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Data for \"Revisiting the storm track baroclinicity-intensity puzzle for Snowball Earth\"

Tiffany Shaw
Matlab files with data to reproduce figures

American Muslim Cultural Challenges within US Healthcare Survey Data

Aasim Padela

ChiWIS H2O data from the IsoCloud 4 Campaign

Benjamin Clouser
These data, presented in the NASA Ames format, contain time series of the water vapor mixing ratio measured by the Chicago Water Isotope Spectrometer (ChiWIS) during the IsoCloud 4 campaign at the AIDA cloud chamber.

Data for clot degradation under the action of histotripsy bubble activity and a lytic drug

Samuel Hendley
Venous thromboembolism is a major source of morbidity worldwide, and the degree of intervention depends on the likelihood of sequalae. Iliofemoral thrombi can migrate to the pulmonary circulation, which has a high associated risk of mortality. The frontline treatment for deep vein thrombosis is recanalization with a catheter-directed fibrinolytic administered over the course of several hours. Prolonged exposure to fibrinolytic carries an increased risk of undue bleeding. Further, mature venous thrombi contain components that are...

A National Survey of Muslim Physician Attitudes Toward Religion and Medicine

Aasim Padela

How Islamic Beliefs Influence Breast Cancer Screening Survey Data

Aasim Padela

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  • 2020

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