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Design, Control, and Characterization of Solution-processed Semiconductors for Optoelectronic Applications

Margaret Hervey Hudson
The deposition of functional semiconducting materials from solution and processing under mild conditions can lower manufacturing costs and expand device versatility. In this document, we examine three classes of solution-processable inorganic semiconductors to gain a better understanding of these materials and plan a route for their optimization. Chapters 2 and 3 focus on the characterization and applications of chalcogenidocadmates, soluble precursors for II-VI semiconductors. Single crystal x-ray diffraction and extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS)...

Motion Tuning to Drifting Gratings and Water Flow

Vaughn Spurrier
In murine primary visual cortex, simple cells extract edge orientation from visual inputs, while complex cells extract motion direction. These properties are classically measured using synthetic psychophysical visual stimuli, typically drifting gratings. Natural movies contain complicated distributions of edge orientation and motion statistics, vastly differing from the edge and motion content of drifting gratings. It remains unclear the extent to which single neuron properties measured under synthetic stimuli extend to responses to natural movies. In...

Investigating the Hydrology of Ice Shelves, and Its Implications for Ice-Shelf Stability

Grant John Macdonald
Studies show that surface lakes that form on ice shelves can promote ice-shelf instability, which has consequences for wider ice-sheet stability. Meltwater on ice shelves will become increasingly pervasive due to climate change and it is therefore crucial that we improve understanding of ice-shelf hydrology and its implications for ice-shelf stability. First, we use remote sensing to analyze the seasonal evolution of surface lakes on Peter- mann Glacier’s floating ice tongue (a narrow ice shelf)....

Aberrant Synaptic Plasticity Underlying Parkinsonian Motor Behaviors

Meera Janak Patel
The long-lasting deterioration of motor output in Parkinson’s disease (PD) is thought to arise from the degeneration of midbrain dopamine neurons and the subsequent loss of dopamine signaling in the striatum. While much is already known about dopaminergic modulation of striatal activity, few studies have directly linked aberrant synaptic plasticity to PD motor symptoms. Here, I examine the striatal synaptic plasticity mechanisms that contribute to parkinsonian motor behaviors. To establish a technique for examining plasticity...

Distinct Cell Death Sensitivity and Adaptivity in T Cell Subsets Following Manipulation of the BCL-2 Family of Proteins

Lindsey Michelle Ludwig
The BCL-2 family comprises an essential network of proteins that govern a cell’s decision to live or die. An increasingly diverse number of BH3 mimetics have been developed to manipulate interactions between BCL-2 family proteins within diseased and normal cells. Based on lymphocyte dependency on these proteins for ontogeny and survival, we hypothesized that T cells would have unique differences in their BCL-2 repertoire at baseline and in response to BH3 mimetic treatment. Long-term targeting...

Sensorimotor Representations of Manual Behavior

Aneesha Suresh Sahu
The hand is an exceptionally versatile effector that enables a wide range of behaviors, ranging from picking up a coffee cup to playing the piano. From a neural standpoint, the versatility of the hand depend on a sophisticated motor system that has evolved to give rise to dexterity (Bortoff and Strick 1993; Lemon 1999). Manual interactions also require sensory feedback, including vision, proprioception, and touch. Proprioceptive afferents provide weak sensitivity to mechanical fingertip contact (Macefield...

Correlations and Self-Assembly in Ionic and Nematic Liquids

Nicholas Benjamin Ludwig
One characterization of human scientific and industrial development is in terms of the increasing ability to control the physical world at smaller and smaller length scales. As control has increased, we have advanced from chemistry, to nuclear physics, to particle accelerators. But control over individual particles is different from control over many~\cite{Anderson72}. In this work, we study how particles of size between nanometers and micrometers, called colloids or solutes, interact within complicated solvent systems (or...

Investigating Inflammation on the Cellular Level Using Machine Learning

Adam Robert Sibley
Linked recognition of antigen by T cells and antigen presenting cells (APCs) through direct cell-to-cell contact underlies most adaptive immune responses that both protect from infection and drive tissue damage in autoimmunity. To objectively assess this linked recognition of cells, our research studies the morphology and interaction of individual immune cells relative to inflammatory immune response. We utilize multi-channel immunofluorescence imaging (cellular confocal microscopy) in presentations of lupus nephritis incorporating nuclear stains and cell membrane...

Selective Renewal: Choice, Community, and School in Post-Civil Rights Chicago

Nicholas Kryczka
From its inception in the mid-1960s, the concept of “voluntary integration” had a twin motive: to provide urban American school systems with targeted sites for racially integrated education and to promote centers of academic innovation and distinction. Mounting pressure from civil rights activists and the federal government had driven the desegregation goal. The latter mandate was designed, as Chicago school planners put it, “to anchor the whites that still reside in the city.” “Selective Renewal”...

The Old University of Chicago in the New: The Library

Anne Knafl & Nancy Spiegel
The University of Chicago was incorporated in 1856 on ten acres of land at 35th and Cottage Grove, donated by Senator Stephan A. Douglas. The first classes were held on September 9, 1858. Like any “Institution of learning, of high order,” the newly formed University possessed a library. Over the next twenty-seven years, the University grew its collection to approximately 7,000 volumes. These 7,000 volumes formed the basis of the library of the University when...

On Blackness in Arabic Popular Literature: The Black Heroes of the Siyar Sha'biyya, Their Conceptions, Contests, and Contexts

Rachel Nicole Schine
This dissertation offers the first in-depth study of racial difference, and specifically blackness, in premodern Arabic popular literature. I base my study primarily on the historically orally performed chivalric legend (sīra) about the Arabo-Byzantine wars of the 7th-9th centuries, Sīrat Dhāt al-Himma, and make frequent comparative reference to Sīrat Banī Hilāl, which concerns the Hilāl tribe’s conquest of North Africa, Sīrat ‘Antar, about the adventures of the half-Ethiopian pre-Islamic warrior poet, ‘Antara ibn Shaddād, and...

Impossible Homecoming: Cinematic Returns of Korean Diaspora in Post–Cold War East Asia

So Hye Kim
This dissertation examines the ways in which contemporary Korean diaspora films are introduced and integrated into South Korean cinema, how they negotiate with the formation of national culture in the homeland and in turn, how they uncover new forms of transnational practices through cinematic imagination and spectatorial experience. By locating Korean diaspora films within the history of East Asian cultural production during the long twentieth century, my thesis contextualizes the cinematic mobility of Korean diaspora...

How First-Generation College Students Navigate Social Mobility

Melissa Osborne
First-generation and low-income students in the U.S. are attending four-year colleges and universities at unprecedented rates. This demographic shift comes, in some part, from initiatives adopted by many universities aimed at reducing structural barriers to college access, such as eliminating student loans in favor of grant-based scholarships. These improved educational opportunities for low-income students are considered by social scientists to be among the most powerful methods for stimulating upward mobility and decreasing the negative impacts...

The Rise of the South Korean Left, the Death of Unitary Socialism, and the Origins of the Korean War, 1945-1947

Kyu-Hyun Jo
Abstract In stark contrast with efforts to understand the Korean War as a military and an international conflict, very little has been discussed about the complexities of Communist activism in southern Korea under the leadership of Pak Hŏnyŏng and the South Korean Workers' Party (SKWP), the largest Communist organization in southern Korea before the war. By examining the Official Documents of the SKWP, south and north Korean government documents, and American military government reports, I...

The Inception of Capitalism Through the Lens of Firms

Krisztina Orban
Using firm-level data, I analyze one of the largest economic experiments of the twentieth century, the fall of communism. After communism ended, post-communist economies experienced a sharp decline and slow recovery of output. This paper studies the output pattern of these countries using microdata from Hungary from both communist and market economy times (1986-1999). I propose a novel decomposition of output change which allows me to quantify the role of productivity, inputs and allocative efficiency...

Modulus of Continuity Method for the Muskat Problem and Fractional Mean Curvature Flow

Stephen Philip Cameron
In this work, we consider two nonlinear, nonlocal, parabolic equations and show that under appropriate growth assumptions, solutions regularize. The first is the 2d Muskat problem, which models the evolution of the interface between oil and water in a tar sand. In the stable regime, the equation was known to be well-posed for smooth, flat initial data, but the slope can blow up in finite time for some large initial data [CCF+12]. It was conjectured...

An Ambivalent Peace: Mistrust, Reconciliation, and the Intervention Encounter in Colombia

Erin Katherine McFee
The abundance of ongoing armed conflicts and ailing or failing peace processes in the world throws into sharp contrast the disparity between the billions of dollars invested into resolving systemic division and the extent to which societies have been able to effectively build sustainable peace. Most notably since the South African Truth & Reconciliation Commission (1996), reconciliation has figured centrally in post-conflict programs. However, academics and practitioners have largely ignored the topic of interpersonal trust...

Essays in Macroeconomics and Production Networks

Nicolás Andrés Castro Cienfuegos
This thesis is separated in two chapters. In the first chapter I develop a multi-sector model with price frictions, production networks, trend inflation and different types of shocks to study how these conditions affect the properties of inflation and their implications for monetary policy. Calibrating the model to the U.S. economy my results show that in this setting inflation becomes 30\% less sensitive to the output-gap compared to a standard one-sector model. Furthermore, in the...

Reconstructing Alamut: New Approaches to the Study of the Qiyāma and the Nizari Polity in Iran

Shiraz Ali Hajiani
This research contributes new approaches and readings of the history and thought of the early Nizari Ismailis and their polity in Iran (fl. 1090-1256/483-654). Previous scholarship in the field has been satisfied with picking nuggets of information from the Ilkhanid era chronicles without much regard to the centuries-old systemic prejudices and antipathies towards the Ismailis pervasive in 13-14th/7-8th century modes of historical writing (taʾrīkh). Secondly, the difference in genre, therefore the audiences and functions of...

Taut Sutured Handlebodies as Twisted Homology Products

Margaret Nichols
Friedl and Kim show any taut sutured manifold can be realized as a twisted homology product, but their proof gives no practical description of how complicated the realizing representation needs to be. In this thesis, we give a number of results illustrating the relationship between the topology of a taut sutured handlebody and the complexity of a representation realizing it as a homology product.

Action Language Understanding Reflects Bodily and Social Experience

Tom Gijssels
People construct the meaning of words by relying, in part, on neural systems for perception and action. For instance, when people process language about actions, they show body-part specific activation in premotor circuits used for preparing actions. How does premotor cortex contribute to the meaning of action language? In Study 1, I used fMRI to test whether people rely on different kinds of action experience to understand language about their own actions and other people’s...

Fully Nonlinear Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

Benjamin Seeger
This thesis is concerned with the theory and applications of certain fully nonlinear stochastic partial differential equations. First, we present several new results regarding the well-posedness of the equations. Among these are proofs of the comparison principle for equations with nontrivial spatial dependence. We also prove some new path-stability estimates, and we give a very general proof of existence using Perron's method, which characterizes the unique solution as the maximal sub-solution. We also discuss a...

Ultrafast Energy Transfer and Orientational Dynamics in Photosynthetic Bacterial Membranes

Sara Chamberlin Massey
Photosynthetic organisms have adapted to survive in their diverse native habitats, whether by maximizing light-harvesting efficiency in low-light environments or by quenching excess excitations to prevent the formation of damaging reactive oxygen species. Photosynthetic species follow a number of principles in the design of pigment-protein light-harvesters, including the dense packing of chromophores, repeating the same pigment many times, and using interactions with other pigments and the environment to tune the absorbance spectrum. We seek to...

The Evolutionary Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Diversification Dynamics of Repeatedly Evolved Masseter Muscles in Rodents

Dallas Krentzel
Explaining large scale transitions in discrete morphology is one of the most challenging problems in biology, requiring input from anatomy, biomechanics, ecology, paleontology, development, and genomics to appropriately contextualize evolutionary events. Rodents evolved discrete masseter muscle arrangements including novel muscle units that evolve homoplastically in clades of diverse ecological strategies and differing levels of species richness. These derived conditions, sciuromorphy, hystricomorphy, and myomorphy, differ from the primitive condition, protrogomorphy, in the anterior attachment of novel...

Latent Variables in 'omic' Data

Christopher Gordon McKennan
Nearly all high-throughput 'omic' data are influenced by technical and biological factors unknown to the researcher, which, if unaccounted for, can severely obfuscate estimation of and inference on the effects of interest. While the importance of this problem has precipitated the development of many methods that attempt to correct for these latent factors, most are designed for gene expression data and are not amenable for modern, complex experimental designs. In this thesis, we develop novel...

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