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Medieval Arabic Islam and the Culture of Gender: Feminine Voices in al-Suyūṭī’s Literature on Sex and Marriage

Daniela Rodica Firanescu

Between Function and Fiction: The Representation of Women in al-Ibshīhī’s Mustaṭraf

Mirella Cassarino

Woodland Natures: Knowing Vegetal Nature Through Sympathy and Anthropomorphism in Thomas Hardy’s The Woodlanders

Tasha Chanel Harris
This thesis proposes that the depictions of the trees in Thomas Hardy's novel "The Woodlanders" shares resonance with current posthumanist theory through its recognition of the trees as subjects entangled in mutual relationships with the humans and also through the humans' attempts to gain knowledge of and interact with the trees.

Statistical Machine Learning Methods for Complex, Heterogeneous Data

Mahtiyar Bonakdarpour
This thesis develops statistical machine learning methodology for three distinct tasks. Each method blends classical statistical approaches with machine learning methods to provide principled solutions to problems with complex, heterogeneous datasets. The first framework proposes two methods for high-dimensional shape-constrained regression and classification. These methods reshape pre-trained prediction rules to satisfy shape constraints like monotonicity and convexity. The second method provides a nonparametric approach to the econometric analysis of discrete choice. This method provides a...

High-Resolution Mapping of mRNA Modifications

Lisheng Zhang
Transcriptome carries a wide range of different chemical modifications. Among these modifications, RNA methylation is the most abundant, exerting important functions in multiple biological processes in eukaryotes. Especially, the recent discoveries of N6-methyladenosine (m6A) in transcriptome with reversible dynamics and regulatory roles have drawn considerable attentions from world-wide scientists. While N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is widely observed to regulate gene expression in mammals, our lab has also reasoned that positively-charged mRNA modifications such as N1-methyladenosine (m1A) could...

Genetic and Genomic Approaches to Investigate the Roles of Cis-regulatory Elements in Development and Disease

Lindsey Elizabeth Montefiori
Gene regulation describes the totality of molecular events that result in precisely orchestrated gene expression patterns which collectively drive organismal development and define cellular states. Much of this logic is encoded in the genome itself, which is subject to mutation and natural variation. Because of the fundamental role that gene regulation plays in cellular biology, perturbations to gene expression patterns may have pathophysiological consequences, and these are far from being well understood. In my dissertation...

The Good Death: The New American Search to Reshape the End of Life

Marilyn S. Webb
Dying has been completely transformed by medical advances that can prolong our lives but have created confusion and difficulties at the end of life, obscuring a traditional art of dying. This manuscript looks at those medical and end-of-life changes, examining what they are and why they have occurred, and it posits ways to recreate a modern art of dying for current times. It addresses pain and symptom management, family support policy, physician assisted suicide, legal...

Population Structure and Local Adaptation in the Olympia Oyster (Ostrea lurida)

Katherine Elizabeth Silliman
Effective management of threatened species requires an understanding of both the genetic connectivity among populations and adaptive population divergence. For the numerous coastal marine species with planktonic dispersal, high connectivity can obscure population boundaries and oppose the diversifying effects of natural selection through homogenizing gene flow. Using an ecologically and commercially important marine bivalve as a model system, my dissertation aimed to characterize the spatial scales of neutral and adaptive differentiation in the face of...

Defining Myosin-10 Navigation Rules

Kevin Christopher Vavra
Myosin-10 an unconventional myosin motor that localizes to tips of filopodia, long finger- like projections from cells, to help relocate its cargo proteins to the tips and bodies of filopodia. While it is known that myosin-10 moves along filopodial actin, how myosin-10 specifically selects for filopodial actin tracks is currently unknown. Three research groups attempted to determine myosin-10’s track selection ability using single molecule techniques to measure myosin-10 actin bundle selection behavior. Due to the...

Insurgent Dynamics: The Coming of the Chinese Rebellions, 1850-1873

Yang Zhang
My dissertation offers a dynamic, relational explanation of the emergence of mid-19th century rebellions in the Qing Empire of China—the bloodiest insurgent civil war in human history. This turbulent era witnessed the formation of widespread and protracted uprisings, including not only the landmark Christian-inspired Taiping Rebellion but also a conjunction of sectarian, ethnic, and religious revolts. Theoretically, my thesis moves beyond the structural, eventful, and endogenous models, and further develops the dynamic model that has...

The Molecular Embryology of a Cephalopod Mollusc, Octopus bimaculoides

Caroline Beth Albertin
Cephalopods have a highly derived body plan and a suite of innovations with no obvious correlates in other animals. One of the most striking novelties in cephalopods is their embryogenesis, which lacks any trace of the spiral cleavage pattern found in non-cephalopod molluscs and other spiralians. Instead, cephalopod embryos undergo bilateral, meroblastic cleavage on top of a large yolk, greatly resembling early embryogenesis in fish and constituting a striking convergence between these two distantly related...

Music in the Devotional Lives of the Birgittine Brothers and Sisters at Vadstena Abbey (c. 1373 – c. 1545)

Michelle Urberg
This dissertation examines the unique musical culture of Vadstena Abbey, the Swedish double monastic house (both brothers and sisters) of the Birgittine Order, and uses traditions associated with this culture to begin filling several holes in medieval musicology, medieval studies, and studies of gender in the Middle Ages. I present new details about the chant traditions of a late-medieval, double monastic order, discussing the relationships among music, saints, symbolism, and gender identities. I answer questions...

The Ethical Views of Michel Foucault

The goal of this dissertation is to bring into view the systematicity and explanatory force of Foucault’s ethical views, thereby filling important gaps in Foucault scholarship and in contemporary ethical discourse. The dissertation itself takes the form of an enquiry into the place and role of the notion of an aesthetics of existence in Foucault’s philosophical and ethical views. The method of enquiry is a reconstruction of the development of Fou- cault’s ethical, intellectual and...

Prisoners of Loss: An Atlantic History of Nostalgia

Jonathan David Shelly Schroeder
Today, nostalgia is inescapable, permeating YouTube comment sections and Instagram filters, the exile’s lament and the homebody’s wistfulness, the rhetoric of the right and the left, popular culture and the Museum of Modern Art. In an extraordinary film, Nostalgia de la Luz (2010), director Patricio Guzmán travels to the driest place on earth, the Atacama desert, where the clarity of the atmosphere allows astronomers to gaze skywards in search of the most distant and oldest...

The Lyric Mode of Voice: Song and Subjectivity in Italy, 1769–1815

Jessica Gabriel Peritz
This dissertation traces the emergence in late eighteenth-century Italy of an ideological connection between voice and subjectivity, arguing that this link was forged as a means of assuaging anxieties about Italy’s role in European culture. For most of the century, virtuosic voices had dominated Italian “serious” opera: onstage, singers flaunted flashy embellishments while projecting the static categories of the Cartesian passions. But after midcentury, as new epistemologies of emotion converged with neoclassical aesthetics, Italian musicians...

The Relationship between Acute Psychosocial Stress, Hormones, Cognition, and Social Behavior in Men and Women

Nora Catherine Nickels
Human social endocrinology research has shown that hormones are sensitive to social stimuli and may show predictable fluctuations during brief social interactions. I present an investigation of the function of potential hormonal and cognitive changes that occur during a brief social interaction by manipulating both the ecological stimuli and physiological state of male and female participants before a potential courtship opportunity. Chapter 2 examines the relationship between psychosocial stress, social interaction, and hormonal reactivity (testosterone...

Three Essays on the Economics of Early Childhood Education Programs

Andres Pablo Cristobal Hojman Cruz
A central criticism of early childhood education programs is that their impacts on test scores strongly diminish or disappear shortly after the end of the program. This is called “fadeout”. In this paper I study the precise timing of the fadeout and its possible causes. I first study the period-by-period impact of the programs. Evidence from two experimental datasets shows that (i) there are strong gains on skills for the treatment group only two months...

The Influence of Germline Genetic Variation on Early Onset Breast Cancer Incidence and Mortality

Molly Scannell Bryan
In the United States, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed non-skin cancer in women, and one in five women who are diagnosed develop breast cancer before age 50. Germline genetic variation is a known risk factor for breast cancer risk, and a suspected risk factor for breast cancer mortality, but previous investigations have not comprehensively identified all of the genetic variation that is expected to be associated with breast cancer. One possible explanation for...

Cosmopolitan Medicine Nationalized: the Making of Japanese State-Empire and Overseas Physicians in a Global World

Wei-Ti Chen
My dissertation, “Cosmopolitan Medicine Nationalized: the Making of Japanese State-Empire and Overseas Physicians in a Global World,” examines the movement of Japanese physicians across Asia and the globe in the late nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries. By showing how doctors migrated to enhance their opportunities for career success, this study investigates the historical emergence of a cosmopolitan medical profession in Japan, its colonies, and other countries. At the same time, the globalization...

Essays in Consumer Choice and Consumer Demand

Joonhwi Joo
In chapter 1, I study sales of larger packages with quantity surcharge. Sales of larger packages with quantity surcharges occur often in the consumer packaged goods industry. This phenomenon poses a challenge to rationalizing consumer behaviors because the same amount of an identical product can be bought at a cheaper price. I present evidence that consumers lose a considerable amount of money by purchasing quantity surcharged larger packages. I develop and estimate a structural econometric...

Engineering the Immune System to Improve Vaccines: From Molecular Probe Design to Translational Applications

Brittany Anne Moser
Vaccines are one of the greatest achievements to public health allowing almost complete eradication of small pox and polio and dramatically reducing the incidence of a variety of other diseases. However, many diseases still exist without a vaccine. To create vaccines for these diseases we need to understand and create enhanced responses that enable proper immune activation. This organized activation can be achieved using adjuvants, components added to the vaccine to enhance the immune response....

Race, Risks, and Responses: Mapping Black Americans' Reactions to Group Threat

Jennifer Marcella Jackson
My dissertation is concerned with socialization in American Politics and the role of group threat in Black Americans’ political behavior. In it, I analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to examine the forms of threat that instigate political action among young Black Americans between the ages of 18 and 35. Through survey experiments and questionnaires, I find that young Black Americans are more likely to express concerns about threat than non-Black groups. Additionally, when considering...

Curating Value: The Politics of Language and Leisure in Huangshan, China

Britta Elisabeth Ingebretson
This dissertation investigates the semiotics of state power in rural China through an ethnographic and linguistic examination of state influence in the daily lives of rural Chinese women in Huangshan, Anhui Province, China. I examine how large-scale processes like urbanization, globalization, and economic development are reshaping the political economy of rural China and, by extension, altering social class and gender roles. Rapid social transformation has created a perceived crisis of values, particularly for rural women...

Capable Agents and Just Institutions: A Reconstruction of Paul Ricoeur's \"Ethical Aim\" Using Anthony Giddens' Theory of Structuration

Darryl Scott Dale-Ferguson
This dissertation aims at greater justice in society by addressing questions of moral and institutional existence. In particular, this work focuses on the contributions to ethical thought made by the philosophy of Paul Ricoeur. Ricoeur’s “ethical aim” makes the just institution a central component of the ethical life. By appealing to key elements in the theory of structuration developed by Anthony Giddens, I will restructure Ricoeur’s initial “ethical aim” around the idea that institutions are...

Conceptualized Peace: A Study of Colombian Adolescents' Meaning Making and Civic Development

Gabriel Mateo Velez
In societies ravaged by conflict, younger generations are often invoked as critical to building peace. Policies and programs, drawing on research, tend to focus on external factors and interventions associated with prosocial or violent outcomes. Less attention has been paid to young people’s psychological processes in these settings, and specifically how they interpret, make meaning, and respond to norms, discourses, and expectations. In this dissertation, I outline a framework for the development of identities as...

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