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Redefining Gentrification

Jein Park

Trauma-Informed Education

Tesa Pribitkin

Loose Squares

Vivek Ramakrishnan

Urban Agriculture in Chicago: Support for and Challenges to Programs Aimed at Addressing Community Development and Inequitable Access to Nutrition

Jendayi Jones
This project uses a mixed approach of interviews and literature research to illustrate the current state of urban agriculture in the city of Chicago, and to determine whether urban agriculture programs can serve as viable solutions to addressing problems of nutritional inequity, unemployment, and community building in different areas in Chicago. By examining 2 policy initiatives and the methods of 2 large land management organizations, along with the results of 3 interviews with people currently...

Motherhood en Acción: Gender, Latinidad, and Community Action in Pilsen, 1973-1987

Elizabeth Dia
This paper offers a history of Mujeres Latinas en Acción, a women’s community organization in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. This thesis begins by describing the gender norms and views of ethnic identity in the neighborhood in the early 1970s, before turning to the organization’s founding and early programs serving young women. This paper argues that Mujeres used community activism to broaden practices associated with motherhood to include supporting the whole Latina/o community. Mujeres members used this...

The Gift of Metamorphosis: Goethe's Poetic Science of Form

Daniel Carranza
The field of Germanic studies has recently witnessed a renascent interest in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s natural scientific work, above all his ‘morphology’ or study of natural formations. Upon returning from his Italian journey, Goethe developed an ensemble of epistemic practices that allowed him to intuit trans-formation as itself a kind of temporal form, one that rendered perspicuous the unity underlying and animating nature’s unfathomably diverse plethora of beings. Current scholarly discussion has construed Goethe’s...

Search and (In-)Elastic Rest Unemployment: An Analytical Framework

Ying Zhou
This paper develops a tractable quantitative framework for analyzing sectoral labor reallocation and unemployment. The framework features analytical solutions for sectoral wages, employment and unemployment dynamics, as well as aggregate unemployment, which allows fast model estimation from labor market transition data and convenient counterfactual exercises to quantify the impact of sectoral shocks and the relevant labor market institutions. In particular, the framework accommodates two important features of the data: (i) heterogeneous response of sectoral labor...

Planetesimal Collisions in the Early Solar System and a Framework for Interpreting Iron Meteorite Cooling Rates

Understanding how planets form is similar to a detective working a crime scene. The end results are all around us, but we need to look at the finer details and piece together the clues to find out how it all happened. When deciphering planet formation, difficulties lie in the fact that the planets we see today are the product of 4.5 billion years of dynamic and geologic evolution. Fortunately, the Asteroid Belt holds useful clues...

In the Weeds

Katharine Lindgren

Bringing Sunshine to Illinois

Sahana Ramani

Volunteering Away Humanity: A Pragmatist Critique of Scientism

Parysa Clare Mostajir
This dissertation draws on the work of John Dewey and other pragmatists to construct an extended critique of scientism. Rather than focusing on the legitimacy of non-scientific knowledge, it questions the ontological premises which provide the foundation for scientistic claims of the superior value and adequacy of scientific inquiry over other forms of knowledge and non-cognitive practices. By arguing that nature and experience are continuous, the dissertation argues that the qualities of experience which scientism...

The Role of Alternative Polyadenylation Variation in Gene Regulation Differences within and between Species

Briana Erin Mittleman
Differences in gene regulation contribute to phenotypic differences within humans and also between humans and other primates. While co-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanisms such as alternative polyadenylation (APA) can help explain how variation in gene regulation manifests, such mechanisms remain understudied. In this thesis, I used a quantitative genomics approach and a comparative primate approach to understand the regulatory role of APA. In chapter 2, I measured polyadenylation site (PAS) usage genome wide in a population...

Visualizing Protein Sorting in the Golgi Apparatus

Jason Casler
In this work I investigated the mechanisms governing protein sorting in the Golgi. The cisternal maturation model of Golgi function postulates that anterograde movement of protein cargoes occurs passively during maturation while resident Golgi proteins are recycled via vesicular transport. Despite suggestive evidence, these predictions had not been tested. Cisternal maturation has been visualized in budding yeast; however, there has not been a tool to enable simultaneous visualization of Golgi cisternae and cargo proteins. Therefore,...

Liberating the Neoliberal Black Church: A Theological Response to the Ideological Influence of Neoliberalism on the Black Church

David G. Latimore
It has been argued that the black church underwent a period of deradicalization in the early twentieth century resulting in its adoption of an accommodationalist posture. This accommodationalist posture represented a capitulation to oppressive forces seeking to continue the domination of the poor and communities of color. This work affirms that deradicalization has occurred but that the cause of this deradicalization has been misdiagnosed. The explanation often offered for this deradicalization is that it results...

\"Quiero vivir en mi fantasía:\" The Social World of Youth in Street Situations in Mexico City

Jessica Carmen Villase�Or
Today it is estimated that there are over 150 million youth living and/or working on the streets worldwide, with the majority of them in cities of the Global South. We know very little about their lives. Urban sociological literature tends to overlook these youth by considering them part of the larger urban poor. Research that does examine these youth tends to take a social problems approach that focuses at the individual or peer level and...

Little Patch of Yellow: On the Detail in Film

Noa Merkin
This dissertation explores the role of the detail in film theory and criticism. I challenge the ways in which film theory usually understands the privileged sites of meaning in films, and foster my own theory of the filmic detail as an analytical and aesthetic concept that helps us rethink the theoretical conventions around mise-en-scène. I locate the singularity of our experience of film details in the features of motion and contingency, and propose my own...

Photothermal Heating to Explore the Spatial Dynamics of Two Reaction Systems

Timothy McCormick Steeves
Illumination of nanoparticles causes “photothermal heating”, where the particles heat up faster than they diffuse heat into the local environment, creating a temperature gradient between the particle and the bulk system. When used to drive chemical reactions, it’s an example of how simple spatial differences in reaction set-up can alter the macroscale behavior of systems. In the presented work, I have explored photothermal heating in solution as well as in the gas phase to perform...


Pascal Brixel
In this dissertation, I develop and defend a conception of external freedom: freedom in relation to other people and the extrapersonal material world. One does something freely, I argue, only if one does it for its own sake and not merely for the sake of further ends. Mainstream accounts of freedom can be divided roughly into “negative” and “positive” theories. “Negative” theories tend to construe freedom as the absence of interpersonal coercion. Such approaches, I...

Identification of Risk Factors and Comorbidities Associated with Treatment-Related Hearing Loss and Tinnitus and Comparison of Their Genetic Architecture with De Novo Etiologies

Matthew Raymond Trendowski
Although cisplatin has been in clinical use for over 40 years, it remains difficult to identify the subset of patients who may develop ototoxicity following therapy completion. Therefore, we sought to identify non-genetic and genetic risk factors for cisplatin-associated ototoxicity, and then evaluate whether these associations were shared with other etiologies. Through the use of pharmacokinetic modeling, we demonstrated that high levels of serum platinum were associated with multiple persistent cisplatin-induced toxicities, including tinnitus, and...

Performing Pictures: The Magic Lantern c. 1900

Artemis Willis
This dissertation is about the magic lantern and how it conveys meaning in a shifting media landscape. It focuses on the form, language, and style of lantern images and performances that circulated around 1900, a period of pronounced technological and cultural change that is considered a significant turn in media history. By lantern image, I mean the projected image, performed by live narration, music, sound effects, and projection itself. By lantern performance, I mean the...

Capitalizing on Security, Performance, and Energy Tradeoffs in Full Drive Encryption Schemes for Fun and Profit

The security of data at rest---widely understood as FDE or Full Drive Encryption---is an important concern among several in modern computer systems. These concerns exist in contention over a set of finite resources. For instance: a device that is battery-constrained must remain within its energy budget which may change over time, e.g. when a device enters "battery-saver mode"; regardless, this device must meet certain performance guarantees or the user experience will suffer; above all, the...

Agglomeration, Innovation, and Spatial Reallocation: The Aggregate Effects of R&D Tax Credits

Alexandre Balduino Sollaci
I investigate the aggregate effects of R&D tax credits in the US. Because it subsidizes R&D activity and because credit rates vary between states, this policy has both spatial and dynamic effects on the economy. To address this issue, I construct an endogenous growth model with spatial heterogeneity and agglomeration spillovers in innovation. Aggregate outcomes in this model are thus affected by the spatial distribution of the population in the economy, which is itself endogenous...

Collective Electrodynamic Excitations and Non-conservative Dynamics in Optical Matter and Meta-atom Systems

John Alan Parker
Optical trapping and optical tweezers have been used to confine and control micron and nano-sized objects based on light–matter interactions. When multiple particles are in a single optical trap, they interact with one another and form organized arrays referred to as optical matter. Optical matter is a unique formation of matter in that the interactions between particles are controlled by an external light source and its properties can be tuned with the properties of light,...

Spatio-angular Fluorescence Microscopy

Talon Chandler
Fluorescent molecules move and rotate as they transition between states and emit photons that we can detect. How much information can we recover about the position, orientation, and motion of fluorescent molecules by measuring these photons? Can we design imaging systems that recover as much information as possible by making optimal measurements? In this dissertation, we develop mathematical models of this class of experiments, efficient reconstruction and visualization schemes, and methods for designing instruments that...

Cultivating Futures: Botanical Economies and Knowledge Ecologies in Migrant Colombian Amazonia

Amy Leia McLachlan
This dissertation traces a colonial history of the Colombian Amazon through extractive botanical economies from rubber to cocaine to bioprospecting. It centers the botanical in alignment with the Indigenous Uitoto philosophy that it seeks to translate, as an archive of the Uitoto community's work to remake kinworlds and cosmological order in the wake and the midst of world-rending violence. I argue that Uitoto experimental efforts to reconstitute the substantial foundations of a mode of ethical...

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