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Data for \"Revisiting the storm track baroclinicity-intensity puzzle for Snowball Earth\"

Tiffany Shaw
Matlab files with data to reproduce figures

American Muslim Cultural Challenges within US Healthcare Survey Data

Aasim Padela

Data Agreement for A National Survey of Muslim Physician Attitudes Towards Religion and Medicine

Aasim Padela
Data Agreement

Predicting Outcomes in a Sequence of Binary Events: Belief Updating and Gambler's Fallacy Reasoning

Kariyushi Rao & Reid Hastie
We report on six experiments studying participants’ predictions of the next outcome in a sequence of binary events. Participants faced one of three mechanisms generating 18 sequences of 8 events: a random mechanical bingo cage, an intentional goal-directed actor, and a financial market. We systematically manipulated participants’ beliefs about the base rate probabilities at which different types of outcomes were generated by each mechanism. Participants either faced unknown (ambiguous) base rates, a specified distribution of...

Electrostatics and Hydrodynamics in Continuum-Scale Simulations: Numerical Approaches and Applications

Jiyuan Li
Electrostatic and hydrodynamic interactions have a profound impact on the structural and dynamic properties of a vast set of colloidal and biological systems. However, challenges are presented toward developing efficient numerical methods to describe these interactions due to their long-range and many-body nature. In this work, we develop several numerical models to describe electrostatic interactions with the consideration of the polarization effect in dry/deionized systems, to model hydrodynamic interactions and their coupling with thermal fluctuations...

Therapuetic Vision, Discipline, and Religious Virtue in Ordinary Life: A Comparative Ethical Analysis of Augustine and Zhiyi

Eun Young Hwang
In this cross-cultural comparison on religious therapeutics and pathology in Christianity and Buddhism, I focus on Augustine of Hippo (354-430) in the Roman Empire, and Tiantai Zhiyi (538-597) in Sui China. Addressing the cross-cultural phenomena of interiority and disciplinary measures in ordinary life, the present comparison suggests a multi-dimensional comparative method in dialogue with phenomenology, hermeneutics, interiority studies, and post-colonial theories. This comparison examines how Augustine and Zhiyi show similarities and differences when envisaging the...

Admissibility in Roman-Canon Procedure: The Emergence of the Law of Positions

William Sullivan
This dissertation studies the circumstances under which explicit norms of evidentiary admissibility were adopted in twelfth- and thirteenth-century Roman-canon procedure. I demonstrate that norms of admissibility arose in two areas: the law of positions and the law of witnesses. I argue that these norms first emerged in Roman-canon procedure to mitigate the problems caused by shifting a measure of control over examination of parties and witnesses from the adjudicator to the parties themselves. I focus...

The Role of GAGA Motif Domains in Chromatin Remodeling of Igk During B Cell Development

Kaitlin Christina McLean
V(D)J recombination is a spatially and temporally restricted process, and depends heavily on epigenetic regulation to provide this control. The failure of V(D)J recombination would result in an immunodeficiency, while the lack of regulation of this process can result in genomic instability and oncogenic transformation. Brwd1 is an epigenetic reader required for normal B cell development, and specifically for Igk recombination. Brwd1 is recruited to activating histone marks, and when binding is coincident with GAGA...

Tumor Cell-Intrinsic Defects in STING Pathway Signaling and Type I Interferon Expression

Blake Alan Flood
It has previously been shown that immunogenic tumors spontaneously activate the innate immune system through the STING pathway. Based on this observation, STING agonists have been developed and are being tested as a pharmacologic approach to activate the pathway and promote anti-tumor immunity. As part of these studies, we observed that tumor cells themselves usually fail to produce IFN-β in response to STING agonists or cytoplasmic DNA, arguing that loss of activation of this pathway...

Thrifty Query Processing

Dixin Tang
Database systems have long been designed to take one of the two major approaches to process a dataset under changes (e.g. a data stream). Eager query processing methods, such as continuous query processing or immediate incremental view maintenance (IVM), are optimized to reduce query latency. They eagerly maintain standing queries by consuming all available resources to immediately process new data, which can be a major source of wasting CPU cycles and memory resources. On the...

The Tail Wagging the Dog: Uncertainty and Organization in the Fashion Production Market

Linzhuo Li
My dissertation seeks to explain the puzzle of the sustained domination of small shops over large companies in a highly volatile apparel production market in China. Three major elements of the market are analyzed—explosive fashion in seasonal production, off-season production, and clearance transactions. For explosive fashion, the study showed that it is a recurrent phenomenon mediated by an external institution—the sample marketplace. I show how the sample marketplace connects and coordinates the behavior of manufacturers...

Equal Local Levels: A Global Testing Approach with Application to Trans EQTL Detection

Takintayo Akinbiyi
In order to detect trans eQTLs in a given tissue type, it is common to perform an association test between each pair consisting of an expression level for a gene and a genetic variant that is ``trans" for that gene, for $D$ different genes and $M$ different genetic variants, where $D$ could be on the order of thousands or tens of thousands and $M$ could be on the order of hundreds of thousands or millions....

Integrating Machine Learning into Storage Performance Solutions

Anne Marie Farrell
The widespread adoption of SSDs has made ensuring stable performance difficult due to their high tail latencies, which are amplified in large systems. A promising approach to improving tail tolerance involves using machine learning to predict the latency of each request and using this information to decide whether to serve the request or fail over to a replica. Deciding whether to fail over to a replica is not as straightforward as setting a deadline for...

Current-Constrained Reduced-Density-Matrix Theory for Molecular Conductivity

Alexandra Elizabeth Raeber
In this work, I study a variety of problems in electronic structure from a reduced density matrix perspective. In Chapter 2, I describe an extension of the current-constrained density matrix theory from its two-electron reduced density-matrix (2-RDM) formulation to a one-electron reduced density matrix (1-RDM) formulation. I demonstrate the current-constrained 1-RDM method through the computation of the theoretical, intrinsic resistance of acenes and phenacenes. In Chapter 3, I use reduced density matrix theory to study...

Authority That Matters: An Ethnography of Trust and Food Safety in Post-Soviet Georgia

Natalja Denise Czarnecki
This dissertation is an ethnographic account of the moral politics of food safety in post-Soviet Georgia. It focuses on the uneasy articulation and production of “global food safety” in the post-Soviet context, centering on the intersections of Georgian popular food politics, regulatory expertise, and global as well as European Union (EU)-designed reforms of food safety laws and governance in the capital city of Tbilisi. It is based on three years of fieldwork within different institutional...

Strategies Toward the Total Synthesis of (+)-Waihoensene

Piyush Arya
In this thesis, we will be presenting three different synthetic strategies we attempted to achievethe total synthesis of waihoensene. 18 In chapter 1, we describe our attempts at an oxidative coupling approach towards waihoensene which used a hypervalent iodine mediated oxidative coupling reaction as the key step for constructing the tetraquinane ring structure followed by a ring expansion to get the carbon ring framework of the natural product. In chapter 2, we describe our attempts...

Molecular Insights into Unconventional Immune Recognition: A Case of Commensal Superantigens, Polyreactive Antibodies and Butyrophilin Signaling

Marta Teresa Borowska
Our body responds to self and foreign agents through a myriad collection of effector cells and molecules that together form the immune system. The innate response is broad and occurs rapidly, whereas the adaptive response is slower, and it relies on highly specialized immune recognition of specific pathogens. Adaptive immune cells, like T cell and B cell lymphocytes possess a vast repertoire of antigen receptors called T cell receptors (TCR) and B cell receptors (BCR),...

Electrodynamic Properties, Structure, and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Optical Matter Systems

Curtis William Peterson
Optical matter assemblies, specifically nanoparticles that interact and are electrodynamically bound into ordered structures, represent a new type of material that has novel structural and dynamic properties that are of fundamental and practical interest. Polarizable (and/or plasmonic) nano-particles exhibit strong interactions in optical fields (e.g., in optical traps) that result in emergent structures and non-equilibrium phenomena such as non-reciprocal forces and negative torques. Although these effects have been predicted and have begun to be demonstrated...

Political Cognition in a Liberal Democracy: The Effects of Election Outcomes on Perceived Corruption, Perceived Legitimacy, and Voluntary Compliance with the Law

Anirudh Tiwathia
The current work presents two complementary programs of research that aim to: (i) clarify the psychological mechanisms governing perceptions of legitimate authority; (ii) examine how US Presidential election outcomes may significantly impact these perceptions; (iii) provide empirical evidence consistent with the notion that such perceptions of legitimate authority can have significant, causal effects on ethical and political behavior. Part I examines the effect of election outcomes on perceptions of corruption – (i) examining the implications...

Exploring the Sensory Innervation of the Larval Zebrafish Pectoral Fin

Katharine W Henderson
Sensory neurons in the skin provide critical input for animal movement and a wide range of behaviors. In this thesis, I analyze the pectoral fin sensory neurons of larval zebrafish with a focus on the detailed anatomy of individual neurons that innervate the fins. In chapter 2, this work shows, for the first time, that the cell bodies of pectoral fin sensory neurons are located in both the hindbrain and the spinal cord. Single cell...

Chemical Approaches to Decipher Transcription and RNA Metabolism

Tong Wu
Gene expression involves complex processes and determines cell fate and physiological functions. Dysfunction of gene expression regulation is associated with human diseases. Coupled with the next-generation sequencing, small-molecule probes and nucleic acid analogs have been widely involved in interrogating gene expression and its regulatory mechanisms in a high-throughput manner. Although powerful, existing techniques have different limitations, and the current chemical toolbox still needs to be expanded. My doctoral work focus on the development and applications...

CXCR4 Regulates B Cell Receptor Editing

Michael K Okoreeh
During B lymphopoiesis, B cell progenitors progress through alternating and mutually exclusive stages of clonal expansion and immunoglobulin (Ig) gene rearrangements. Great diversity is generated through the stochastic recombination of Ig gene segments encoding heavy and light chain variable domains. However, this commonly generates autoreactivity. Previous studies have shown that receptor editing is the predominant central tolerance mechanism for self-reactive B cells in the bone marrow. Receptor editing rescues autoreactive B cells from negative selection,...

Exquisite Schemes: The Aesthetics of Excess in the Late British Empire, 1890-1930

Jacob Oren Harris
This dissertation examines thematic and formal engagements with excess in the literature and aesthetic thought of the late British Empire, from 1890-1930. Attending to thematic representations of opulence and richness, invocations of luxury and extravagance, and formal experiments with superficiality and triviality, I locate these dynamic notions of excess in Anglophone literature and aesthetic thought (British, Anglo-American, Indian) from the end of the 19th century through the early decades of the 20th. The period from...

People, Cities, and Birds in Latin America

Natalia Piland
Urban ecology, evolution, and conservation are important disciplines in our urbanized and urbanizing world. In the last twenty years, academic work has elucidated generalizable patterns about how urbanization affects the natural world. In this talk, I will approach these patterns from the perspective of Latin America and the Caribbean, first giving a short review on what these patterns are, then asking questions about how cities may make vulnerable assemblages more or less vulnerable in the...

A Measurement of Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background Using SPT-3G

Zhaodi Pan
Measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) can be used to map the distribution of matter in the universe through gravitational lensing deflections as the CMB photons travel through the large-scale structures of the universe. Gravitational lensing induces correlations between CMB temperature and polarization modes at different angular scales. These correlations can be extracted by lensing quadratic estimators to reconstruct the projected 2D lensing potential and matter distribution. The power spectrum of the lensing potential...

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