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The New Left vs. Liberal Debate in China: How Ideology Shapes the Perception of Reality

Yu-Hsuan Sun
The tragic June 4th Crackdown on the Tiananmen Student Movement dealt a devastating blow to the hope of China’s democratization. In the 1980s, the majority of young Chinese students expressed overwhelming support for the democracy movement and the New Enlightenment thought trend which preceded the 1989 protests. The homogeneity of the 80s intellectual sphere, however, is a stark contrast to the intense debate between the “New Left” and “Liberal” camps in China which began in...

Who Should Take Care of the Baby? Understanding How American Families Decide Their Division of Labor in Parental Leave in the Pre-birth Period

Yehong Deng
Based on Gary Becker's analytical tools—the family production model and the interdependent preferences—for family economics and the later criticisms regarding Becker's auxiliary assumptions, the study attempted to answer how American people's calculation of perceived benefits and costs could mediate the effects of economic factors and gender ideology regarding their parental leave norms during the pre-birth period. With data collected through an online survey on MTurk, the study revealed that male respondents in the survey included...

Politics of Titular Identity and State-Legitimization: The Unique Case of Post-Colonial and Post-Communist Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

This paper seeks to analyze the composite intersection of numerous identity parameters to answer the empirical puzzle of how did these Central Asian countries' administrations approach the construction of their post-Soviet identities through the installment of a titular ethnic group as they were faced with decolonization in a post-communist space and in a period of Islamic turmoil?

'Lived Experience' and its Eurocentrisms: Elucidating Colonial Violence in Filipino American Mental Health

Coleen Del Rosario
This paper draws on postcolonial theory, critical mental health literature, and Filipino American psychology to examine the ways in which colonial legacies figure in the contemporary mental health and healthcare experiences of first- and second-generation Filipino Americans. I argue that American colonial rule laid the blueprint for the development of a Filipino American identity rooted in and always striving towards white American ideals. Generations later, these effects continue to be articulated through Filipinos’ complex experiences...

“The Embedded Red Engines”: Organizational Foundations of Delegated Governance in China

Hanning Luo
Politicians and organizational leaders always attempt to paint a picture of progress and relate their efforts to such improvements. However, the more governments attempt to do, “the more likely they are to be held liable for poor performance, or for policy changes that impose losses”. Generating supports while avoiding the risks of blame could be a paradoxical task for modern welfare states, especially during economic downturns and retrenchment. Yet the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seems...

The Rise of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Growth, Internal Politics, Foreign Affairs and Overextension, 1868-1941

Wilson Tang
Well known as the powerful opponent of the United States Navy and the other Allied navies during the Second World War, the Imperial Japanese Navy have a long-storied career through time. However, most works are written about the Japanese Navy’s combat actions during the Second World War. This paper would examine the Japanese Navy from the inception in 1868, up to the beginning of the American entry of the Second World War in 1941, as...

Finding Sense of Self: Understanding the Experiences of Black Students at Predominantly White Institutions

Lashon Miller
Higher education is a unique experience for all students as a place where students grow, nurture their passions, build on their knowledge, and learn more about who they are as individuals. As Black students enroll into higher education, specifically predominantly white higher education institutions, what is their experience? This research captures the experiences of Black students that are educated in predominantly white institutions and hopes to capture a clearer understanding of their racial identity. Does...

Unsettled Settlement: Paralysis of the World Trade Organization Appellate Body (WTOAB)

Youngjae Pak
This paper looks into the recent cases of American blockings on the World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body and the ensuing response of an interim option introduced under the leadership of Canada and the European Union. Across both the Obama and Trump Administrations, the U.S. has continued to block re-appointments and novel appointments of panelists serving on the appeals court leading to overall paralysis. How was the Appellate Body allowed to fall into this level of...


Luz Maria Alliende Serra
Visual working memory impairments have been consistently found in people with schizophrenia, however, there is no consensus on the neural mechanisms behind these deficits. The current study aims to build a more cohesive conceptualization of the neural correlates of visual working memory impairment in people with schizophrenia (PSZ) by taking advantage of the strengths from different types of recording methodologies. To do this, non-simultaneous EEG and fMRI recordings of neural signatures were performed in a...

Rudolf Veselý, 1931–2020

Josef Ženka

From Adherents to Activists: The Process of Social Movement Mobilization

Elizabeth Davies
In this dissertation, drawing from the Black politics and social movement literature, I develop a theory of “Alienated Activist” movements. In Chapter 1, I argue that the nationalization of Black politics, the constraints of Barack Obama’s presidency, and the quotidian nature of Black death opened a political opportunity for a new mass movement to occur. I claim that Black Lives Matter (BLM) represents a departure from Black “politics-as-usual,” and with other contemporary mass movements, including...

Transplant Center Practices and the Survival Benefit of Organ Transplantation

William Fiske Parker
Deceased donor organs are an absolutely scare healthcare resource, meaning demand vastly exceeds a fixed supply with a hard limit. Allocation of donor organs requires difficult choices between thousands of waiting candidates who would benefit from transplantation. But allocation does not occur in a vacuum- transplant programs link donor organs and needy patients. Understanding how allocation rules shape their treatment and selection practices is key to designing effective systems. This three manuscript dissertation explores the...

Transnational Svāminārāyaṇ Hinduism: Mass Mediation and the Rise of BAPS

Andrew Carl Kunze
This dissertation studies the role of mass mediation in the transnational growth of one Svāminārāyaṇ Hindu organization, called BAPS (Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Sanstha), through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It argues that the sacred figure of the BAPS guru is now constituted by and dependent upon the institutional media apparatus built around him. The dissertation focuses on sevā (devotional service) in media technologies as a practice of guru worship that manifests the guru’s spiritual...

Romantic Remnants: Global Musical Atmospheres and the Really Long Nineteenth Century

Woo Chan Lee
This dissertation explores the persistence of Romanticism in contemporary soundtracks and easy listening. Drawing from a transnational archive of recent music for films and TV shows as well as acoustic instrumental genres marketed as classical, ambient, and New Age, the dissertation traces the emergence of a musical and affective “really long nineteenth century” in global musical atmospheres. In my examples, the drawn-out collective attachments to historic Western genres and styles are accompanied by suppressed moods...

Searching for Dark Matter with Superconducting Qubits

Akash V. Dixit
Dark matter is an enduring mystery in our quest to understand the fundamental constituents of our universe. Low mass bosons, such the axion or hidden photon, are compelling dark matter candidates. We leverage their potential interactions with electromagnetic fields, whereby the dark matter (of unknown mass) on rare occasion converts into a single photon, to devise a method of detecting these candidates. Current dark matter searches operating at microwave frequencies use a resonant cavity to...

Watching Them, Watching Us: How the Misinformation Beat Redefines Journalism’s Relationship with Conspiracy Theories

Regina Kayla Catipon
In 2020, conspiracies moved from the fringes of society, to the very center of socio-political life in the United States. In response, news sources have created an area of reporting called the misinformation beat. Covering conspiratorial content, however, poses unique epistemic challenges for journalists and researchers. One concern is that covering emerging conspiracy theories may inadvertently expose trusting readers to an especially seductive form of misinformation. Another concern is that savvy conspiracy theorists may be...

Urban Bicycle Infrastructure and Gentrification: A Quantitative Assessment of 46 American Cities

Gabriel Morrison
In recent years, cities across the United States have expanded their bicycle infrastructure. In some instances, community members and local politicians have criticized these developments and noted a link between bicycle lanes and gentrification. In response, recent studies have assessed the quantitative associations between bicycle infrastructure and gentrification in a few large cities. Their results have been mixed but generally support residents’ claims of linkages between gentrification and bike infrastructure. However, research is often limited...

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz o la construcción de un ícono nacional (circa 1870-1970)

Hilda Cristina Larrazabal Cárdenas
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz o la construcción de un ícono nacional (circa 1870-1970) se centra en cuatro momentos paradigmáticos —la República Restaurada, el IV Centenario del Descubrimiento de América, el porfiriato y el México posrevolucionario— en los que se reconfigura el acercamiento crítico a la obra y figura de la monja: del desdén y ninguneo por parte de los liberales decimonónicos, hasta su presencia indudable como ícono nacional. El presente estudio reflexiona acerca...

Beyond Postwar, Beyond Nation: \"Human Rights\" and the \"History Problem\" in Modern Japan and Asia

Keyao Pan
This dissertation examines the history of the concept of (what would translate in English as) “human rights” in modern Japanese history. Specifically, it traces how the term jinken (lit. “human rights” today) has become a term able to articulate Japanese wartime and colonial atrocities in Asia in 1990s since its invention in the early Meiji period to “(mis)translate” western legal and political concepts. By looking at how the term was used by lawyers, activists, and...

Advertising, Brand Preferences, and Market Structures

Lun Li
This paper explores how innovations in advertising technology reshape consumers' brand preferences -- the propensity to purchase certain brands over others despite similar prices -- and lead to changes in the market structure. Using a comprehensive barcode-level dataset on grocery products, I document that the average concentration and markup for the selected categories have decreased by about 10% and 5% respectively, between 2010 and 2016. Using an occurrence-level advertisement expenditure and impression dataset, I find...

The Response of Brucella ovis to Changing and Challenging Environments

Lydia Mimi Varesio
Bacteria inhabit many environments, from hot dry desert regions to high pressure niches on the ocean floors, from high salt areas to cold latitudes, from inside plant root nodules to inside human cells. Studying the kinds of habitats different bacteria encounter and how they react to the challenges these environments offer is important to understand bacteria in their natural state, what kind of responses characterize them and how they can function when confronted with adversity....

Essays on the Measurement of Income in Economic Analysis

Ezra Karger
Economists often evaluate public policies by measuring the effects of those policies on participants' wage income. I use two historical settings to argue that this focus on wage income biases estimates of the returns to education, the returns to local investment, and the measurement of inequality. I investigate a rich set of non-wage outcomes that are available in historical decennial Census data, and I show that by augmenting standard economic and econometric analyses with these...

Rapidly Introducing Molecular Complexity: Reaction Development and Application to Hydrocarbon and Heterocyclic Frameworks

Charles James Frederick Cole
Natural product total synthesis, as a field, has sought to provide access to complex and intriguing structures as a means to further chemical knowledge, support biological studies and inspire therapeutic design. However, such access is limited by the tools made available to synthetic chemists, and as such, a leading goal within the community is the development and application of novel reactions to expedite the synthesis of targets of interest. Over the years the chemical toolbox,...

Furthering Understanding of T and CAR-T Cell Differentiation Using Cutting-Edge Sequencing and Imaging Technologies

Guoshuai Cao
Fundamental questions in T cell differentiation remain unanswered: 1) EZH2’s role in Tfh fate commitment; 2) differences of TEX differentiation in Tumor and in Chronic infection; 3) CAR-T cells post-infusion differentiation. Besides, there is no high-dimensional quantitative analysis and machine learning pipeline for TCR signaling studies. This thesis work addressed these issues using advanced sequencing and imaging technologies. Firstly, using ATAC-seq, we found that EZH2-mediated H3K27me3 modifications regulate early Tfh fate commitment, but not late...

Minimal Reconstitution of Actin Networks to Investigate Mechanisms of Actin Binding Proteins

Caitlin Ann Anderson
The actin cytoskeleton is a large, complex, dynamic network that is responsible for a myriad of cellular processes, including, polarity, endocytosis, motility, cytokinesis, and force response. Distinct filamentous actin (F-actin) networks assemble from one crowded cytoplasm. The ability to build several F-actin networks simultaneously with distinct architectures, dynamics, location, and timing is a topic that has drawn a lot of interest. Each of these F-actin networks associate with a set of actin binding proteins (ABPs)....

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