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Every Changing Thing: Natural Continua in Aristotle's Physics VI

Arnold Robert Brooks
I show that in Physics 6, Aristotle presents a theory of the metaphysics of natural continua. I argue that this theory is a revision of an older view found in Physics 3-4 on which time and change are said to be continuous because magnitude is so, while in 6, Aristotle argues that changing bodies are the basis for the continuity of everything else. I discuss several longstanding problems in the interpretation of the Physics including:...

$T{\bar T}$ and Holography

Asrat Demise
In recent years, there have been two independent but related developments in the study of irrelevant deformations in two dimensional quantum field theories (QFTs). The first development is the deformation of a two dimensional QFT by the determinant of the energy momentum stress tensor, commonly referred to as $T{\bar T}$ deformation. The second development is in two dimensional holographic field theories which are dual to string theory in asymptotically Anti-de Sitter (AdS) spacetimes. In this...


Theodore Stuart Moore
tap for percussion trio, tape, DMX lighting instruments, and video was commissioned by Line Upon Line Percussion Ensemble (Austin, TX) and is scored for three percussionists. Percussion 1 performs on tom, snare, splash cymbal, and G#6 crotale. Percussion 2 performs on tom, snare, splash cymbal, and a G6 crotale. Percussion 3 performs on a small cardboard box, wooden frog, guiro, two woodblocks, crotales F#6 and A6, and a bird whistle. The technology components of the...

This Is Not Working: How the “Financial Independence Retire Early” (FIRE) Community Challenges the Centrality of Work

Taylor Barrett
Under capitalism, survival depends on paid work. Yet, over the last few decades, the quality of work has declined precipitously, subjecting workers to increasingly threatening conditions. Relying on work for income, identity, and community is proving more and more risky. Recently a movement has emerged that seeks to challenge the financial and cultural grip that work holds over the lives of individuals. Dubbed “Financial Independence Retire Early” or “FIRE,” as it is commonly known, this...

Local Immigration Enforcement and Crime in the United States: A Nationwide Analysis of the 287(g) Program

Amanda Peters
The 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) created the 287(g) program, which authorizes Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to delegate immigration enforcement to local law enforcement agencies. Under the program, city police departments, county sheriffs’ offices, and state law enforcement bodies voluntarily apply to the 287(g) program. If selected, ICE provides training in immigration enforcement practices to employees of the law enforcement agency, who are authorized to investigate individuals’ immigration statuses and...

Reinterpreting the Frameworks: Hobbes & Grotius on the Right of Resistance, Slavery, & Ius Naturale

Andrew Kaplan
The seventeenth century marks several radical philosophical and political changes for Europe. Two such writers who emerged during this period are Hugh Grotius and Thomas Hobbes. Individually, their respective contributions to political theory are already widely acknowledged. However, their relationship to one another, and their respective relations to the wider trends evident in political thought at the time are of much greater contestation. Richard Tuck argues in Natural Rights Theories and The Right of War...

Crossing the Racial Line with Intersectionality: Black and Asian American Feminist Solidarity Movement

Jiyoun Yoo
Social movements and race scholars have suggested that coalitions are less likely to form between groups with different racial identities. The relationship between Black and Asian Americans is particularly subject to such pessimism. However, there is a long history of solidarity between the two communities. Now the cross-racial solidarity building is led by two feminist advocacy organizations, Black Women Radicals and Asian American Feminist Collective, with the support of Asian American Writer's Workshop. This paper...

The Effect of Unexpected Stay-at-home Order Extension on Compliance: evidence from the U.S.

Jingming Wei
Stay-at-home orders were essential policy measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the absence of effective vaccines. However, the effectiveness of the orders was highly dependent on compliance. We use mobile devices' mobility data and the staggered implementation of stay-at-home orders and their extensions to estimate compliance responses to these policies. Treating the first announced end dates of the stay-at-home orders as the reference points for the general public, we find that the duration...

The Belarusian Protests: A Spectacle of Aesthetic Resistance

Elisaveta Mavrodieva
In this thesis, the 2020 Belarusian protests are analyzed visually. The central argument of this work is that many elements of the protests exemplify a collective and aesthetic restructuring of the authoritarian, patriarchal order. The Belarusian protestors acted as creative and political agents by engaging in a collective performance of political dissent. The protests are theoretcally explored as an art spectacle with relationship to social media and digital technology. This thesis bridges ongoing conversations in...

The Undocumented Essential Worker in the Agriculture, Meatpacking and Poultry Industries

Tanaya Pange
In this project, I study how the undocumented worker in the agricultural and meatpacking industry find themselves in two contrastingly perceived categories during the COVID 19 pandemic. They are praised for their role as essential workers while simultaneously being illegal workers in America. I analyze what this contradiction in categorization implies for the status of the undocumented essential worker during the pandemic. By conducting a qualitative analysis of newspaper articles on the status of the...

Community Change, Field Reform, and Obsolescent Organizations: Imagining Nonprofit Futures

Danyelle Reynolds
This paper is a qualitative exploration of nonprofit organizations and the ways that nonprofit leaders perceive and approach change-making, using future imaginations as an object of analysis. I found that nonprofit leaders do not simply succumb to institutional pressures or field-level norms. Instead, they articulated futures of change in three registers: client and community change in which the organization is functioning optimally to transform the attributes and conditions of clients; reform at the social provision...

Democratic Confederalism in North and East Syria (Rojava): The Contradictions of Non-State Sovereignty

Michael Clevenger
Since the revolution emerged in North and East Syria (NES) in 2012, there has been much scholarly attention on democratic confederalism and the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES, Rojava). Much of this literature has focused on its exceptional nature. Following Michel-Rolph Trouillot I ask, what is being obscured or masked when we assume and focus on the AANES as exceptional? To that aim, I uncover what North and East Syria (NES) reveals...

What Led to Executive Order 44? The Justification of Religious Persecution

A. Jordan Ramos
In 1838 Governor Boggs of Missouri issued Executive Order 44, wherein he wrote that Mormons must be removed from the state and exterminated if necessary. The initial research question for this thesis was why the interactions between the Missourians and the Mormons lead to a call for the extermination of the Mormons? To properly understand the political philosophy that justified such action from the Missourians, the research for this thesis began by working back from...

Children and Adults Use Linguistic Cues To Inform Pedagogical Preferences

Sharanya Bashyam
The present research looked at Indian adults and children’s pedagogical preferences based on the language of the speaker (i.e., Telugu, British-English, Indian-English) and whether the preferences for a language varied with the content of the learning (i.e., learning how to use a music instrument vs. a machine) and context of the learning (i.e., learning to score well on a test vs. learning for fun). In Study 1, adults chose which of two speakers they would...

Expectations about leaders in pairs: Do leaders’ traits, gender, and role impact who we think should lead?

Megan Herbst
Although many conceptions of leadership focus on the power of a single individual or “great man,” leaders often work together in pairs. In pairs such as a President and Vice President or a superhero and sidekick, one leader often possesses more power while the other plays a more supportive role. What factors influence people’s expectations about who holds leadership roles in such pairs? How might a leader’s traits and gender influence perceptions of how well-suited...

Size Does(n't) Matter: Charter Management Organization Size, School Culture, and Ambidexterity

Kathleen A. Edmiston
Unlike traditional public school systems, charter schools can be managed by independent organizations known as Charter Management Organizations (CMOs). This study examines how a CMO's size can affect a school's culture. After conducting interviews at 3 different schools, this study found that, in determining the school's culture, CMO size is less important than CMO management style. This can be directly tied to an idea of organizational learning, ambidexterity. By connecting school culture research with research...

A Party in Shambles: African Americans, The Communist Party, and the Crisis of 1956

Callie Rosenberg
The year 1956 was transformative for the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA). In February, Nikita Khrushchev denounced Joseph Stalin’s reign and cult of personality. Later that year, the CPUSA itself took up the mantle of self-criticism to explicate all the wrongs of the Party. While traditional historiography notes that the number of Party members sharply decreased during this time, this thesis aims to delve further into the crisis and complicate the established narrative...

Embedded Life: Black Movement and Arrival

Feven Berhanu
This thesis undertakes a dominantly narrated dissonance between Blackness and notions of place, citizenship, and arrival in migration discourse by exploring ways to conceive of Black migration without reliance upon empire and the nation-state. Embedded Life is an imaginative conceptualization of Black movement that attempts to listen and join in on deeply embedded desires, dreams, and insistences for Black life that are vibrant yet buried underneath outer conceptions and impositions of arrival centered migration discourse...

Neuroscience of Psychopathy & Morality: An Ale Meta-analysis of Psychopath’s Moral Reasoning

Felipe Rubim
Psychopathy is a disorder characterized by antisocial and affective traits. Psychopaths present various behavioral problems and moral violations, rendering psychopathy to be defined as a disorder of moral insanity. In addition to behavioral and cognitive research providing evidence of these behavioral issues, neuroscientific research has found abnormal brain activity in psychopaths during moral reasoning tasks, specifically in brain areas that are have been implicated in moral cognition in normal population, such as the amygdala, posterior...

“It can happen to anybody:” Identity-blind rhetoric and LGBTQ inclusion in sex education dating violence prevention

Emma Rudd
Recent research concerning the prevalence of dating violence among U.S. adolescents indicates increased rates among LGBTQ adolescents as compared to their heterosexual and cisgender peers. While schools have worked to combat teen dating violence by including lessons on healthy relationships in sex education curricula, little is known about the effectiveness of such lessons for addressing the unique factors related to both the nature and dynamics of dating violence within the LGBTQ community. This research addresses...

From the Social Gospel to the \"Radical Gospel\": The Fellowship of Southern Churchmen's Use of the Church as a Vessel for Social Change

The Fellowship of Southern Churchmen (FSC) was an interracial southern group of men and women who fought to apply Social Gospel teachings to the turmoil ridden American South. They formed in the midst of the Great Depression and eventually dissolved to make way for other organizations to take the lead in the Civil Rights Movement. The FSC stayed relevant for decades through embracing fluidity and adjusting to both the rapidly changing world around them and...

Attending to Trauma in Diagnosis: a case study of the REACT Clinic at the University of Chicago Medical Center

Ali McLagan
Racial segregation deeply diminishes the wellbeing of communities of color in myriad ways, including affecting mental health, yet mental health services to those communities are inadequate and often delivered without context. Beginning with diagnosis, mental health professionals have historically provided children of color with biased and stigmatized diagnoses, which are then followed by treatments that may be inappropriate to the child and the situation. This study aimed to explore how attending to trauma that often...

The Gendered Politics of Assimilation: How Three Frenchwomen Conceptualized the Civilizing Mission in French Algeria

Madeline Hausmann
This thesis focuses on Anaïs Dutertre, Dorothée Chellier, and Hubertine Auclert’s primary accounts in order to examine how each woman conceptualized France’s civilizing mission in Algeria during the nineteenth century. Despite their different professions, personal objectives, and connections to the French colonial administration, all three women argue for the policy of assimilation, which they considered would be the most beneficial objective for French colonialism in Algeria. I argue that for Dutertre, Chellier, and Auclert assimilation...

Reevaluating Lebensraum: Friedrich Ratzel, Darwinism, and the Argument for Imperialist Continuity, 1871-1945

Grace Richards
German geographer Friedrich Ratzel is best remembered today as the originator of the concept Lebensraum, which became the basis of National Socialist demands for “living space” in Eastern Europe during the Second World War. Historians have described Ratzel’s Lebensraum as a Darwinian concept influenced by his support of settler colonialism, and some have emphasized the continuity of the term in the search for the Wilhelmine roots of Nazi imperialism. Much of the secondary literature on...

Comparing Auditory Working Memory and Visual Attention of Different Types of Video Gamers

Zian Qian
Previous studies have suggested that playing action video games is related to improvement in many cognitive domains, especially visual cognitive functions beyond specific impact on game performance. Taking a domain-general view of the effects of video gaming, we examined the relationship between gaming experience and cognitive skills in both the auditory and visual domain. Since action video game has been narrowly defined in previous research, this study included another game genre (i.e. multiplayer online battle...

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