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Charles Blair

Data for Mooring & Shaw (2019)

Tiffany Shaw
Data to reproduce results in Mooring & Shaw (2019, Journal of geophysical research

Content Analysis of Information Ethics Curriculum in iSchools

Eleanor Mattern & Chelsea Gunn
This dataset supports an upcoming publication in International Journal of Information Ethics by Eleanor Mattern and Chelsea Gunn. This data includes a content analysis of information ethics topics covered in iSchool curriculum. This analysis was completed in spring 2017.

Scaling Relations for Terrestrial Exoplanet Atmospheres from Baroclinic Criticality

Thaddeus Komacek
The macroturbulent atmospheric circulation of Earth-like planets mediates their equator-to-pole heat transport. For fast-rotating terrestrial planets, baroclinic instabilities in the mid-latitudes lead to turbulent eddies that act to transport heat poleward. In this work, we derive a scaling theory for the equator-to-pole temperature contrast and bulk lapse rate of terrestrial exoplanet atmospheres. This theory is built on the work of Jansen & Ferrari and determines how unstable the atmosphere is to baroclinic instability (the baroclinic...

Geomasking Archaeological Site Points

Cecilia Smith
A zip folder holding a set of five point shapefiles, including: one sample of observed, non-sensitive archaeological sites in Wyoming; one set of geomasked points produced using a donut method; and three sets of geomasked points derived from a low resolution, georeferenced maps at the scales of 1:100000, 1:5000000, and 1:20000000.

Data from Graham et al. (2019)

Tiffany Shaw, Dorian Abbot & Robert Graham
Data needed to reproduced figures from Graham et al (2019) "The Snowball Stratosphere"

Stability of Fe2S and phase relations in the Fe–S–O system to 170 GPa and high temperatures

Claire Zurkowski
This dataset includes pressure-temperature-phase relation data from analyzed X-ray diffraction patterns and chemical analysis data from energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.

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