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Molecular and Environmental Controls on Aerobic Anoxygenic Phototrophy

Juan Gabriel Vargas Asensio
Aerobic anoxygenic phototrophy (AAP) is a metabolic process found in diverse aerobic proteobacteria across aquatic environments. Unlike classical anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria, the bacteria that perform AAP are often obligate aerobes and are thought to use this pathway to supplement their primarily heterotrophic metabolism. The environmental and molecular factors that control AAP, however, are poorly understood. Using the model marine organism Erythrobacter longus, and the recently isolated freshwater strain Porphyrobacter LM6, we investigated the metabolic pathways...

Assembling Large Ecological Communities: A Theoretical Exploration

Carlos Andres Marcelo Serv�N
Ever since the work of May, almost 50 years ago, ecologists have sought to find the mech- anisms underlying the stability of species-rich communities. In order to reconcile empirical observations of highly diverse systems with theoretical models, many such mechanisms were proposed. Yet, recent refinements of May’s work suggest that stability in large systems re- quires a large degree of fine-tuning. As such, rich ecosystems are, in theory, very susceptible to perturbations in the model...

Evolving Storage Stack for Predictability and Efficiency

Huaicheng Li
With the exponential growth of data which are expected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025, cloud storage is increasingly becoming the central hub for data management and processing. Among many benefits cloud platforms promise predictable performance and cost-efficiency are two fundamental factors driving the success of modern cloud storage. However, under rapid changes in modern cloud storage infrastructure in terms of both software and hardware, new challenges emerge for achieving predictable performance with efficiency. In...

Topics and Methods in Labor Economics

Hieu Trung Nguyen
Chapter 1: High-skilled migration and higher-education attainment rose globally in the period between 2000 and 2010. These trends raise the question of whether increases in higher-education attainment led to increases in high-skilled emigration in source countries during this period? To the contrary, I found a strong negative correlation between percentage changes of high-skilled emigration rates and percentage changes of high-skilled proportions in non-OECD countries. Using the IAB Brain Drain, Barro-Lee and World Development Indicators Datasets,...

Anational Poetics, US Minor Poetry 1981–2020

Geronimo Sarmiento Cruz
“Anational Poetics” examines US poetry written by ethnic minorities that articulate alternative modes of collectivity to the nation’s organizing strategies, during a period loosely defined by the official embrace of multiculturalism from the 1970s to the present. Against the dominance of the nation form, but unlike minority counternationalisms, the anational concept provides a way to see how minoritized aesthetic projects can recognize without reproducing the nation as an antagonistic agent privileged to define the terms...

The Strategic Foundations of Authoritarian Successor Parties

Jonathan Mark Deming
Why do political parties from former dictatorships crop up in many new democracies? What do the trajectories of these authoritarian successor parties (ASPs) under democracy look like? Why do some become permanent electoral actors under democracy while others obsolesce or collapse outright? This dissertation roots ASPs’ fates in the collective action of former authoritarian elite actors. Professional politicians, military officers, and economic elites from former dictatorships often retain access to critical resources under democracy that,...

Digging Deeper: Exploring the Relationship of the Rooney Rule and Coaching Diversity in the NFL

Justin Chaljub
This paper analyzes the relationship between the Rooney Rule and coaching diversity in the National Football League (NFL). The Rooney Rule is a policy implemented in 2003 by the NFL to address long-standing concerns over minority representation among coaches. The Rooney Rule stipulates that for every head-coaching vacancy, at least one minority candidate must be interviewed for the position. In this paper, I provide input to the research question: To what extent has the Rooney...

Empowering Underserved Youth Through Financial Capability

Sanjana Sarathy
Every summer, thousands of young people in Chicago participate in the city’s summer youth employment program, One Summer Chicago (OSC). Through this program, youth are matched with a paid summer experience where they develop key job readiness skills and explore various potential careers. The youth participating in this program are often minorities from low-income communities, with limited access to financial services that many of their more affluent peers have. For example, youth from these underserved...

Primary Succession on Slag Sites and Uncontaminated Soil: A Comparison

Hengxing Zou
Slag, waste from the steel-making process, contains large amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron and other heavy metals. Because of its composition, low pH and water retention ability, slag is considered an inhospitable environment to plants. Nevertheless, the spontaneously generated plant communities on slag are surprisingly diverse, but the assembly and structure of such communities is poorly studied. Previous studies have identified slow process of succession due to low growth rate and slow accumulation of topsoil....

“I Love You Too, Boo.” The Role of City Government Employees In Serving, Loving and Protecting Youth in Chicago

Mia Greco
Every day, thousands of local government employees across the country serve, support and protect vulnerable youth in administering legislative policies and public programs. Unfortunately, little research has focused specifically on the role of these employees in implementing youth policies and programs, and even fewer studies have translated employees’ experiences into valuable lessons for the field of youth policy. To address this gap in the literature, this report analyzes the results of interviews with twelve City...

An Examination of the Culture of South Side Chicago Neighborhoods and its Relationship with College Enrollment in Public High School Students

Rimsha Nazeer
Behavioral economics continues to seek evidence-driven research as well as solutions about how individuals can improve their financial decision-making. In the City of Chicago, this approach is a novel method in observing the relationship between residence and postsecondary enrollment rates in the neighborhood, while focusing on the culture and environment of the neighborhood. Prior literature indicates that primarily low-income status, household income, and race identity factor into these results, but no effect alone is strong...

Rush More: The Monolithic Mural A Study of Contemporary Celebrity in Chicago Public Art

Kaesha Freyaldenhoven
Three blocks from Lake Michigan, two blocks from the Chicago Athletic Association, and one block from Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Millennium Park is Kerry James Marshall’s mural: Rush More (fig. 2). Curiously located on the western façade of the Chicago Cultural Center, the 132-foot by 100-foot work hides among service entrances and garages only accessible from Garland Court. Illuminating the concrete alleyway, the mural depicts a Chicago park-scape in which five trees have been...

Effects of a Chicago Complete Streets Project on Travel Behavior and Perceptions

Molly Fortnow
American street design took an autocentric approach in much of the 20th century, designed for mobility above all other metrics. This meant prioritizing “fast, cheap travel” over other aspects of the streetscape, which often meant designing streets to maximize automobile speeds over all else (Burden and Litman 2011). Over the course of the last couple of decades, however, the conversation surrounding street design has shifted dramatically. The focus has moved from mobility alone to accessibility...

Conversations with Soviet Jews

Daria Beniash
The aim of this project is to explore the non-assimilation into Jewish American religious life of members of the fourth and final wave (1986-1989) of Soviet Jewish refugees to the United States. In the late 1980s, thousands of Soviet Jews came to the US with the help of American Jews. As is evident in American Jewish publications, though the American hosts expected the Soviet Jews to engage in Jewish religious life in America, they were...

An Evaluation of State Collateral Consequence Policy in Pennsylvania and Texas

Whitney Beamer

Twin Aims

Adam Berger

School Choice

Beverly Chodorov

The Exodus of Medical Professionals From Ethiopia

Feven Jembere

The Evergreen Affair: A Social Justice Society

Shaun Cammack
In 2017, the Evergreen State College gained national attention for a series of student protests and demonstrations centered on racial issues and social justice. The discussion regarding these events has been largely critical and mostly kept to the popular press. While we understand the who, when, and where of the Evergreen affair, our understanding of the what is underdeveloped. Student protestors filmed and streamed over eighteen hours of demonstrations, meetings, and confrontations, and due to...

\"That Noisy Mess in the East Lobby\": Physical Accessibility at Chicago-Area Universities, 1970-1990

Stephanie Ban
This project examines the history of disabled students and disability rights activism at the University of Chicago after the passage of Section 504 but before the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and contextualizes the protest within moments of activism at other universities like Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and within the broader disability rights movement. Using the lens of the 1983 protest staged by social work student Jeff...

Virginia Brooks: The Controversial Life and Works of a Turn of the Twentieth Century Chicago Anti-Vice Activist and Author

Ella Hester
Virginia Brooks’ investigative anti-vice work has had a long-standing legacy in turn of the 20th century US prostitution scholarship. Her book, My Battles with Vice, offers an uniquely forward thinking theory that low wages were the primary driver of young girls to prostitution, and not sin. However, there are doubts about the true authorship of her works and her beliefs. Using a biographical approach, I both fact checked the few, biased accounts of Brooks’ life,...

Strategies to Strengthening Abortion Protections in State Legislatures: An Investigation into the Passage of Illinois House Bill 40

Charlie Rollason
Through an investigation into the passage of Illinois House Bill 40 in 2017, this study seeks to identify best practices to passing pro-choice legislation in state legislatures. By analyzing 39 interviews with key actors on the legislative process of HB 40, I find that three key factors contributed to the passage of HB 40: (1) the election of Donald Trump in 2016, (2) the election of pro-choice legislators and a pro-choice base in Illinois, and...

The Evolution and Ecology of Defensive Traits in Ants

Benjamin David Blanchard
Across the tree of life, species diversity and trait divergence abounds. Ants are no exception. Within this single family of Insecta, evolution has produced a stunning array of species boasting behaviors and morphologies ranging from obligate mutualisms with Hemipterans and plants, high-speed trapjaws exhibiting some of the fastest movements of any animal, flattened heads serving as shields to defend against invaders, massive nomadic colonial migratory behavior, fungus farming, ovipositors transformed into a sting or acidopore...

Admissibility in Roman-Canon Procedure: The Emergence of the Law of Positions

William Sullivan
This dissertation studies the circumstances under which explicit norms of evidentiary admissibility were adopted in twelfth- and thirteenth-century Roman-canon procedure. I demonstrate that norms of admissibility arose in two areas: the law of positions and the law of witnesses. I argue that these norms first emerged in Roman-canon procedure to mitigate the problems caused by shifting a measure of control over examination of parties and witnesses from the adjudicator to the parties themselves. I focus...

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