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Charles Blair

Data for \"Revisiting the storm track baroclinicity-intensity puzzle for Snowball Earth\"

Tiffany Shaw
Matlab files with data to reproduce figures

American Muslim Cultural Challenges within US Healthcare Survey Data

Aasim Padela

Rare Event Sampling Improves Mercury Instability Statistics

Dorian S. Abbot
This tgz file contains data and code to reproduce the results from the paper "Rare Event Sampling Improves Mercury Instability Statistics" https://arxiv.org/abs/2106.09091

Adapting a religious health fatalism measure for use in Muslim populations

Shaheen; Vu Nageeb

ChiWIS H2O data from the IsoCloud 4 Campaign

Benjamin Clouser
These data, presented in the NASA Ames format, contain time series of the water vapor mixing ratio measured by the Chicago Water Isotope Spectrometer (ChiWIS) during the IsoCloud 4 campaign at the AIDA cloud chamber.

Data for Mooring & Shaw (2019)

Tiffany Shaw
Data to reproduce results in Mooring & Shaw (2019, Journal of geophysical research

Data for clot degradation under the action of histotripsy bubble activity and a lytic drug

Samuel Hendley
Venous thromboembolism is a major source of morbidity worldwide, and the degree of intervention depends on the likelihood of sequalae. Iliofemoral thrombi can migrate to the pulmonary circulation, which has a high associated risk of mortality. The frontline treatment for deep vein thrombosis is recanalization with a catheter-directed fibrinolytic administered over the course of several hours. Prolonged exposure to fibrinolytic carries an increased risk of undue bleeding. Further, mature venous thrombi contain components that are...

The midlatitude response to polar sea ice loss and melting: Idealized slab-ocean aquaplanet experiments with thermodynamic sea ice

Tiffany Shaw
Data required to reproduce the figures in the paper.

Content Analysis of Information Ethics Curriculum in iSchools

Eleanor Mattern & Chelsea Gunn
This dataset supports an upcoming publication in International Journal of Information Ethics by Eleanor Mattern and Chelsea Gunn. This data includes a content analysis of information ethics topics covered in iSchool curriculum. This analysis was completed in spring 2017.

Topographic Data Sets associated with Forte and Rowley (2022) \"Earth’s Isostatic and Dynamic Topography-A Critical Perspective\"

David Rowley
This a 1 Degree pixel-centered data set of latitude, longitude, values. Where values are: GIA Corrected Crust1 Topography, Residual Topography (FR2021), Residual Topography (FR2021-R2018), and Lu et al. (2020) calculated Dynamic Topography

A National Survey of Muslim Physician Attitudes Toward Religion and Medicine

Aasim Padela

Data and Code for Evolving CO2 in ExoCAM

Yixiao Zhang
Here are the data the source code used in the paper, "Evolving CO2 rather than SST leads to a factor of ten decrease in GCM convergence time".

Scaling Relations for Terrestrial Exoplanet Atmospheres from Baroclinic Criticality

Thaddeus Komacek
The macroturbulent atmospheric circulation of Earth-like planets mediates their equator-to-pole heat transport. For fast-rotating terrestrial planets, baroclinic instabilities in the mid-latitudes lead to turbulent eddies that act to transport heat poleward. In this work, we derive a scaling theory for the equator-to-pole temperature contrast and bulk lapse rate of terrestrial exoplanet atmospheres. This theory is built on the work of Jansen & Ferrari and determines how unstable the atmosphere is to baroclinic instability (the baroclinic...

Geomasking Archaeological Site Points

Cecilia Smith
A zip folder holding a set of five point shapefiles, including: one sample of observed, non-sensitive archaeological sites in Wyoming; one set of geomasked points produced using a donut method; and three sets of geomasked points derived from a low resolution, georeferenced maps at the scales of 1:100000, 1:5000000, and 1:20000000.

Precise Photometric Measurements from a 1903 Photographic Plate Using a Commercial Scanner

William Cerney, Richard G. Kron, Michael N. Martinez, Amanda Muratore, Ali Chapman, Yingyi Liang, Jason J. Lin, Elisabeth Medina, Buduka Ogonor, Jorge Sanchez & Rowen Glusman
Includes: README file and TIFF images of center 2.4” glass plate negative (3 repeated scans), 1 rotated center 2.4” glass plate negative, positive and negative step wedge for calibration and associated README Catalog of stars in center 2.4” and associated README Unchanged, inverted, and transformed FITS images of center 2.4” README of descriptions of files

Annotation cards created by David Tod Roy

David Tod Roy
In his personal copy of Jin ping mei 金瓶梅 (Plum in the Golden Vase), David Roy used annotation codes as marginalia; details and references for these codes can be found in this PDF.

Data and code for Mooring, Davis and Greybush (2021, JGR-Planets), \"Low-level jets and the convergence of Mars data assimilation algorithms\"

Todd A. Mooring
This zip archive contains data and code necessary to reproduce the figures and tables of Mooring, Davis, and Greybush (2021, JGR-Planets), "Low-level jets and the convergence of Mars data assimilation algorithms". This directory contains two subdirectories: figures/ and tables/. MATLAB code has been tested in R2020a on both Linux (CentOS) and Mac OS (Big Sur), revisions may be necessary to get it to work on other platforms. Most notably, the MATLAB scripts make use of...

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