600 Works

Interlingual Oulipo

Alison James

History-Forms: Jacques Jouet’s Documentary Poems

Alison James

Dans la caverne de Platon ou de la fiction comme ‘réalité augmentée

Alison James

Research Agenda for the Arts in Chicago

Betty Farrell

Mamluk Studies in Japan: Retrospect and Prospect (MSR X.1, 2006)

Sato Tsugitaka

Slave Traders and Karimi Merchants during the Mamluk Period (MSR X.1, 2006)

Tsugitaka Sato

The Making of a Sufi: al-Nuwayri's Account of the Origin of Genghis Khan (MSR X.2, 2006)

Lyall Armstrong

The Turbah of Tankizbugha (MSR X.2, 2006)

Hani Hamza

Crime in Mamluk Historiography: A Fraud Case Depicted by Ibn Taghribirdi (MSR X.2, 2006)

Carl F. Petry

The Merits of Economic History: Re-Reading al-Maqrizi's Ighathah and Shudhur (MSR VII.2, 2003)

John L. Meloy

Al-Maqrizi's Discussion of Imprisonment and Description of Jails in the Khitat (MSR VII.2, 2003)

Carl F. Petry

Who Was al-Maqrizi? A Biographical Sketch (MSR VII.2, 2003)

Nasser Rabbat

Mamluk Furusiyah Literature and Its Antecedents (MSR VIII.1, 2004)

Shihab Al-Sarraf

Mediators Between East and West: Christians Under Mamluk Rule (MSR IX.2, 2005)

Johannes Pahlitzsch

Book Reviews (MSR VII.2, 2003)

Nasser Rabbat

A Comparison of al-Maqrizi and al-'Ayni as Historians of Contemporary Events (MSR VII.2, 2003)

Donald P. Little

Awqaf in Mamluk Bilad al-Sham (MSR XIII.1, 2009)

Yehoshua Frenkel

Book Reviews (MSR VIII.2, 2004)

William Tucker

The Regime and the Urban Wheat Market: The Famine of 662/1263-64 in Cairo (MSR VIII.2, 2004)

Yaacov Lev

The Establishment and Development of al-Diwan al-Mufrad (MSR X.1, 2006)

Daisuke Igarashi

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