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Essays on Incompleteness in Financial Markets and Contracts

Xun Xu
In Chapter 1 of my dissertation, I study how should the banking system be designed under a setting where markets and contracts are incomplete, to most efficiently create the private money in an economy (i.e., bank deposits), which need to be made both liquid and safe. I identify three market failures: an incentive problem, a commitment problem, and a coordination problem, as consequences of the combination of a safe asset creation constraint under liquidity risks...

Customer Retention under Imperfect Information

Yewon Kim
I study why many firms face low retention rates among new customers. In particular, I examine whether customer churn at the firm level after a single product experience is solely driven by heterogeneous preferences or is affected by incomplete information about the products. I use a long panel of individual-level ticket purchases from a major U.S. symphony center for which 60% of first-time customers do not return after a single visit. The data exhibit patterns...

Digging Deeper: Exploring the Relationship of the Rooney Rule and Coaching Diversity in the NFL

Justin Chaljub
This paper analyzes the relationship between the Rooney Rule and coaching diversity in the National Football League (NFL). The Rooney Rule is a policy implemented in 2003 by the NFL to address long-standing concerns over minority representation among coaches. The Rooney Rule stipulates that for every head-coaching vacancy, at least one minority candidate must be interviewed for the position. In this paper, I provide input to the research question: To what extent has the Rooney...

Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Random Coefficient Models

Wooyong Lee
This paper studies dynamic panel data linear models that allow multiplicative and additive heterogeneity in a short panel context by allowing both the coefficients and intercept to be individual-specific. I show that the model is not point-identified and yet partially identified, and I characterize the sharp identified sets of the mean, variance, and distribution of the partial effect distribution. The characterization applies to both discrete and continuous data. A computationally feasible estimation and inference procedure...

XBART: A Scalable Stochastic Algorithm for Supervised Machine Learning with Additive Tree Ensembles

Jingyu He
This dissertation develops a novel stochastic tree ensemble method for nonlinear regression, which I refer to as XBART, short for Accelerated Bayesian Additive Regression Trees. By combining regularization and stochastic search strategies from Bayesian modeling with computationally efficient techniques from recursive partitioning approaches, the new method attains state-of-the-art performance: in many settings it is both faster and more accurate than the widely-used XGBoost algorithm. Via careful simulation studies, I demonstrate that our new approach provides...

Partially Directed Search in the Labor Market

Liangjie Wu
I study the labor market implications of limited information inherent in the job search pro- cess. I build an equilibrium search model where workers have partial information regarding the payoffs of jobs. Workers pay a cost to direct job search that is proportional to the divergence between the chosen search strategy and a benchmark random search strategy. With this cost, workers apply to every job with a positive probability, but apply to high-payoff jobs with...

Essays in Information Economics

Wenji Xu
The dissertation consists of three essays in information economics. In the first chapter, "Social Learning in General Information Environments," I consider a variant of the model of herd behavior introduced by Banerjee (1992) and Bikhchandani, Hirshleifer, and Welch (1992). I study a social learning model in which agents make decisions sequentially and learn about an unknown payoff-relevant state through two sources – a signal about the state itself (a state-signal) and a signal about the...

El indianismo en Cuba y Puerto Rico

Jorge Lefevre Tavárez
Esta tesis investiga la literatura indianista de Cuba y Puerto Rico escrita durante el siglo XIX y en una variedad de géneros literarios (poemas, leyendas, novelas). En específico, esta tesis analiza el desarrollo histórico de esta literatura en ambas islas y los recursos estilísticos que emplean los distintos autores de textos indianistas para articular el pasado indígena de las Antillas. La tesis, en primer lugar, da cuenta de la periodicidad de este fenómeno literario en...

Politics in My Good Christian Suburbs

Ridgley Knapp

Plain Transitions

Addison Leavy

How to Heal: The Evolution of Mid-Late Soviet and Russian Medical Education Policy

Nicholas Eklund

An Evaluation of State Collateral Consequence Policy in Pennsylvania and Texas

Whitney Beamer

Twin Aims

Adam Berger

School Choice

Beverly Chodorov

Social Pressure and Self-Selection in Experimental Policy Evaluation

Alec Brandon
A leading technique uses randomized experimentation to evaluate the impact of policy in- terventions. Applications of this technique often measure the impact of an intervention on a self-selected sample. In this paper, I propose that social pressure from the experimenter is a determinant of these selection decisions. I test this hypothesis in the context of a study on a free LED lighting program. Recruitment takes place door-to-door in the suburbs of Chicago. A day before...

Between the Literal and the Allegorical: Biblical Paraphrase and the Mediation of Scripture in Philo of Alexandria's and Gregory of Nyssa's Lives of Moses

Richard Aaren Zaleski
Philo of Alexandria and Gregory of Nyssa each composed a two-volume work entitled the Life of Moses. While a few scholarly treatments have been written on how these two treatises have retold the story of Moses as depicted in scripture, a full analysis has yet to appear that investigates how they use the art of ancient paraphrase to reshape scripture. By performing a comparative literary analysis of the two Lives of Moses, both externally with...

Idea Production and Team Structure

Jeremy Gordon Pearce
In the modern world, technological and scientific innovation relies heavily on teamwork. The ``lone genius'' is mostly a story of the past, as innovating teams have become larger, more diverse, and more geographically dispersed. This paper builds a framework that links idea production and matching in teams to aggregate innovation. With this framework, the paper quantifies the forces behind rising team size and shifts in team composition and produces a method for evaluating the relative...

The Exodus of Medical Professionals From Ethiopia

Feven Jembere

Bird's Eye View

Kimika Padilla

Voting and Bar Associations

Milan Rivas

Tumor Cell-Intrinsic Defects in STING Pathway Signaling and Type I Interferon Expression

Blake Alan Flood
It has previously been shown that immunogenic tumors spontaneously activate the innate immune system through the STING pathway. Based on this observation, STING agonists have been developed and are being tested as a pharmacologic approach to activate the pathway and promote anti-tumor immunity. As part of these studies, we observed that tumor cells themselves usually fail to produce IFN-β in response to STING agonists or cytoplasmic DNA, arguing that loss of activation of this pathway...

Thrifty Query Processing

Dixin Tang
Database systems have long been designed to take one of the two major approaches to process a dataset under changes (e.g. a data stream). Eager query processing methods, such as continuous query processing or immediate incremental view maintenance (IVM), are optimized to reduce query latency. They eagerly maintain standing queries by consuming all available resources to immediately process new data, which can be a major source of wasting CPU cycles and memory resources. On the...

People, Cities, and Birds in Latin America

Natalia Piland
Urban ecology, evolution, and conservation are important disciplines in our urbanized and urbanizing world. In the last twenty years, academic work has elucidated generalizable patterns about how urbanization affects the natural world. In this talk, I will approach these patterns from the perspective of Latin America and the Caribbean, first giving a short review on what these patterns are, then asking questions about how cities may make vulnerable assemblages more or less vulnerable in the...

Authority That Matters: An Ethnography of Trust and Food Safety in Post-Soviet Georgia

Natalja Denise Czarnecki
This dissertation is an ethnographic account of the moral politics of food safety in post-Soviet Georgia. It focuses on the uneasy articulation and production of “global food safety” in the post-Soviet context, centering on the intersections of Georgian popular food politics, regulatory expertise, and global as well as European Union (EU)-designed reforms of food safety laws and governance in the capital city of Tbilisi. It is based on three years of fieldwork within different institutional...

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