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Simulation Data

Tiffany Shaw & Tan Zhihong

Data from Graham et al. (2019)

Tiffany Shaw, Dorian Abbot & Robert Graham
Data needed to reproduced figures from Graham et al (2019) "The Snowball Stratosphere"

Data for Evolving CO2 in ExoCAM

Yixiao Zhang
Here are the data and scripts used for creating all the 9 figures in the paper, "Evolving CO$_2$ rather than SST leads to a factor of ten decrease in GCM convergence time".

Data and code for Mooring, Davis and Greybush (2021, JGR-Planets), \"Low-level jets and the convergence of Mars data assimilation algorithms\"

Todd A. Mooring
This zip archive contains data and code necessary to reproduce the figures and tables of Mooring, Davis, and Greybush (2021, JGR-Planets), "Low-level jets and the convergence of Mars data assimilation algorithms". This directory contains two subdirectories: figures/ and tables/. MATLAB code has been tested in R2020a on both Linux (CentOS) and Mac OS (Big Sur), revisions may be necessary to get it to work on other platforms. Most notably, the MATLAB scripts make use of...

The Simons Observatory: Large Aperture Telescope Receiver Tester Holography Data

Grace Chesmore

How Islamic Beliefs Influence Breast Cancer Screening Survey Data

Aasim Padela

Stability of Fe2S and phase relations in the Fe–S–O system to 170 GPa and high temperatures

Claire Zurkowski
This dataset includes pressure-temperature-phase relation data from analyzed X-ray diffraction patterns and chemical analysis data from energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.

Astronomical data and derivations from historic photographic glass plate 10B-161 from Yerkes Observatory Glass Plate collection

Rowen Glusman, Isaiah Escapa & Richard G. Kron
Includes: - TIFF images of glass plate negative at full size, center 6”, and step wedge for calibration and associated README - Catalog of stars in center 6” and associated README - FITS images of center 6” and associated README - README of descriptions of files

Faceted wrinkling at a contracted curved boundary

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