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Thin-Sheet Creation and Threshold Pressures in Drop Splashing

Andrzej Latka

Quelques figures de la folie dans la littérature caraïbo-guyanaise

Linsey Sainte Claire

The Evolution and Fitness Effects of Species-Specific Genes

Nicholas William VanKuren

Determinants of Well-Being across Socio-Demographic Groups

Christopher Sukhu

A Massively Scalable Parallel Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Zhihao Lou

\"Disembering\": The Activity of the Archive in Hollis Frampton

Kenneth Eisenstein

On Self Government: Democratic Politics and Law in Prisons, Asylums, and Boarding Schools

Christopher Dimitri Berk

Advocate's Forum, 2003

Advocate's Forum, 2004

The Integrated Stress Response in Hypoxia Induced Diffuse White Matter Injury

Benjamin Lawrence Lynner Clayton

The Role of Nitrogen in Mediating Algal-Microbial Interactions in a Rocky Intertidal Ecosystem

Orissa Merritt Moulton

A Study of Telomere Length as a Prospective Biomarker of Cancer Risk

Chenan Zhang

\"Mystères limpides\": Time and Transformation in Debussy’s \"Des pas sur la neige\"

Steven Rings

Mamlūk Studies Review Vol. II (1998)

Mamlūk Studies Review Vol. VI (2002)

Literary Genres in Poetic Texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls

William Douglas Pickut

Tertiary structure of intronic Pri-miR-17-92a regulates splicing

Shabana Mehtab Shaik

Aesthetic Deception and Topoi of Memory in the Romantic Imagination

Monica M Felix

Estimation and inference for high dimensional time series

Danna Zhang

An Experience-Oriented Approach to Analyzing Stravinsky's Neoclassicism

Sarah Marie Iker

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