detect trans eQTLs in a given tissue type, it is common to perform an association test between each pair consisting of an expression level for a gene and a genetic variant that is ``trans" for that gene, for $D$ different genes and $M$ different genetic variants, where $D$ could be on the order of thousands or tens of thousands and $M$ could be on the order of hundreds of thousands or millions....

The Molecular Embryology of a Cephalopod Mollusc, Octopus bimaculoides

Caroline Beth Albertin
Cephalopods have a highly derived body plan and a suite of innovations with no obvious correlates in other animals. One of the most striking novelties in cephalopods is their embryogenesis, which lacks any trace of the spiral cleavage pattern found in non-cephalopod molluscs and other spiralians. Instead, cephalopod embryos undergo bilateral, meroblastic cleavage on top of a large yolk, greatly resembling early embryogenesis in fish and constituting a striking convergence between these two distantly related...

Mamluk Furusiyah Literature and Its Antecedents (MSR VIII.1, 2004)

Shihab Al-Sarraf

Integrating Machine Learning into Storage Performance Solutions

Anne Marie Farrell
The widespread adoption of SSDs has made ensuring stable performance difficult due to their high tail latencies, which are amplified in large systems. A promising approach to improving tail tolerance involves using machine learning to predict the latency of each request and using this information to decide whether to serve the request or fail over to a replica. Deciding whether to fail over to a replica is not as straightforward as setting a deadline for...

Current-Constrained Reduced-Density-Matrix Theory for Molecular Conductivity

Alexandra Elizabeth Raeber
In this work, I study a variety of problems in electronic structure from a reduced density matrix perspective. In Chapter 2, I describe an extension of the current-constrained density matrix theory from its two-electron reduced density-matrix (2-RDM) formulation to a one-electron reduced density matrix (1-RDM) formulation. I demonstrate the current-constrained 1-RDM method through the computation of the theoretical, intrinsic resistance of acenes and phenacenes. In Chapter 3, I use reduced density matrix theory to study...

Music in the Devotional Lives of the Birgittine Brothers and Sisters at Vadstena Abbey (c. 1373 – c. 1545)

Michelle Urberg
This dissertation examines the unique musical culture of Vadstena Abbey, the Swedish double monastic house (both brothers and sisters) of the Birgittine Order, and uses traditions associated with this culture to begin filling several holes in medieval musicology, medieval studies, and studies of gender in the Middle Ages. I present new details about the chant traditions of a late-medieval, double monastic order, discussing the relationships among music, saints, symbolism, and gender identities. I answer questions...

Mediators Between East and West: Christians Under Mamluk Rule (MSR IX.2, 2005)

Johannes Pahlitzsch

The Ethical Views of Michel Foucault

The goal of this dissertation is to bring into view the systematicity and explanatory force of Foucault’s ethical views, thereby filling important gaps in Foucault scholarship and in contemporary ethical discourse. The dissertation itself takes the form of an enquiry into the place and role of the notion of an aesthetics of existence in Foucault’s philosophical and ethical views. The method of enquiry is a reconstruction of the development of Fou- cault’s ethical, intellectual and...

Book Reviews (MSR VII.2, 2003)

Nasser Rabbat

A Comparison of al-Maqrizi and al-'Ayni as Historians of Contemporary Events (MSR VII.2, 2003)

Donald P. Little

Authority That Matters: An Ethnography of Trust and Food Safety in Post-Soviet Georgia

Natalja Denise Czarnecki
This dissertation is an ethnographic account of the moral politics of food safety in post-Soviet Georgia. It focuses on the uneasy articulation and production of “global food safety” in the post-Soviet context, centering on the intersections of Georgian popular food politics, regulatory expertise, and global as well as European Union (EU)-designed reforms of food safety laws and governance in the capital city of Tbilisi. It is based on three years of fieldwork within different institutional...

Prisoners of Loss: An Atlantic History of Nostalgia

Jonathan David Shelly Schroeder
Today, nostalgia is inescapable, permeating YouTube comment sections and Instagram filters, the exile’s lament and the homebody’s wistfulness, the rhetoric of the right and the left, popular culture and the Museum of Modern Art. In an extraordinary film, Nostalgia de la Luz (2010), director Patricio Guzmán travels to the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert, where the clarity of the atmosphere allows astronomers to gaze skywards in search of the most distant and oldest...

The Lyric Mode of Voice: Song and Subjectivity in Italy, 1769–1815

Jessica Gabriel Peritz
This dissertation traces the emergence in late eighteenth-century Italy of an ideological connection between voice and subjectivity, arguing that this link was forged as a means of assuaging anxieties about Italy’s role in European culture. For most of the century, virtuosic voices had dominated Italian “serious” opera: onstage, singers flaunted flashy embellishments while projecting the static categories of the Cartesian passions. But after midcentury, as new epistemologies of emotion converged with neoclassical aesthetics, Italian musicians...

Strategies Toward the Total Synthesis of (+)-Waihoensene

Piyush Arya
In this thesis, we will be presenting three different synthetic strategies we attempted to achievethe total synthesis of waihoensene. 18 In chapter 1, we describe our attempts at an oxidative coupling approach towards waihoensene which used a hypervalent iodine mediated oxidative coupling reaction as the key step for constructing the tetraquinane ring structure followed by a ring expansion to get the carbon ring framework of the natural product. In chapter 2, we describe our attempts...

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