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Excellence for All: Pursuing Effectiveness in a High-Performing, No-Excuses Charter School

Jason Radford
In the 1980s, "A Nation at Risk" kicked off forty years of education policy directed at providing excellent education to all students. Since that time and despite substantial resources, innovation, and research; there has been little improvement in aggregate student achievement or school effectiveness. This dissertation asks why. The answer lies in schools’ inability to achieve strategic change. I come to this through an in-depth case study of one exception to this trend: a no-excuses...

Historical Poetry, Poetical History, and the Roots of Commentary: Rui Liangfu and the Formation of Early Chinese Texts

David Joseph Lebovitz
The unearthing of manuscript texts, especially in the last fifty years, has revolutionized the study of early Chinese civilization. Manuscripts, which bear previously unknown texts and unknown forms of known texts, have greatly destabilized our view of the textual canons that have defined the landscape of genre for two millennia. One preliminary way of understanding the precursors of canonical texts is as freely circulating zhang 章 (pericopes; chapters) that became disposed in compendia at random....

Online Opinion and the Nature of the Public Sphere in China

Yinxian Zhang
My dissertation investigates public opinion and the nature of the public sphere in China by studying online discourse between 2009 and 2017. I ask what consensuses and cleavages have characterized the Chinese public sphere since the late 2000s, and what the structure of China’s ideological spectrum is. What sets this dissertation apart from previous studies about public opinion and ideology is three-fold. First, I study public opinion through the lens of opinion leaders. I argue...

Trapping a Single Electron on Superfluid Helium Using a Superconducting Resonator

Gerwin Koolstra
Electrons on helium form a unique two-dimensional system on the interface of superfluid $^4$He and vacuum. At low temperatures and weak confinement, trapped electrons can arrange into strongly correlated states known as Wigner molecules, which can be used to study electron interactions in the absence of disorder, or as a promising resource for quantum computation. Wigner molecules have orbital frequencies in the microwave regime and can therefore be integrated with circuit quantum electrodynamics, which would...

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