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Advocate's Forum, 2014

On Cinema As Media: Archeology, Experience, Digital Aesthetics

Michelle Rose Marie Menzies

Bridging Micro- and Macroevolution in Neotropical Army Ants

Max E. Winston

Implementing mathematical expressiveness in Diderot

Charisee Chiw


Sarah Margaret Urbut

Is Professional Knowledge Gendered? Clients' Role in the Gender Pay Gap Problem

Adilia Elise Elizabeth James

The role of tumor-associated macrophages in triple-negative breast cancer invasion and metastasis

Daniel Christopher Rabe

The Ontological Argument, Its Criticisms and Consequences

Jason Grant Cather

Crime in Mamluk Historiography: A Fraud Case Depicted by Ibn Taghribirdi (MSR X.2, 2006)

Carl F. Petry

Medieval Egyptian Society and the Concept of the Circle of Justice (MSR X.2, 2006)

Linda T. Darling

Book Reviews (MSR X.2, 2006)

Patrick Wing Boaz Shoshan

A primer in Grantha characters

K. Venugopalan

The Integrated Stress Response in Hypoxia Induced Diffuse White Matter Injury

Benjamin Lawrence Lynner Clayton

The Role of Nitrogen in Mediating Algal-Microbial Interactions in a Rocky Intertidal Ecosystem

Orissa Merritt Moulton

A Study of Telomere Length as a Prospective Biomarker of Cancer Risk

Chenan Zhang

The Lymphotoxin Pathway Mediates Protective Immunity Against a Bacterial Pathogen

Joanna Alicja Wroblewska

Advocate's Forum, 2003

A Macro-Finance Approach to Sovereign Debt Spreads and Returns

Fabrice Tourre

Logarithmic Differential Operators on the Wonderful Compactification

Sergei Sagatov

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