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Professional Image and Heroism of Nurses during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of the Effects of Social Media on Nurses in Illinois

Jonathon Dalecke
This article uses a survey of nurses in Illinois to explore the heroization of nurses that occurred during the 2020-2021 pandemic and the effects of social media on respondents. Due to their hard work taking care of patients, putting them at risk of contracting the Covid-19, nurses have become viewed as heroic. Other scholars have examined the narratives of heroism surrounding nurses, finding they have both accepted and critiqued their status as heroes. However, there...

Freedom Summer of 1964 and Feminism(s)

Lauren Borg
This paper focuses on expanding the definition of feminism to include the experiences of African American women SNCC workers during the Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964, a nonviolent effort to integrate Mississippi’s segregated political system. As this paper will demonstrate, feminism and the ways in which the women viewed or experienced feminism during the Freedom Summer, meant something different for each woman in SNCC. Many of them did not call themselves feminists or refer to...

Sound of Science: Music as a means for equity in STEM educationn

Dana Maier-Zucchino
As the expansion of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning has emerged as a top priority for both educators and policymakers, conversations regarding equity and representation in STEM fields have also garnered substantial (and warranted) attention in the public eye. Demographic statistics in STEM employment and degree conferment point to stark disparities involving an overrepresentation of White and Asian men, while women, Latinxs, and Black people remain underrepresented in those fields. Recently, scholars and...

“The Embedded Red Engines”: Organizational Foundations of Delegated Governance in China

Hanning Luo
Politicians and organizational leaders always attempt to paint a picture of progress and relate their efforts to such improvements. However, the more governments attempt to do, “the more likely they are to be held liable for poor performance, or for policy changes that impose losses”. Generating supports while avoiding the risks of blame could be a paradoxical task for modern welfare states, especially during economic downturns and retrenchment. Yet the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seems...

The Role of Wisdom and Social Support on Resilience

Megan Loh
The SARS-CoV-2 virus that has produced the COVID-19 disease outbreak has disrupted life throughout the globe. To control this spread, shutdowns of cities and quarantine orders have been put in place by respective governments, but at the consequence of increasing rates of social isolation and frustration amongst citizens. Recent studies on resilience have reported benefits in confronting adverse life events and as a protective factor against psychopathology, with these results differing across social groups. A...

Babies, “Bingo,” and Birth Control: Exploring the Contemporary Eugenics of Elective Sterilization in the US

Sophia Grace Kenyon
This thesis evaluates historical legacies of racism in medical care as focused on elective sterilization surgeries. Contemporary sterilization practices echo the eugenic aims of their historical counterparts as they encourage White fertility and restrict the fertility of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

French Indochina: How Gender Shaped the Imperial System

Theresa Bird
This thesis examines the intimate relationships between indigenous Indochinese women and their French counterparts in the 1930s colony of French Indochina, along with understanding the threat the métis children posed and how that subsequently connects with ideas surrounding roles of both gender and race. More specifically, I argue that French imperialists used gender roles and expectations to uphold their system of empire. Utilizing the stories of two women, one French and the other a métisse,...

Hybrid Activism from Social Movements to Civil Society: Ukraine's Euromaidan

Natalia A. Joseph
A gap in social movement and civil society theory exists when analyzing hybrid activism. Previous work has examined the role of hybridity during social movements as well as how hybridity functions following social movements; however no research has attempted to connect these two areas of inquiry. This paper explains how hybridity in social movements transitions to the post-movement sphere to help civil society groups collaborate with each other and international organizations. Whether these groups work...

An Augustan Imperial Paradigm: Female Bodies, Intersecting Ideologies, and the Early Roman Empire

Catherine Stockalper
This thesis employs arguments developed by historians on the British Empire to explore the essential relationship between empire and the control of female bodies. I argue that the imperative to regulate the reproductive habits of women to expand imperial projects and state power is not a modern British phenomenon; rather, a careful analysis of Roman sources on the early imperial period reveals that the integral link between empire and female bodies was recognized during the...

Democracy in China: Can we even agree on what it means?

Lamar Hendrikse
A study of popular conceptions of democracy in China and their consequences on state legitimacy and the broader political theory of democracy using four iterations of Asian Barometer Survey data. Three main frameworks for popular understanding of democracy in China are found, analyzed, and correlated with views on the Chinese party-state.

“Totally Under Control”: Maintaining Stability and Managing Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases in China

Jichun Zhang
This paper examines how China’s stability maintenance regime responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. I show how party organs in hospitals or neighborhoods worked collaboratively with the police force but shifted shared goals of keeping outsiders uninformed of the outbreak to that of controlling the society and assisting efforts of the state to contain the pandemic once the central government formally recognized the outbreak and decided to take drastic measures. Married existing theories of stability maintenance...

Budgeting for Empire: How Puerto Rican Nationalism Was Affordable for The United States

Alexander Sanchez Claudio
Why did the U.S. keep Puerto Rico as a colony after World War II? Why would a great power like the U.S. let go of a colony like the Philippines? To maintain an empire consisting of conquered territories, the conqueror has to also contend with nationalism, which can add additional “expenses” (both social and economic) to the empire in the form of counterinsurgency. In order to identify why the United States ceded the Philippines but...

Will parental substance use and parental absence influence homeless youths’ psychopathology, adjustment, and alcohol and substance abuse?

Leyi Kang
Youth homelessness, a pervasive and persistent problem all over the world, is highly associated with negative behavioral outcomes. Research has found that parental substance use and family conflict were two primary risk factors for youth homelessness, but it remains unclear if absence of family conflicts may lead to different outcomes. While previous research have been exploring the impact of parental absence and parental substance use in the general population, we examined how parental absence and...

Differential Impacts of Water Privatization in Sub-Saharan Africa

Countries in Africa have historically struggled with access to safe water. Over the past three decades, the World Bank has promoted the privatization of water systems through contracts with foreign companies as the solution to the water crisis. However, only a handful of privatization efforts in Africa have succeeded, with most governments taking back control of their water supplies after only a few years. Furthermore, recent evidence suggests that expanded water access resulting from privatization...

Uncertainty Quantification under Weak Assumptions

Byol Kim
This work collects three projects. The broad theme common to all three projects is quantifying uncertainty, preferably under a weak set of assumptions. This theme is explored through mainly two types of problems of statistical inference that exemplify aspects of modern statistics. The first type pertains to the problems of learning about the difference between two graphical models given two sets of independent and identically distributed (IID) observations when the number of variables far exceeds...

Inequality, Party Platforms, and Representation

Richard Scott Cooley
Is the U.S. political system necessarily “rigged” in favor of the affluent? There is no shortage of people, both inside and outside of political science, who believe so. Using an underexploited resource, party platforms, I contend that the Democratic Party generally offers better representation than Republicans to the non-affluent and groups such as trade unions—but not in issue domains outside of economics. Meanwhile, the Republican Party generally best represents the affluent—but not for areas such...

Viewing the World after Structural Film: Realist Impulses in Experimental Cinema

Dave C. Burnham
This dissertation argues for the importance of realist aesthetics to the theory and practice of experimental cinema. While experimental cinema has traditionally been conceived as cinema’s most modernist form due to its rejection of representation in favor of an emphasis of cinema’s material basis, I argue that this view has obscured key elements of experimental films and filmmakers, a problem that has only grown more pronounced with time. Drawing on Stanley Cavell’s theory of modernist...

Analytic and Machine Learning Methods for Controlling Nonlinearities in Particle Accelerators

Lipi Gupta
Particle accelerators are versatile machines which make both particle physics research and probing nature at microscopic scales possible. At advanced light source facilities, high energy charged particles are used to produce energetic photons. The light generated can resolve atomic structures at Angstrom length scales and observing processes occurring at femtosecond time scales. To achieve this, advancements in methods for designing and controlling nonlinear phenomena in the accelerator is crucial. In machines with periodic structures such...

Vortex Flows on Surfaces and Their Anomalous Hydrodynamics

Aleksandr Bogatskii
Hydrodynamic flows with large numbers of vortices have been a staple of theoretical hydrodynamics since Onsager and Feynman. Treating such vortices as constituents of a new fluid of their own leads to an interesting anomalous hydrodynamics that exhibits curious phenomena such as odd viscosity. Starting with the incompressible Euler equation, we rigorously derive the entire coarse-grained hydrodynamics of the "vortex matter" consisting of many identical discrete point vortices on an arbitrary closed 2D surface. The...


Micol Federica Tresoldi
Despite its generic title, this thesis is about a specific notion of sparsity, the one introduced by McCullagh and Polson (2018). In that paper, the intuitive idea that sparsity, in a statistical framework, refers to those ''phenomena that are mostly negligible or seldom appreciably large'', has, for the first time, been given a mathematical definition. In studying this definition of statistical sparsity as a limiting property of a sequence of probability distributions, research has proceeded...

Unmoved Emotions in Shakespeare and Milton

Michal Zechariah
“Unmoved Emotions in Shakespeare and Milton” challenges the longstanding understanding of the relation between emotion and morality as primarily one of motivation and action. On this view, emotions either serve morality by motivating virtuous actions or do the opposite by driving evil actions. This is a plausible position—and yet the passions, affections, humors, and sentiments that saturate English writing in the seventeenth century often arise amid ambiguous moral demands, and they do not always correspond...

Essays in Bayesian Inference and Deep Learning

Jianeng Xu
I have written three essays in the area of Bayesian inference and deep learning. The first essay uses the theory of normal variance-mean mixtures to derive a data augmentation scheme for models that include gamma functions. The second essay introduces and develops a weighted Bayesian bootstrap for machine learning and statistics. The last essay studies the characteristics-sorted factor model in empirical asset pricing and designs a nonreduced-form feedforward neural network with the non-arbitrage objective to...

Photonic Enhancement of Spin Qubits in Silicon Carbide

Alexander L Crook
The emergence of controllable quantum systems has led to exciting applications for quantum computation, communication, and metrology. Among the many candidate systems, silicon carbide has attracted interest as a solid-state quantum platform in a technologically mature semiconductor material. When one creates atomic defects in silicon carbide lattice, individual electrons become trapped in isolated energy levels in the band gap. These electron spins can then be optically initialized and read out while being coherently controlled through...

The \"New Jew\" of Zionist Historiography: The Social Vision and Historical Imagination of Yitzhak Baer, Gershom Scholem, and Yehezkel Kaufmann

Yiftach Ofek
The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the Zionist project of creating a “New Jew” (or “New Hebrew”) from the perspective of three of the founding fathers of Israeli historiography, all associated with the so-called “Jerusalem School” of Jewish historiography: Yitzhak Baer (1888-1980), the historian of the Jewish Middle Ages, who late in life turned to the study of Second Commonwealth Judaism; Gershom Scholem (1897-1982), the founder of the academic study of Jewish mysticism;...

The Contingency of Moral Personhood

Emily Dupree
The Contingency of Moral Personhood challenges conceptions of the person on which moral personhood is an inviolable feature of the human condition. In its place, I argue for a novel account of moral personhood in which having the status as an end in oneself is contingent on the social and political factors of one’s environment. By investigating the moral psychology of living under conditions of oppression, I argue that its distinct interpersonal trauma has the...

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