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From Mask to Mirror: Self as Object in Chinese Popular Psychology

Amir Hampel

The Effect of Perceived Discrimination on Authoritarianism Among Stigmatized Racial Minorities: A Multi-level Analysis

Eric Chase-Sosnoff
In this dissertation I argue that authoritarianism is a natural human response to the perception of threat to one’s group. The construct thus represents a response to a largely non-existent threat among dominant group members (e.g., “reverse racism”) and to a real threat among stigmatized group members (e.g., racism). As a result, the term doesn’t have the same negative or pathological connotations for stigmatized minorities that it has for dominant racial group members. This forces...

Uncovering the Complex Metabolic Role of Silencing Mediator of Retinoid and Thyroid Hormone Receptors (SMRT)

Jonathan Harry Kerem Kahn
The Silencing Mediator of Retinoid and Thyroid Hormone Receptors (SMRT) is a nuclear corepressor that regulates the transcriptional activity of many transcription factors critical for metabolic processes. While the importance of the role of SMRT in the adipocyte has been well-established, prior mouse models have yielded contradictory phenotypes, limiting our understanding of its in vivo function in the context of homeostatic maintenance. Multiple such generalized knockout models suggest that SMRT deficiency leads to increased adiposity,...

The Role of Math Anxiety and Situational Anxiety in Math Performance

Andrea Henry

Theorizing with History: Charles Taylor, John Rawls, and the Concept of Overlapping Consensus

Jordan Carpenter
This paper explores the relationship of historical narratives to contemporary political theory by considering the merits of the rival theories of pluralism and democracy presented by John Rawls and Charles Taylor. While Rawls and Taylor appear to agree on the importance of an overlapping consensus, by situating the idea within their respective historical narratives of modern democracy and pluralism, this paper demonstrates how the two theorists differ in their understanding of the problem of pluralism...

Machine Learning Models Applied To High Frequency Financial Data

An Qi
Chapter 1 is titled "A dynamic network model for high frequency order flows in financial markets." This chapter constructs a network model for high frequency trading volume data using a regularized vector autoregression moving average (VARMA) method. The network models how trading activity in one economic sector or asset group impacts trading in other asset groups. I explore the extent to which current trading volume is predictable from past trading volume history and how bursts...

A Multi-Generational Acoustic and Sociolinguistic Study of Emphasis in Turoyo

Christina Michelle Weaver
This dissertation is a sociophonetic study of emphasis (the term used to describe consonants which exhibit a secondary articulation in the posterior of the vocal tract) in Turoyo, an endangered Neo-Aramaic language, as spoken within a close-knit immigrant community (which I refer to as the Mor Gabriel community) in northern New Jersey. This secondary articulation, which is present in Turoyo but not in English, presents a unique window into the phonetics of Turoyo, as well...

The Big See: Large Scale Visualization

Megan Meredith-Lobay

Predicting attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in development with functional brain connectivity

Julia Pruin
Sustained attention is an important cognitive process that affects various other aspects of cognition. A common focus for the study of sustained attention is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder among children. The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study provides ADHD symptomology scores from the Child Behavior Checklist, as well as rest and n-back task fMRI data from children between the ages of 9 and 13. In the current study, a preexisting connectome-based predictive modeling (CPM) protocol is...

On the Application, Theory and Computation of Optimal Experimental Design in the Context of Sensor Placement

Jing Yu
Optimal experimental designs are a class of experimental designs that are optimal with respect to some statistical criterion. Sensor placement is a sampling decision on data collection which aims to minimize the uncertainty in parameter estimation. This thesis focuses on two fundamental elements: the selection of sensor locations under statistically optimal conditions, and the computation of sensor placement with an efficient algorithm. We first present a design of experiments framework for sensor placement in a...

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and Altered States of Consciousness

Zhengyi Huang
Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (∆9-THC) is the major psychoactive component in the cannabis plant. THC acts on the cannabinoid 1 receptors (CB1Rs) of the endogenous cannabinoid system, which reaches peak expression during adolescence. Neuroimaging and behavioral evidence have shown that THC can induce psychotomimetic, perceptual, and cognitive effects after acute use, similar to the experience of altered state of consciousness (ASC) described in studies of classical psychedelics. This study sought to show that the standardized five dimensions of...

Understanding Collective Interpretation and Response to Cultural Change: A Case Study of a Mixed Status Immigrant Community in Chicago

Carly Offidani-Bertrand
Immigration enforcement has been a central point of conflict within the political landscape for decades, but recently the hardships associated with uncertain migratory status have become dire. It is not just the structural growth of the ‘deportation machine’ that is threatening to migrants’ well-being; the recent surge in anti-immigrant political rhetoric also facilitates discriminatory treatment against anyone who looks like they might be a migrant. This dissertation examines how political trends towards harsher immigration enforcement...

Functional, Volumetric, and Textural Analysis of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Using Computed Tomography and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Eyjólfur Guðmundsson
Malignant pleural mesothelioma (mesothelioma) is a malignancy of the pleura, a membrane lining the outside of the lungs and the inside of the chest wall. This thoracic cancer is primarily caused by asbestos exposure and carries a poor prognosis. Computed tomography (CT) is the main imaging modality used for the diagnosis and treatment evaluation of mesothelioma in the United States. Mesothelioma is typically aspherical and presents with different morphology and growth patterns from most other...

The Evolution of Strategies for the Development of Novel Electrophilic Reagents and the Total Synthesis of Diverse Natural Products

Minxing Shen
Chemical synthesis of structurally complex and diverse natural products has been explored by synthetic chemists throughout centuries. The scientific essence within inspires and guides relevant fields in society and science, for example, pharmaceutical industry, material science, and agricultural industry. In this vein, people cultivate the toolbox of synthetic chemistry, hoping to invent stronger, cheaper, and more versatile reagents and catalysts to enable shorter pathways toward those “formidable” molecules. The advancement of synthetic methodology and natural...

Can Institutional Investors Trade on News? Evidence from Firm-Level and Macroeconomic Announcements

Klakow Akepanidtaworn
Using the database of holding and trades of global institutional investors, we show that discretionary, long-only equity investors pay immediate attention to both macroeconomic and firm-level news. On earnings and macro announcement days, the number of traded positions and trade sizes increase by 20%-50%, regardless of news content, for both buy and sell trades. The increases in trading activities are high and persistent over time. However, not all trades on announcement days are informed. The...

How I Became a \"Renegade Bibliographer\"

Anne Knafl

Americanizing Accountability: The Effects of US Interventions on Domestic Transitional Justice

Karen Krmoyan
How does the TJ agenda of post-transition societies change when foreign actors are involved? Focusing on the US as a foreign actor, I argue that US involvement in foreign TJ resulted in a more retributive TJ agenda, which emphasized criminal prosecutions of former perpetrators, rather than a reconciliatory framework, i.e. truth-revealing and reconciliatory mechanisms. The US did so by applying (1) economic coercion in the form of threats and/or actual sanctions and (2) creating increased...

The Behavior of Judges under the Gambler’s Fallacy

Shanshan Liu
Previous studies show that when making sequential decisions, current judgments are affected by proceeding ones and people may exhibit negative autocorrelation. I investigated the behavior of judges when making sequential performance evaluations in competitions to determine if there is a negative autocorrelation that is independent of the performers’ merits. I checked its compatibility with the interpretation of the gambler’s fallacy, where individuals underestimate the occurrence probability of the sequential streaks. I examined two empirical examples:...

Comparative Analysis on the Impact of Paradiplomacy on Economic Development in the United States-Mexico Border Region

Rodrigo Estrada
Paradiplomacy is a relatively new international phenomenon that blurs the lines between local and global affairs. Greater exposure to international forces and opportunities has prompted local governments to act beyond their own jurisdictions. The external actions of internal actors can help account for differences in economic development between places like El Paso, TX and McAllen, TX. In the early 1980s, the border cities of McAllen and El Paso represented distinct stages of economic development. Agriculture...

Paradoxes of Individuality: Liberalism, the Crisis of Work, and the Critique of Political Economy

Fabian Arzuaga
Modern individuality has proven difficult to conceptualize for both modern political thought and contemporary political theory as it appears to contain both a theoretical and practical paradox. If viewed juridically (as bearers of rights) or economically (as bearers of interests), individuals appear abstractly equivalent, non-particular, and even atomized. Yet, as human beings and political agents, individuals are also understood as non-fungible, concretely embodied, and socially-embedded in numerous particular relations. These assessments are not simply different...

Building Meaning in Digitized Photographs

Paul Conway

Content Analysis of Information Ethics Curriculum in iSchools

Eleanor Mattern & Chelsea Gunn
This dataset supports an upcoming publication in International Journal of Information Ethics by Eleanor Mattern and Chelsea Gunn. This data includes a content analysis of information ethics topics covered in iSchool curriculum. This analysis was completed in spring 2017.

Dreaming of Global Zero: Establishing the Role of Utopian Treaties in International Politics

Alec Pelton
Why do countries pursue ambitious treaties with no practical chances of success? I argue that such treaties are utopian, and follow utopian political dynamics. In particular, they represent an attempt to establish and legitimize a normative vision and to build a status community of likeminded states around it. Over time, these efforts produce social and normative pressure which can meaningfully reshape the international system. I test this argument on two treaties -- the Kellogg-Briand Pact...

Dynamical Detection of Singly-Transiting Circumbinary Planets

Max Goldberg
Circumbinary planets (CBPs) are exoplanets that orbit completely around a pair of stars. CBPs provide a unique perspective on planet formation and evolution, but the current sample of transiting circumbinary planets is too small to draw conclusions on the population as a whole. Key questions include the distribution of orbital distances compared to the stability limit as well as the coplanarity of circumbinary systems. We searched for transiting circumbinary planets in the catalog of eclipsing...

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