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Topographic Data Sets associated with Forte and Rowley (2022) \"Earth’s Isostatic and Dynamic Topography-A Critical Perspective\"

David Rowley
This a 1 Degree pixel-centered data set of latitude, longitude, values. Where values are: GIA Corrected Crust1 Topography, Residual Topography (FR2021), Residual Topography (FR2021-R2018), and Lu et al. (2020) calculated Dynamic Topography

Precise Photometric Measurements from a 1903 Photographic Plate Using a Commercial Scanner

William Cerney, Richard G. Kron, Michael N. Martinez, Amanda Muratore, Ali Chapman, Yingyi Liang, Jason J. Lin, Elisabeth Medina, Buduka Ogonor, Jorge Sanchez & Rowen Glusman
Includes: README file and TIFF images of center 2.4” glass plate negative (3 repeated scans), 1 rotated center 2.4” glass plate negative, positive and negative step wedge for calibration and associated README Catalog of stars in center 2.4” and associated README Unchanged, inverted, and transformed FITS images of center 2.4” README of descriptions of files

Annotation cards created by David Tod Roy

David Tod Roy
In his personal copy of Jin ping mei 金瓶梅 (Plum in the Golden Vase), David Roy used annotation codes as marginalia; details and references for these codes can be found in this PDF.

The Simons Observatory: Large Aperture Telescope Receiver Tester Holography Data

Grace Chesmore

Astronomical data and derivations from historic photographic glass plate 10B-161 from Yerkes Observatory Glass Plate collection

Rowen Glusman, Isaiah Escapa & Richard G. Kron
Includes: - TIFF images of glass plate negative at full size, center 6”, and step wedge for calibration and associated README - Catalog of stars in center 6” and associated README - FITS images of center 6” and associated README - README of descriptions of files

Faceted wrinkling at a contracted curved boundary

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  • 2022

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