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El indianismo en Cuba y Puerto Rico

Jorge Lefevre Tavárez
Esta tesis investiga la literatura indianista de Cuba y Puerto Rico escrita durante el siglo XIX y en una variedad de géneros literarios (poemas, leyendas, novelas). En específico, esta tesis analiza el desarrollo histórico de esta literatura en ambas islas y los recursos estilísticos que emplean los distintos autores de textos indianistas para articular el pasado indígena de las Antillas. La tesis, en primer lugar, da cuenta de la periodicidad de este fenómeno literario en...

Theoretical Guarantees of Variational Inference and Its Applications

Fengshuo Zhang
Variational Inference (VI) has become a popular technique to approximate difficult-to-compute posterior distributions for decades. It has been used in many applications and tends to be faster than classical methods, such as Monte Carlo Markov Chain. However, there are few theoretical understandings about it. In this thesis, our goal is to build a statistical guarantee for the variational inference method under high-dimensional or nonparametric settings. We apply our theoretical results to develop a general variational...

Origins and Migration of the Octavolateral Efferent and Facial Branchiomotor Neurons in Zebrafish

Anastasia E Beiriger
The vertebrate hindbrain is a segmented structure that displays broad morphological and molecular conservation across vertebrate species. Efferent neurons within the hindbrain project to peripheral targets such as muscles and sensory organs, providing essential control over functions of the vertebrate head. Their axons project often along highly stereotyped routes, exiting the brainstem as the cranial nerves. This thesis will focus on the development and migration of two types of cranial efferent neurons in zebrash: the...

Parallel Roles for Cdx and Retinoic Acid in the Regulation of the Pectoral Fin Field in the Early Zebrafish Embryo

Christopher Alexander Quintanilla
The factors that determine the precise antero-posterior (AP) position of the vertebrate limb are still unknown. This dissertation focuses on examining the roles of two classes of molecules in regulating the (AP) position of the pectoral fins in zebrafish. The pectoral fin is the fish homolog of the tetrapod forelimb. Retinoic acid (RA), one of the two molecules I investigate in this dissertation, must be carefully regulated in order for a fin bud to form...

Synthesis and Applications of Silicon Nanowires for Studying Biointerfaces

Youjin Lee
Given its interdisciplinary nature, nanomaterials research is conducted in a virtuous cycle. In this cycle, new materials are first synthesized, then characterized, and fit into and evaluated for appropriate applications, which in turn inform what type of new materials should be synthesized. Recently, with the advent of big data and machine learning, researchers are utilizing computational methods to aid in all aspects of this cycle. While covering all four aspects of the nanomaterials research cycle,...

Amyloid-beta Aggregation Intermediates

Jay Maxson Pittman
Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a devastating neurological disorder that impacts millions of people around the world. There is strong evidence that the class of peptides, Amyloid-β, is causative in the neurodegeneration that takes place during AD. Amyloid-β peptides share a common trait, which is the ability to aggregate (or self-associate) to form higher-ordered structures. Of these structures, the mature fibrils act as a final product of this aggregation and are part of the neuritic plaques...

Partially Directed Search in the Labor Market

Liangjie Wu
I study the labor market implications of limited information inherent in the job search pro- cess. I build an equilibrium search model where workers have partial information regarding the payoffs of jobs. Workers pay a cost to direct job search that is proportional to the divergence between the chosen search strategy and a benchmark random search strategy. With this cost, workers apply to every job with a positive probability, but apply to high-payoff jobs with...

Innovating Empire: Domination and Resistance in Nineteenth-Century China and Japan

Alex Haskins
This project interrogates the bounds of empire by recovering neglected discourses of resistance to foreign domination in nineteenth century East Asia. During this period, European empires encountered several difficulties in expanding into East Asia, due in no small part to how actors like the Qing statecraft reformers and Tokugawa daimyo and political elite resisted Western colonial ambitions in these contested spaces. However, recent scholarly accounts have placed too much emphasis on how political elite in...

Essays on the Econometrics of Randomized Controlled Trials

Yuehao Bai
This dissertation studies the econometrics of the design and analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Chapter 1, coauthored with Joseph Romano and Azeem Shaikh, studies inference for the average treatment effect (ATE) in RCTs where treatment status is determined according matched-pair designs. We assume that units are paired according to observed baseline covariates instead of some function of the covariates, and Chapter 2 extends these results to settings where units are paired according to (random)...

Medical Testing as Optimal Information Acquisition

Kyeongbae Kim
Medical testing is necessary for informed treatment decisions. However, its costs make it suboptimal to test too often. This paper investigates the role of costly information acquisition through medical testing in a patient's health status. Using universal health screening data linked with matched provider-patient medical claims data, I find providers not keeping diabetic patients' blood sugar levels in control tend to under-test. Guided by the reduced-form findings, I develop and estimate a dynamic structural model...

Subgap Collective Modes in Two-Dimensional Superfluid near the Pomeranchuk Instabilities

Wei-Han Hsiao
In this thesis, we utilize semi-classical kinetic equations to investigate the order parameter collective modes of a class of two-dimensional superfluids. Extending the known results for p-wave superfluids, we show that for any chiral ground state of angular momentum L ≥ 1, there exists a subgap mode with a mass (√2) ∆ in the BCS limit, where ∆ is the magnitude of the ground-state gap. We determine the most significant Landau parameter that contributes to...

Essays on Economics of Rural Households in Developing Countries

Paphon Kiatsakuldecha
This dissertation consists of two essays on behaviors of rural households in developing countries in response to their unique economic circumstances. These rural households in developing countries are specifically different from their developed counterparts in how they earn their livings. Rather than being a simple wage earner with a single income source, a typical rural household generally engages in both formal wage labor market and other income generating activities, such as farming, raising livestock, or...

Taking the Skeletons Out of the Closet: Contested Authority and Human Remains Displays in the Anthropology Museum

Iris Jacobs
Museum exhibits, as showcases of what is deemed worth seeing at a period in time, reflect societal biases, political influences, and authority-making processes. The museum’s ability to confer social authority is especially important in the communication of scientific meaning through displays of human remains. Exhibits of human remains in anthropological collections have posed numerous contentious issues in representation, with debates centering around who can claim ownership of the body on public display, and the narrative...

The Biophysical Basis of Nucleotide Sensitivity in the Cyanobacterial Circadian Clock

Lu Hong
Oscillatory dynamics is ubiquitous in biology, yet the complexity of the underlying signaling pathways often makes quantitative understanding of such systems difficult. An ideal model system for understanding biochemical oscillators is the Kai system, a post-translational circadian oscillator found in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus. The Kai oscillator consists of three soluble proteins named KaiA, KaiB, and KaiC, and their periodic interactions, which are driven by ATP hydrolysis in KaiC, generate a near-24-h period oscillation of...

Atomic Engineering of Nanomaterials in Molten Salts and Liquid Metals

Vladislav Kamysbayev
The use of inorganic molten salts and liquid metals as solvents opens up the possibility to synthesize hard-to-crystallize colloidal nanomaterials as well as lower the diffusion barriers in covalent lattices. In this work, we demonstrate how molten inorganic salts and liquid metals can be used to fabricate a new class of ceramic two-dimensional (2D) materials and metal matrix composites, respectively. We believe that detailed understanding of the solutes’ solvation by highly ionized media of inorganic...

Spatializing Kinship: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of West African Kinship Networks in Affordable Housing Cooperatives

Fikayo Walter-Johnson
Scholarship has shown that immigrants form mutual support networks based on the foundations of a shared cultural background, trust, and obligation. Though these immigrant networks can help circulate important resources, they can also be extremely insular, preventing its actors from accessing new forms of social capital. Research also shows that how immigrants are spatially embedded, namely, the way they engage with urban infrastructure, can create avenues of social and economic integration into the receiving country....

Algorithmic, Heuristic, and Systematic Approaches for Software Model Checking of Distributed Systems

Jeffrey Ferrari Lukman
Today, distributed software infrastructures have become a dominant backbone for cloud computing and modern applications. Large-scale distributed systems such as scalable frameworks, storage systems, synchronization, and cluster management services have emerged as the data center operating system. Unfortunately, the reliability of distributed systems is threatened by non-deterministic concurrency bugs as it executes many complicated distributed protocols on thousands of machines with no common clocks and it must face a variety of random hardware failures. Facing...

Accomplice Liability

Charles F. Capps
It is often said that the law recognizes two bases for holding a defendant liable for a crime: (1) the fact that she committed it, or (2) the fact that she aided or abetted it. In this Dissertation, I argue that legal liability is unrecognizable as criminal liability unless it is incurred by an agent for an exercise of her own agency. Therefore, the law not only should not, but could not, hold a defendant...

Astronomy and Cosmology with Gravitational Waves

Maya Fishbach
Starting with the first gravitational-wave detection in September 2015, the LIGO and Virgo gravitational-wave detectors are revealing a new astrophysical population of merging binary black holes and neutron stars. This dissertation focuses on the astrophysical and cosmological lessons enabled by the rapidly growing catalog of gravitational-wave detections. In the first part of the dissertation, we study the properties of the binary black hole population, including the shape of the black hole mass function, the distribution...

Waiting for the People: Colonialism and the Idea of Democracy in India

Nazmul S Sultan
In the course of the expansion of European imperialism and anticolonial resistance through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, democracy emerged as the undisputed normative ideal on a global scale. The ideal of democracy had been the professed goal of the anticolonial project since the late nineteenth century, while the developmental discourses of imperial legitimation also relied on the language of democracy. Against this backdrop, anticolonial political thinkers took it upon themselves to not just reclaim...

Argument Structure in Language Shift: Morphosyntactic Variation and Grammatical Resilience in Modern Chukchi

Jessica Kantarovich
Despite the growing interest in endangered languages, relatively little attention has been paid to the ways in which the structure of these languages is conditioned by the language shift setting, even among conservative older speakers. This thesis investigates how the social circumstances of language endangerment---which include disrupted intergenerational transmission, loss of a cohesive speech community, pressure to master a new dominant language, and stigmatization of the traditional language---can have significant grammatical effects. I investigate morphosyntactic...

Nature Displaced: Postcolonial Hindi Literature and the Environment

Joya John
This dissertation foregrounds the environment as a key concern for the study of modern and contemporary Hindi literature. It takes the “environment” to be a polyvalent term that encompasses histories of environment-making, material histories and more contemporary senses of environmental crises. It draws on these different senses to rethink literary critical approaches to the “environment” as a frame for narrative worlds as well as aesthetic senses of nature. Beginning with the era of decolonization, following...

Empire, Law, and Order Making after the Abolition of Slavery: Three Laboring Figures in India

Mishal Khan
This dissertation examines the governance of labor after the abolition of slavery in British India (1843-1947). I focus on Sindh in the Bombay Presidency, locating the dynamics examined within wider imperial processes of classification and order making. I investigate the emergence of conceptual and legal categories that mediated how the law and the state adjudicated the questions of free and unfree labor – “race,” the notion of the “free” contract, and the customary social relationship....

Statistical Methods for Transcriptome Data

Tae Hyun Kim
Transcriptome data provides key information about molecular mechanism for phenotypic diversity. Advances in technology have made transcriptome data available in improved quality and quantity, calling for new statistical methods that can account for large data size, complex dependence structure, and technical artifacts. This dissertation proposes statistical methods that tackle those challenges in transcriptome data analysis while addressing important biological questions. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 focus on the analysis of African American gene expression levels....

The Deserving Pain: How Hospitals Structure Medical Decision-Making around Pain Management

Alexandra E Brewer
For decades, American pain specialists promoted the idea that physicians should use patients’ subjective, self-reported pain as a valid measurement and prescribe medications accordingly. This logic has been called into question in the context of the opioid epidemic of the 2010s. To address overprescription, leading medical organizations have published new patient care guidelines that put a tight cap on the use of oral opioids for treating chronic, non-cancer pain in the outpatient setting. To date,...

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