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Watching Them, Watching Us: How the Misinformation Beat Redefines Journalism’s Relationship with Conspiracy Theories

Regina Kayla Catipon
In 2020, conspiracies moved from the fringes of society, to the very center of socio-political life in the United States. In response, news sources have created an area of reporting called the misinformation beat. Covering conspiratorial content, however, poses unique epistemic challenges for journalists and researchers. One concern is that covering emerging conspiracy theories may inadvertently expose trusting readers to an especially seductive form of misinformation. Another concern is that savvy conspiracy theorists may be...

Why are IPOs Always Underpriced? An Empirical Study of Behavioral Economics

IPO underpricing has become one of the most famous market anomalies in the modern financial market. This phenomenon, called the "New Issue Puzzle," stimulated a hot debate among economists. Many of them focused on explaining the cause of this anomaly using the classical economics models. It is relatively novel to explain this anomaly based on behavioral economics theories. This paper took a comprehensive perspective, considered two possible stages that the underpricing derived from: the pricing...

Urban Bicycle Infrastructure and Gentrification: A Quantitative Assessment of 46 American Cities

Gabriel Morrison
In recent years, cities across the United States have expanded their bicycle infrastructure. In some instances, community members and local politicians have criticized these developments and noted a link between bicycle lanes and gentrification. In response, recent studies have assessed the quantitative associations between bicycle infrastructure and gentrification in a few large cities. Their results have been mixed but generally support residents’ claims of linkages between gentrification and bike infrastructure. However, research is often limited...

Differential Impacts of Water Privatization in Sub-Saharan Africa

Countries in Africa have historically struggled with access to safe water. Over the past three decades, the World Bank has promoted the privatization of water systems through contracts with foreign companies as the solution to the water crisis. However, only a handful of privatization efforts in Africa have succeeded, with most governments taking back control of their water supplies after only a few years. Furthermore, recent evidence suggests that expanded water access resulting from privatization...

Budgeting for Empire: How Puerto Rican Nationalism Was Affordable for The United States

Alexander Sanchez Claudio
Why did the U.S. keep Puerto Rico as a colony after World War II? Why would a great power like the U.S. let go of a colony like the Philippines? To maintain an empire consisting of conquered territories, the conqueror has to also contend with nationalism, which can add additional “expenses” (both social and economic) to the empire in the form of counterinsurgency. In order to identify why the United States ceded the Philippines but...

Academic Intellectuals and University Students in Socialist China: Class Struggle and Land Reform

Chunhao Liu
The 1950 land reform was not only the first nationwide economic campaign but also the large-scale political campaign for academic intellectuals and university students in 1950. In this thesis, the intellectuals (zhishi fenzi) are the academic intellectuals(scholars) in the university, who had no political/party preference, and intellectual youths (zhishi qingnian) that I want to study are the university students who entered the university in 1948 and 1949. Many academic intellectuals and university students followed the...

The Relationship Between Transit Access and Concentrated Disadvantage within Chicago

Daniel Weiss
This thesis explores whether there is a relationship between transit access and concentrated disadvantage within Chicago. Using various regression models with different distance thresholds around rail stations, I was able to find a partial relationship between transit access and concentrated disadvantage within Chicago at the limited scale (0.5-mile range from a transit station), indicating that employment rate and health insurance coverage were positively related with transit access, and that minority status was negatively related with...

Medicating the Environment: Understanding the Challenges and Barriers of Establishing a Safe Pharmaceutical Disposal Program

Madeleine Bol
In the United States, we do not currently test for pharmaceutical contaminants in our water. This is extremely problematic because when pharmaceuticals are leached into the environment, the active chemical components can cause serious harm to wildlife. Furthermore, pharmaceuticals can contaminate drinking water posing a health risk to human health. Yet, one of the simplest actions to prevent pharmaceutical contamination—proper pharmaceutical disposal—is a neglected aspect of the American waste system. There are no federal disposal...

Rudolf Veselý, 1931–2020

Josef Ženka

San Francisco Case Study: Pedestrian Safety and Bus Efficiency Tradeoffs

Agnes Lo
Globally, multi-modal transportation agencies constantly struggle to balance both efficiency and safety between various forms of pedestrian, vehicular, and transit traffic. City traffic systems must rely on street design and precise signal engineering to influence millions of human and mechanical movements daily. Considering the myriad traffic variables influencing these systems’ performance, it is difficult or impossible for transit agencies to satisfy all transportation users simultaneously. San Francisco’s traffic signal retiming project demonstrates firsthand how protecting...

Collective Response to Scarcity: How the Resource Environment Shapes Social Networks

Kariyushi Rao
The present research program investigates the underlying mechanisms that drive changes in the structure of communication networks among strategic decision-makers confronted with changes in their resource environment. This investigation is carried out through five experiments that engage human participants in a novel n-armed bandit task either as individuals (Studies 1, 2A, and 2B) or as members of interactive groups (Studies 3A and 3B). This research program makes several novel contributions. Primary among these is an...

Classical Points of Low Weight in p-adic Families of Modular Forms

Eric David Stubley
We develop a new strategy for studying low weight specializations of p-adic families of ordinary modular forms. In the elliptic case, we give a new proof of a result of Ghate--Vatsal which states that a Hida family contains infinitely many classical eigenforms of weight one if and only if it has complex multiplication. Our strategy is designed to explicitly avoid use of the related facts that the Galois representation attached to a classical weight one...

The Transformation of 'Self-Consciousness' in Hegel's Phenomenology

Thomas Richard Schulte
My dissertation aims to provide a systematic interpretation of one section of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, ‘Self-Consciousness.’ I argue that by taking what I call the transformative view of Hegel’s methodology, the practical and seemingly disparate topics in ‘Self-Consciousness’ can be understood as a continuous line of thought leading to an innovative understanding of knowing as a self-aware practice. The central motivation for my interpretation is that while Hegel explicitly claims that the Phenomenology is...

Defining Antibody Immunodominance to Pandemic-Threat Viruses in Humans

Haley L. Dugan
B cell immunodominance is defined as the hierarchical antibody response to distinct antigenic proteins found in pathogens. Various factors shape the preference of antibody targeting to certain viral epitopes over others, including preexisting immunity, age, sex, and disease severity. Our understanding of human antibody immunodominance to conserved antigenic sites of viruses is limited, despite its importance for developing universal vaccines that protect against pandemic-threat viruses such as influenza and SARS-CoV-2. The ability of these viruses...

Searching for Dark Matter with Superconducting Qubits

Akash V. Dixit
Dark matter is an enduring mystery in our quest to understand the fundamental constituents of our universe. Low mass bosons, such the axion or hidden photon, are compelling dark matter candidates. We leverage their potential interactions with electromagnetic fields, whereby the dark matter (of unknown mass) on rare occasion converts into a single photon, to devise a method of detecting these candidates. Current dark matter searches operating at microwave frequencies use a resonant cavity to...

Rapidly Introducing Molecular Complexity: Reaction Development and Application to Hydrocarbon and Heterocyclic Frameworks

Charles James Frederick Cole
Natural product total synthesis, as a field, has sought to provide access to complex and intriguing structures as a means to further chemical knowledge, support biological studies and inspire therapeutic design. However, such access is limited by the tools made available to synthetic chemists, and as such, a leading goal within the community is the development and application of novel reactions to expedite the synthesis of targets of interest. Over the years the chemical toolbox,...

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz o la construcción de un ícono nacional (circa 1870-1970)

Hilda Cristina Larrazabal Cárdenas
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz o la construcción de un ícono nacional (circa 1870-1970) se centra en cuatro momentos paradigmáticos —la República Restaurada, el IV Centenario del Descubrimiento de América, el porfiriato y el México posrevolucionario— en los que se reconfigura el acercamiento crítico a la obra y figura de la monja: del desdén y ninguneo por parte de los liberales decimonónicos, hasta su presencia indudable como ícono nacional. El presente estudio reflexiona acerca...

Beyond Postwar, Beyond Nation: \"Human Rights\" and the \"History Problem\" in Modern Japan and Asia

Keyao Pan
This dissertation examines the history of the concept of (what would translate in English as) “human rights” in modern Japanese history. Specifically, it traces how the term jinken (lit. “human rights” today) has become a term able to articulate Japanese wartime and colonial atrocities in Asia in 1990s since its invention in the early Meiji period to “(mis)translate” western legal and political concepts. By looking at how the term was used by lawyers, activists, and...

Advertising, Brand Preferences, and Market Structures

Lun Li
This paper explores how innovations in advertising technology reshape consumers' brand preferences -- the propensity to purchase certain brands over others despite similar prices -- and lead to changes in the market structure. Using a comprehensive barcode-level dataset on grocery products, I document that the average concentration and markup for the selected categories have decreased by about 10% and 5% respectively, between 2010 and 2016. Using an occurrence-level advertisement expenditure and impression dataset, I find...

Romantic Remnants: Global Musical Atmospheres and the Really Long Nineteenth Century

Woo Chan Lee
This dissertation explores the persistence of Romanticism in contemporary soundtracks and easy listening. Drawing from a transnational archive of recent music for films and TV shows as well as acoustic instrumental genres marketed as classical, ambient, and New Age, the dissertation traces the emergence of a musical and affective “really long nineteenth century” in global musical atmospheres. In my examples, the drawn-out collective attachments to historic Western genres and styles are accompanied by suppressed moods...

Development of Enantioselective Reactions Utilizing Nitrones as Effective Iminium Surrogates

Tessa Jean Lynch-Colameta
Natural products are the source of many valuable folk medicines and pharmaceutical agents. However, due to their structural complexity, short and efficient syntheses of natural products are still a challenge to perform in the laboratory setting. In the pursuit to construct biologically significant alkaloids, there are numerous synthetic problems that cannot be easily solved using traditional imine or iminium chemistry. In this dissertation, we detail our efforts to develop Mannich-type and Pictet–Spengler-type reactions by engaging...

Nonlinear Variational Problems: CMC Doublings and p-Energies

Liam Matthew Mazurowski
This thesis studies a pair of nonlinear variational problems. In Chapter 2, we give a variational construction of constant mean curvature doublings of certain minimal surfaces. More precisely, let $\Sigma^n$ be a minimal surface in a Riemannian manifold $(M^{n+1},g)$ of dimension $3 \le n+1 \le 7$. Assume that $\Sigma$ has index 0 or 1. We use the min-max theory developed by Zhou and Zhu to construct doublings of $\Sigma$ with constant mean curvature $\eps$ for...

The Revolution of Tradition: Liberation Theology's Contribution to the Formulation of a Comprehensive Theory of Social Justice

Raul E Zegarra Medina
The Revolution of Tradition proposes a new approach to the study of social justice in democratic societies, stressing the key role of religious traditions in the revolutionary struggle for human liberation. Focused on the case of Latin American liberation theology (particularly on Gustavo Gutierrez’), my dissertation argues that this movement represents a revolutionary moment in the history of self-interpretation of the Christian tradition. Further, I argue that liberation theology also represents blueprint to understand how...

Essays on the Macroeconomic Implications of Globalization

Haishi Li
Chapter 1: Multinational Production and Global Shock Propagation during the Great RecessionBoth international trade and multinational production (MP) collapsed during the Great Recession. What fundamentals explained the MP and trade collapse? I answer the question with a model of MP, trade, and sectoral linkages. I highlight the frictions multinational enterprises (MNEs) face when they source from and sell to non-headquarters countries. These parameters govern MNEs' vertical/horizontal-ness and render the rich interactions between MP and trade....

Furthering Understanding of T and CAR-T Cell Differentiation Using Cutting-Edge Sequencing and Imaging Technologies

Guoshuai Cao
Fundamental questions in T cell differentiation remain unanswered: 1) EZH2’s role in Tfh fate commitment; 2) differences of TEX differentiation in Tumor and in Chronic infection; 3) CAR-T cells post-infusion differentiation. Besides, there is no high-dimensional quantitative analysis and machine learning pipeline for TCR signaling studies. This thesis work addressed these issues using advanced sequencing and imaging technologies. Firstly, using ATAC-seq, we found that EZH2-mediated H3K27me3 modifications regulate early Tfh fate commitment, but not late...

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