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Mechanical Metamaterials from Disorder

Nidhi Pashine
Mechanical properties of disordered networks can be significantly tailored by modifying a small fraction of their bonds. This procedure has been used to design and build mechanical metamaterials with a variety of responses. A long-range 'allosteric' response, where a localized input strain at one site gives rise to a localized output strain at a distant site, has been of particular interest. This work presents a novel approach to incorporating allosteric responses in experimental systems by...

Developing Semi-Ladder Polymer Systems For Light-Emitting Transistor Applications

Mohammad Ahmad Awais
This work details the design, synthesis, characterization, and device fabrication of semi-ladder polymer systems for light-emitting transistor applications. Donor-acceptor semi-ladder polymer systems were employed as active layers in multi-layered organic light-emitting transistor devices via solution processing and structure-property interrelationship was studied in detail. Folded furan-based FFPQ polymer systems were found to be extremely promising with an external quantum efficiency of 6.9% which is the highest among solution-processed multi-layered organic light-emitting transistor devices.

The Use of Block-Copolymer Nanolithography to Fabricate Ultrafine Phononic Crystals and Phononic Crystal-Enhanced Devices

Elizabeth Michiko Ashley
In recent years, phononic crystals have emerged as a possible route for engineering the thermal properties of semiconductor materials like silicon independently of their electronic properties. Heat carriers, or thermal phonons, in Si are very difficult to manipulate due to their wide range of frequencies and nanoscale size. Nanostructures are required to most effectively manipulate thermal phonons, but are extremely difficult to fabricate due to resolution limitations of modern lithography equipment. We present in this...

Design, Optimization, and Simulation of Scalable Quantum Computing Systems

Xin-Chuan Wu
Quantum computing (QC) aims to solve certain computational problems beyond the capabilities of even the largest classical high-performance computers. By leveraging the quantum mechanical principles of superposition and entanglement, QC algorithms have the potential to revolutionize areas such as machine learning, quantum chemistry, and cryptography. To perform quantum advantages, a scalable quantum computing system is essential. This thesis demonstrates techniques that address problems of the development of scalable quantum computers. The first part of the...

Self-Assembled Hybrid Nanomaterials for Synergistic Chemotherapy, Chemoimmunotherapy, and Photodynamic Therapy of Cancers

Wenbo Han
Although chemotherapeutic anticancer drugs have been developed and used in clinical practices for more than 80 years, there still exist many unsolved problems and limitations, including low bioavailability and high systemic toxicity. Moreover, different drugs usually do not share the same physicochemical properties and behave differently inside the body, which makes it difficult to combine multiple drugs to overcome resistance to one single drug or to achieve a synergetic effect. Nanoscale coordination polymer (NCP) is...

Impact Crater Statistics and the History of Rivers on Mars

Samuel Holo
River valleys and deposits record periods of time when Mars’ climate supported liquid water on the planet’s surface. However, the majority of geomorphic studies focus on detailed reconstructions of local or regional hydrology, thereby limiting our global understanding of Mars’ climate through time. In this dissertation, we set out to constrain our view of Mars’ climate history through novel applications of impact crater statistics. Impact craters are ideal for probing the history of river erosion...

A Dynamical and Quantitative Approach to Characterize Non-canonical Immune Recognition Events

Christopher Thomas Boughter
The adaptive immune system is a rich and complex field of study, with incremental improvements in our understanding of the fundamental machinations of some of its core components providing translation developments such as improved vaccines against infectious disease, drugs that can limit the severity of allergic reactions, and immunotherapies for treatment of a wide range of cancers. At the level of basic science, specific subsets of the adaptive immune response each have key questions spanning...

Blowing Away the Problem?: An Analysis of China’s National Energy Administration Documents in Order to Understand Wind Curtailment

Laura Parker
In the last twenty years, China has invested immense resources in growing their renewable energy from infancy to one of the world’s most comprehensive programs. Since 2011, China has consistently been the top investor in renewable energy. In 2017, China represented 43% of the world’s investment into renewable energy or roughly $88.5 billion USD. These investments led to China becoming the country with the largest wind and solar capacity since 2012 and 2015 respectively. However,...

Nietzsche's Argument for the Philosophical Life: An Interpretation of Beyond Good and Evil

William Peter Wood
The dissertation presents a novel interpretation of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil as an argument for the philosophical life, centered on a close reading of the first 29 aphorisms as an interconnected sequence. I argue that Nietzsche’s aim is to recover the ancient idea of philosophy as a way of life, while grounding his conception of first philosophy as psychology, which he calls “the queen of the sciences.” This psychology is a reflexive inquiry into...

Development of Palladium-Catalyzed Arene Difunctionalization Reactions Enabled by Norbornene

Alexander Joseph Rago
In this thesis, various approaches from the literature employing carbon–hydrogen bond activation for the synthesis of indoles and their close derivatives, indolines and carbazoles, have been discussed. Palladium/norbornene cooperative catalysis, in particular, presents an attractive platform for the preparation of indoles via the regioselective difunctionalization of an aryl halide and its unactivated ortho-carbon–hydrogen bond. The detailed development of a synthetic strategy for the preparation of indoles using this catalytic duo via an ortho-amination, ipso-Heck cyclization...

The Response of Brucella ovis to Changing and Challenging Environments

Lydia Mimi Varesio
Bacteria inhabit many environments, from hot dry desert regions to high pressure niches on the ocean floors, from high salt areas to cold latitudes, from inside plant root nodules to inside human cells. Studying the kinds of habitats different bacteria encounter and how they react to the challenges these environments offer is important to understand bacteria in their natural state, what kind of responses characterize them and how they can function when confronted with adversity....

Essays on the Measurement of Income in Economic Analysis

Ezra Karger
Economists often evaluate public policies by measuring the effects of those policies on participants' wage income. I use two historical settings to argue that this focus on wage income biases estimates of the returns to education, the returns to local investment, and the measurement of inequality. I investigate a rich set of non-wage outcomes that are available in historical decennial Census data, and I show that by augmenting standard economic and econometric analyses with these...

Engineering Fibrin Biomaterials with α2-Antiplasmin and Growth Factors in Regenerative Medicine

Jialu Liu
Fibrin is a natural biomaterial that plays an essential role in hemostasis upon injury, as being the main component of the blood clot. In the clinic, fibrin is widely used in regenerative medicine as a hemostatic agent to prevent blood leakage and as a sealant agent to glue tissues. In addition, fibrin-based biomaterials have been extensively explored as delivery carriers for therapeutics, including growth factors (GFs), to improve tissue regeneration. In these applications, premature degradation...

Commodity Price Shocks, Factor Utilization, and Productivity Dynamics

Gustavo Gonzalez
I investigate the importance of commodity price shocks on aggregate productivity dynamics through the variable utilization of primary factors. I exploit sectoral variation in product tradability and cost exposure to the copper industry to characterize the within-plant responses of manufacturing Chilean firms to copper price shocks. I find that, when copper prices increase, establishments selling non-tradables display higher RTFP than similar establishments selling tradables. At the same time, plants more cost-exposed to the copper industry...

Essays on International Economics

Ziho Park
1. Using data on a near-universe of US establishments from 1991 to 2007, I show that US businesses adapt to rising trade exposure from China along several margins. First, manufacturers of “directly exposed” products experiencing high import growth from China tend to become importers and retail-wholesalers by 2007, consistent with offshoring of products that are similar to those that they produced on their own. Manufacturers in “downstream” industries that buy from directly exposed industries tend...

Essays on Financial Markets with Endogenous Information Screening Choices

Yiran Fan
The first chapter studies screening competition under flexible information acquisition and its interaction with price competition. Multiple homogeneous buyers play a game where they simultaneously design independent exams with pre-specified information limit on a binary-type seller. Once observing own exam’s outcome, a buyer may choose to bid for the object. This paper shows that under general assumptions on information cost, binary-signal symmetric equilibrium exists and must be supported by mixed strategies. Moreover, equilibrium is inefficient...

The Cognitive Value of Social Relationships: An Argument for Social Network Theory in Developmental Science

Nicole Burke
Psychologists have long been interested in understanding how the early social environment impacts children’s behavior, thoughts, and minds. From birth, children are embedded in a world rich with social relationships; however, there have been very few tools with which one could even begin to quantify the depth and breadth of children’s early social relationships. In this dissertation, I harness the insights and power of social network analysis to demonstrate that developmental psychologists can use social...

Extensions to Statistical Methods for Analyzing Intensive Multilevel Longitudinal Data Collected by Mobile and Wearable Devices

Qianheng Ma
Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) studies aim to explore how subjects’ psychological states or behaviors interact with the real environment. Hand-held devices such as smartphones enable the participants in EMA studies to respond to the prompted assessments or self-initiate the assessments in real time. Besides conventional hand-held devices, wearable devices, e.g., actigraphy, have enabled more accurate and intensive tracking of subject's behaviors such as physical activities (PA). Relevant statistical methods for intensive longitudinal data analysis are...

Learning Syntax via Decomposition

Marina Ermolaeva
Many patterns found in natural language syntax have multiple possible explanations or structural descriptions. Even within the currently dominant Minimalist theoretical framework (Chomsky 1995, 2000), it is not uncommon to encounter multiple analyses for the same phenomenon proposed in the literature. A natural question, then, is whether one could evaluate and compare syntactic proposals from a quantitative point of view. Taking this line of reasoning further, I aim to capture, formalize, and subsequently automate the...

Will parental substance use and parental absence influence homeless youths’ psychopathology, adjustment, and alcohol and substance abuse?

Leyi Kang
Youth homelessness, a pervasive and persistent problem all over the world, is highly associated with negative behavioral outcomes. Research has found that parental substance use and family conflict were two primary risk factors for youth homelessness, but it remains unclear if absence of family conflicts may lead to different outcomes. While previous research have been exploring the impact of parental absence and parental substance use in the general population, we examined how parental absence and...

Can you scare away anxiety? Analyzing the relationship between morbid curiosity and anxiety

Patrick Cecil
Morbid curiosity refers to a phenomenon where certain individuals are drawn to seek out dangerous stimuli as expressed in horror fandom and interest in true crime. Recent studies have shown that morbid curiosity might act to promote effective coping strategies in the face of anxiety and stress. Across two studies, we seek to shed light on the nature of the relationship between morbid curiosity and anxiety. In Study 1, we tested the relationship between morbid...

Sign differentiation within the transmedicalist online world

Jamie Ackerman
This research explores the online transmedicalist community, a subcommunity within the transgender community whose members view being transgender as a medical condition. The aim of this study is to understand how transmedicalists differentiate themselves from another trans subcommunity called tucutes (whose members instead view being transgender as a social issue). Using content analysis, the study addresses the following questions: What is a transmedicalist ideology, and how is it enacted in transgender identity discourse online? How...

Exploring children’s everyday activities through parent and child utterances

Bethany Beal
The present study examines the activities a child experiences and the amount of speech they are using and hearing from the surrounding environment. Studying childhood activities in early development is important due to their potential to impact a child’s linguistic and cognitive skills. Using one visit from a twelve-visit longitudinal study focused over the first five years of life, we were able to look at the preliminary findings of a much larger study at hand....

Alcohol Consumption, Drinking Context, and Subjective Responses to Alcohol in Binge-Drinking Episodes: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Investigation

Andrew Fischer
Binge drinking is common among young adults, putting them at increased risk for severe alcohol related health outcomes and mortality. Past research links subjective responses to alcohol (i.e., how individuals experience its rewarding or impairing effects) to risk for future negative alcohol related health outcomes. Further work demonstrates that context (e.g. drinking in the presence of others or in certain locations such as bars and restaurants) may increase the rewarding effects of alcohol and drive...

‘Not One but Many Silences’: The Functions of Silence in Foucauldian Discourse

Derek Kennedy
From a broad consideration of discourse, a general set of questions emerges: Who is speaking and what are they saying? Who is not speaking and what are they not saying? What is the significance of each in either case? Here I take up a line of inquiry corresponding to the second part of this formulation regarding the lack of speakers and speech. My chosen path into this field of thought is through the writing of...

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