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Josef Ženka

The Relationship Between Transit Access and Concentrated Disadvantage within Chicago

Daniel Weiss
This thesis explores whether there is a relationship between transit access and concentrated disadvantage within Chicago. Using various regression models with different distance thresholds around rail stations, I was able to find a partial relationship between transit access and concentrated disadvantage within Chicago at the limited scale (0.5-mile range from a transit station), indicating that employment rate and health insurance coverage were positively related with transit access, and that minority status was negatively related with...

San Francisco Case Study: Pedestrian Safety and Bus Efficiency Tradeoffs

Agnes Lo
Globally, multi-modal transportation agencies constantly struggle to balance both efficiency and safety between various forms of pedestrian, vehicular, and transit traffic. City traffic systems must rely on street design and precise signal engineering to influence millions of human and mechanical movements daily. Considering the myriad traffic variables influencing these systems’ performance, it is difficult or impossible for transit agencies to satisfy all transportation users simultaneously. San Francisco’s traffic signal retiming project demonstrates firsthand how protecting...

Medicating the Environment: Understanding the Challenges and Barriers of Establishing a Safe Pharmaceutical Disposal Program

Madeleine Bol
In the United States, we do not currently test for pharmaceutical contaminants in our water. This is extremely problematic because when pharmaceuticals are leached into the environment, the active chemical components can cause serious harm to wildlife. Furthermore, pharmaceuticals can contaminate drinking water posing a health risk to human health. Yet, one of the simplest actions to prevent pharmaceutical contamination—proper pharmaceutical disposal—is a neglected aspect of the American waste system. There are no federal disposal...

Blowing Away the Problem?: An Analysis of China’s National Energy Administration Documents in Order to Understand Wind Curtailment

Laura Parker
In the last twenty years, China has invested immense resources in growing their renewable energy from infancy to one of the world’s most comprehensive programs. Since 2011, China has consistently been the top investor in renewable energy. In 2017, China represented 43% of the world’s investment into renewable energy or roughly $88.5 billion USD. These investments led to China becoming the country with the largest wind and solar capacity since 2012 and 2015 respectively. However,...

A Dynamical and Quantitative Approach to Characterize Non-canonical Immune Recognition Events

Christopher Thomas Boughter
The adaptive immune system is a rich and complex field of study, with incremental improvements in our understanding of the fundamental machinations of some of its core components providing translation developments such as improved vaccines against infectious disease, drugs that can limit the severity of allergic reactions, and immunotherapies for treatment of a wide range of cancers. At the level of basic science, specific subsets of the adaptive immune response each have key questions spanning...

Mechanical Metamaterials from Disorder

Nidhi Pashine
Mechanical properties of disordered networks can be significantly tailored by modifying a small fraction of their bonds. This procedure has been used to design and build mechanical metamaterials with a variety of responses. A long-range 'allosteric' response, where a localized input strain at one site gives rise to a localized output strain at a distant site, has been of particular interest. This work presents a novel approach to incorporating allosteric responses in experimental systems by...

Developing Semi-Ladder Polymer Systems For Light-Emitting Transistor Applications

Mohammad Ahmad Awais
This work details the design, synthesis, characterization, and device fabrication of semi-ladder polymer systems for light-emitting transistor applications. Donor-acceptor semi-ladder polymer systems were employed as active layers in multi-layered organic light-emitting transistor devices via solution processing and structure-property interrelationship was studied in detail. Folded furan-based FFPQ polymer systems were found to be extremely promising with an external quantum efficiency of 6.9% which is the highest among solution-processed multi-layered organic light-emitting transistor devices.

The Use of Block-Copolymer Nanolithography to Fabricate Ultrafine Phononic Crystals and Phononic Crystal-Enhanced Devices

Elizabeth Michiko Ashley
In recent years, phononic crystals have emerged as a possible route for engineering the thermal properties of semiconductor materials like silicon independently of their electronic properties. Heat carriers, or thermal phonons, in Si are very difficult to manipulate due to their wide range of frequencies and nanoscale size. Nanostructures are required to most effectively manipulate thermal phonons, but are extremely difficult to fabricate due to resolution limitations of modern lithography equipment. We present in this...

Design, Optimization, and Simulation of Scalable Quantum Computing Systems

Xin-Chuan Wu
Quantum computing (QC) aims to solve certain computational problems beyond the capabilities of even the largest classical high-performance computers. By leveraging the quantum mechanical principles of superposition and entanglement, QC algorithms have the potential to revolutionize areas such as machine learning, quantum chemistry, and cryptography. To perform quantum advantages, a scalable quantum computing system is essential. This thesis demonstrates techniques that address problems of the development of scalable quantum computers. The first part of the...

Self-Assembled Hybrid Nanomaterials for Synergistic Chemotherapy, Chemoimmunotherapy, and Photodynamic Therapy of Cancers

Wenbo Han
Although chemotherapeutic anticancer drugs have been developed and used in clinical practices for more than 80 years, there still exist many unsolved problems and limitations, including low bioavailability and high systemic toxicity. Moreover, different drugs usually do not share the same physicochemical properties and behave differently inside the body, which makes it difficult to combine multiple drugs to overcome resistance to one single drug or to achieve a synergetic effect. Nanoscale coordination polymer (NCP) is...

Impact Crater Statistics and the History of Rivers on Mars

Samuel Holo
River valleys and deposits record periods of time when Mars’ climate supported liquid water on the planet’s surface. However, the majority of geomorphic studies focus on detailed reconstructions of local or regional hydrology, thereby limiting our global understanding of Mars’ climate through time. In this dissertation, we set out to constrain our view of Mars’ climate history through novel applications of impact crater statistics. Impact craters are ideal for probing the history of river erosion...

Nietzsche's Argument for the Philosophical Life: An Interpretation of Beyond Good and Evil

William Peter Wood
The dissertation presents a novel interpretation of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil as an argument for the philosophical life, centered on a close reading of the first 29 aphorisms as an interconnected sequence. I argue that Nietzsche’s aim is to recover the ancient idea of philosophy as a way of life, while grounding his conception of first philosophy as psychology, which he calls “the queen of the sciences.” This psychology is a reflexive inquiry into...

Sign differentiation within the transmedicalist online world

Jamie Ackerman
This research explores the online transmedicalist community, a subcommunity within the transgender community whose members view being transgender as a medical condition. The aim of this study is to understand how transmedicalists differentiate themselves from another trans subcommunity called tucutes (whose members instead view being transgender as a social issue). Using content analysis, the study addresses the following questions: What is a transmedicalist ideology, and how is it enacted in transgender identity discourse online? How...

Exploring children’s everyday activities through parent and child utterances

Bethany Beal
The present study examines the activities a child experiences and the amount of speech they are using and hearing from the surrounding environment. Studying childhood activities in early development is important due to their potential to impact a child’s linguistic and cognitive skills. Using one visit from a twelve-visit longitudinal study focused over the first five years of life, we were able to look at the preliminary findings of a much larger study at hand....

Can you scare away anxiety? Analyzing the relationship between morbid curiosity and anxiety

Patrick Cecil
Morbid curiosity refers to a phenomenon where certain individuals are drawn to seek out dangerous stimuli as expressed in horror fandom and interest in true crime. Recent studies have shown that morbid curiosity might act to promote effective coping strategies in the face of anxiety and stress. Across two studies, we seek to shed light on the nature of the relationship between morbid curiosity and anxiety. In Study 1, we tested the relationship between morbid...

Academic Intellectuals and University Students in Socialist China: Class Struggle and Land Reform

Chunhao Liu
The 1950 land reform was not only the first nationwide economic campaign but also the large-scale political campaign for academic intellectuals and university students in 1950. In this thesis, the intellectuals (zhishi fenzi) are the academic intellectuals(scholars) in the university, who had no political/party preference, and intellectual youths (zhishi qingnian) that I want to study are the university students who entered the university in 1948 and 1949. Many academic intellectuals and university students followed the...

Alcohol Consumption, Drinking Context, and Subjective Responses to Alcohol in Binge-Drinking Episodes: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Investigation

Andrew Fischer
Binge drinking is common among young adults, putting them at increased risk for severe alcohol related health outcomes and mortality. Past research links subjective responses to alcohol (i.e., how individuals experience its rewarding or impairing effects) to risk for future negative alcohol related health outcomes. Further work demonstrates that context (e.g. drinking in the presence of others or in certain locations such as bars and restaurants) may increase the rewarding effects of alcohol and drive...

Urban Bicycle Infrastructure and Gentrification: A Quantitative Assessment of 46 American Cities

Gabriel Morrison
In recent years, cities across the United States have expanded their bicycle infrastructure. In some instances, community members and local politicians have criticized these developments and noted a link between bicycle lanes and gentrification. In response, recent studies have assessed the quantitative associations between bicycle infrastructure and gentrification in a few large cities. Their results have been mixed but generally support residents’ claims of linkages between gentrification and bike infrastructure. However, research is often limited...

Why are IPOs Always Underpriced? An Empirical Study of Behavioral Economics

IPO underpricing has become one of the most famous market anomalies in the modern financial market. This phenomenon, called the "New Issue Puzzle," stimulated a hot debate among economists. Many of them focused on explaining the cause of this anomaly using the classical economics models. It is relatively novel to explain this anomaly based on behavioral economics theories. This paper took a comprehensive perspective, considered two possible stages that the underpricing derived from: the pricing...

Rapidly Introducing Molecular Complexity: Reaction Development and Application to Hydrocarbon and Heterocyclic Frameworks

Charles James Frederick Cole
Natural product total synthesis, as a field, has sought to provide access to complex and intriguing structures as a means to further chemical knowledge, support biological studies and inspire therapeutic design. However, such access is limited by the tools made available to synthetic chemists, and as such, a leading goal within the community is the development and application of novel reactions to expedite the synthesis of targets of interest. Over the years the chemical toolbox,...

Learning beyond Accuracy: Evidence for Worked Examples as a Support for Students' Proportional Reasoning Gains

Elayne Patrice Vollman
A series of studies examined the cognitive underpinnings of worked examples as a tool for introducing multiple solution strategies for the same concept, here proportional reasoning, and for supporting complex higher order thinking. Worked examples were also tested as a tool to protect against temporarily strained cognitive resources (i.e., high pressure contexts), and resultant student solutions were explored in detail to understand affordances and limits in problem solving based on worked examples. Specifically, across this...

Collective Response to Scarcity: How the Resource Environment Shapes Social Networks

Kariyushi Rao
The present research program investigates the underlying mechanisms that drive changes in the structure of communication networks among strategic decision-makers confronted with changes in their resource environment. This investigation is carried out through five experiments that engage human participants in a novel n-armed bandit task either as individuals (Studies 1, 2A, and 2B) or as members of interactive groups (Studies 3A and 3B). This research program makes several novel contributions. Primary among these is an...

Classical Points of Low Weight in p-adic Families of Modular Forms

Eric David Stubley
We develop a new strategy for studying low weight specializations of p-adic families of ordinary modular forms. In the elliptic case, we give a new proof of a result of Ghate--Vatsal which states that a Hida family contains infinitely many classical eigenforms of weight one if and only if it has complex multiplication. Our strategy is designed to explicitly avoid use of the related facts that the Galois representation attached to a classical weight one...

The Transformation of 'Self-Consciousness' in Hegel's Phenomenology

Thomas Richard Schulte
My dissertation aims to provide a systematic interpretation of one section of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, ‘Self-Consciousness.’ I argue that by taking what I call the transformative view of Hegel’s methodology, the practical and seemingly disparate topics in ‘Self-Consciousness’ can be understood as a continuous line of thought leading to an innovative understanding of knowing as a self-aware practice. The central motivation for my interpretation is that while Hegel explicitly claims that the Phenomenology is...

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