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Exploiting Tumor-intrinsic Cues to Engineer Interleukin-12 for Cancer Immunotherapy

Aslan Mansurov
The overall goal of this thesis is to use recombinant engineering to improve the therapeutic index of cytokine immunotherapies. The model cytokine that we used was interleukin-12 (IL-12), which had displayed intolerable toxicity in clinical trials when administered in its native form.Chapter 1 introduces the pathophysiological aspects of solid tumors, namely vascular remodeling, abnormal deposition of extracellular matrix and overexpression of proteases. We then discuss the role of the immune system in cancer progression and...

Late Sun at Mid-Century: Empire, Modernist Aesthetics, Forms of War

Sophia Ikegami Sherry
This project is about four cosmopolitan writers, foreigners to one another, who lived through and wrote about the long mid-twentieth century. Metropolitans apart, they are Evelyn Waugh, Marguerite Duras (Donnadieu), Samuel Beckett, and Hayashi Fumiko. Each writer was born to modern British, French, Irish, and Japanese nation-state formations. But, as global writers, each also traveled—both imaginatively and in embodied ventures—beyond native spaces. Collectively, though at a distance from one another, they used the resources of...

Heterogeneity and Scalability in Machine Learning Based Sensing and Monitoring Systems

Zhujun Xiao
Today, significant research efforts are spent on designing machine learning (ML) models to extract useful information from data. While ML models have shown superior performance in research studies, deploying them in practice is a challenging process. My dissertation considers the task of integrating ML models to real-world distributed systems, focusing on a number of sensing and monitoring applications. For such applications, ML deployments must overcome the dual challenge of heterogeneity and scalability. Heterogeneity refers to...

Delineating the Development and Transcriptional Regulation of the Innate Lymphocyte Lineage

Darshan Nataraj Kasal
In the past decade, our appreciation of the contribution of innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) towards homeostatic and inflammatory responses has advanced tremendously; however, because ILCs and T cells both rely on a highly overlapping set of genes for development, models of ILC-specific deficiency have lagged. To establish selective tools requires an understanding of the shared and distinct regulators of ILC development. Recent work from our lab and others has advanced an understanding of the precursors...

Multidimensional Health: Applications across Cultures, Cohorts, and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Winnie Tong
The conceptualization of health has been evolving, especially with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, broadening beyond a singular definition of complete well-being to incorporate individual characteristics as well as contextual factors. In this dissertation, I propose a multidimensional model of health that applies to three disparate contexts: Chinese medical residents in Wuhan, a cohort comparison of two generations in the United States, and U.S. older adults who delayed medical care during the...

Confessions, Confessions: Reading Augustine and Rousseau after Foucault

Maureen Adair Kelly
This dissertation is a close comparative analysis of two landmark texts of self-writing. The first, the Confessions of Augustine of Hippo, presents a narrative of his early life until a fundamental shift occurs in his conversion scene. No longer the young pear thief, the author describes taking up and reading the text of Paul in a dramatic scene. In the second part of the text, the bishop of Hippo exegetes passages of Scripture. The second...

Of Inclusion, Value, and Roman Elegy

Jenna Sarchio
Contemporary critiques and modern criticism of Roman elegiac poetry and its distinctly transgressive lifestyle align in casting its practitioner on the outside of Roman cultural values. It is a notion that has crystalized in the topos of erotic exclusion and the figure of the exclusus amator doomed to suffer it, which have become both the indelible image and the governing metaphor of the genre of Roman elegy as a whole. This project amplifies the conversation...

Poetics of Unease: Affect and Labor in Ancient Greek, Near Eastern, and Indic Poetry

Claudio Sansone
In this dissertation I examine the role played by “unease” in the Homeric epics, the Ancient Near Eastern Gilgamesh texts, and the Indian Rigveda. I position unease as an affect that the texts can provoke in their audiences through poetic devices that interrupt the narrative, drawing attention to ideological ambiguities, marginalized voices, and other details that endanger their over-arching values. Representations of labor and laborers are the focus of my analyses, since articulations of human...

Containing 'Suicide': Scientific, Public and Political Aspects of a Moral Problem

Sanja Miklin
In my dissertation, I seek to understand contemporary ‘suicide’ as a scientific and a political object. In this endeavor, I focus on the features of suicide that make it morally and socially problematic, and the way the discourse on and knowledge production about suicide work to ‘contain’ moral concerns and emotions that arise around it. I conduct my investigation in three parts, paying attention to different structures that participate in the social construction of ‘suicide’—...

Design Principles For Non-Equilibrium Self-Assembly

Michael Nguyen
Self-assembly is a process in which components in a system organize themselves into structures and patterns without human intervention. Though design principles for self-assembly for systems at global or local equilibrium have seen many advances recently, there has not been much progress for self-assembly far from equilibrium. Indeed, many essential processes in biophysics and chemistry occur far from equilibrium. The self-assembly of lipids into membranes, the growing of nanowires using the VLS technique, the making...

Contesting and Constructing Sovereignty in Late Medieval Iberia: The Administrative and Historiographical Programs of Alfonso XI of Castile (1311-1350)

David Steven Cantor-Echols
This dissertation is concerned with debates taking place on the Iberian Peninsula during the later Middle Ages over kingship, knighthood, investiture, and administration—questions of sovereignty, power, and social relations endemic to the wider medieval world. With special attention given to the period 1250-1350, the dissertation situates these debates against the backdrop of the dramatic shift in the Peninsula’s balance of power occurring with the Christian conquest of nearly the whole of Muslim Iberia during the...

Transformative Architectures: An Archaeology of Building Practices in the Atacama Desert

Estefanía Paz Vidal-Montero
Transformative Architectures is an archaeological exploration of the sociality of architectural practices in a pre-Hispanic landscape. Investigating how built environments were assembled in the Guatacondo Valley, a ravine located in what some call the “hyper-arid core” of the Atacama Desert, between the fifth century BCE and the second century CE, I reconsider the centrality of the agricultural village in the transition from hunting and gathering to farming. Rather than approaching this landscape as a finalized...

Time preference and Willingness to Consume

Time preference is an important part of consumer decision patterns for different degrees of discounting indicates different weights placed on intertemporal values. We try to investigate whether economic confidence measuring expected future income and consumers’ current economic assets can affect their willingness to consume and what role time preference plays in the relationships. We surveyed 6,113 adults in the U.S. to collect related variables and fit the data into both linear regression models for estimating...

Manufacturing \"Korea\" in China: The Coproduction of Commodity Value and Nationalist Imaginaries in the Chinese Kimchi Industry

Heangjin Park
This dissertation explores the material, semiotic, and logistical making of “Koreanness” in kimchi from the perspectives of kimchi manufacturers and distributors in China, who reflect on and respond to the changing economic and political conditions across China and South Korea. Kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish widely produced and consumed in Korean communities, which has been manufactured on a massive scale in China for export since the early 2000s. Korean-Chinese (chosŏnjok) Kimchi manufacturers in China,...

Essays in the Regulation of Digital Markets

Filippo Maria Lancieri
This dissertation addresses a number of issues in the regulation of digital markets by means of three different essays. The first essay studies the political economy of antitrust enforcement across the Atlantic. Many believe that the EU’s enforcement actions against US companies are a form of digital protectionism. This essay looks at the foundations of data protection and antitrust policies to propose an alternative explanation. Europeans associate data protection with inalienable rights, Americans treat data...

Acting After the New Wave: The Political Aesthetics of Performance in France, 1968-1981

Matthew Tyler Hubbell
This dissertation explores the role of performance, gesture, and the body in post-’68 French film in order to examine the intersections of cinematic form, politics, and everyday experience. The period covered in my dissertation – the long decade bounded on one side by the ultimately unsuccessful student protests and mass strikes of May 1968 and on the other by the election of François Mitterrand, the first socialist president under the Fifth Republic, in May 1981...

Financial Markets in Late Imperial China, 1820-1911

Matthew Lowenstein
This dissertation studies the financial system of northern China in the late Qing dynasty, with a focus on the period from 1820-1911. During this time, merchants from Shanxi province elaborated sophisticated commercial networks that connected the Qing empire with Inner Asia and Russia. The Shanxi merchants also developed an array of financial institutions and practices. At the grassroots level of rural life, these included lineage trusts, rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs), and village firms....

The Discursive Construction of Chinese Nationalism in Online Communities: Taking Douban as an Example

Wenmiao Wu
Chinese nationalism has been widely explored by scholars for good reason. With the advent of the information age, people gradually gave up taking up the street and begun to occupy the social media to realize their political goals. Internet became the main battlefield of Chinese nationalism shortly. Yet little is known about those “cybernationalists” and their expressive forms in different social situations. This study therefore shifts the gaze from the inquiry about “what Chinese nationalism...

Choice Overload and Its Moderators: How and Why People Struggle with Large Assortment of Goods

Xinyuan Liu
Choice overload, which means that large assortment may have negative effect on people’ s decisions and behaviors, has already been tested in many different research papers (Iyengar & Lepper, 2000; Chernev, 2003; Gourville & Soman, 2005). However, when and how choice overload affect people’s behavior still remains open, which makes it valuable for us to study the effect of large assortment in a more comprehensive scenario. In this research, I test how the assortment size...

Re-Imagining Threat Overestimation as a Rational Response or: How the United States Learned to Start Worrying and Fear the Bomb

Anastasia Sendoun
In the aftermath of September 11th, policymakers, pundits, and international relations scholars alike all deemed nuclear terrorism a top security threat to the United States, with some even predicting that a nuclear terrorist attack was inevitable. In the two decades since the Twin Towers fell, however, the United States has not experienced such an attack. This generates an important question: Why did the United States misconstrue the threat of nuclear terrorism in the aftermath of...

A Proportional Solution in Economies with Envy

Richard Johnson
Here we reconstruct the Proportional Solution for Economies with both public and private ownership of productive assets, proving the existence of a competitive equilibrium assuming non-monotonic utility and actors behaving with envy. With a possibility for excess at no additional cost, our aim is to provide a mechanism under which envious individuals, competing for a commonly pooled resource, can reach a stable equilibrium. In other words, we derive a proportional solution with envious agents in...

“The Work Is Essential, but the Workers Are Not”: U.S. Grocery Store Workers’ Experiences on the “Front Lines” of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mary McSharry
The term “essential worker,” which emerged near the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, seemed to indicate a moment of increased attention to work and a discursive recognition of its essentiality. However, this rhetorical change has not resulted in a substantive shift in contemporary value regimes in the U.S. that construct some jobs as unskilled labor deserving of minimum compensation—at least not in ways that have been felt by working people themselves at present. In this...

Embedding GitHub Repositories: A Comparative Study of the Python and Java Communities

Chen Yutao
GitHub, the largest platform for open-source software, which allows code contributors to collaboratively develop software in a variety of programming languages, has motivated extensive research on social coding. However, the heterogeneity of GitHub communities in different programming languages has not been explored in previous studies. Inspired by the linguistic relativity hypothesis, I deduce that different programming languages might result in distinct patterns in social coding. This research identifies such discrepancies between the Python and Java...

The Effect of Educational Attainment on COVID-19 Morbidity in the City of Chicago

Haoyu Shi
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has affected everyone but not equally. While many researchers examine the social inequalities of COVID-19 through income, housing, occupation, and health care accessibility, less attention has been paid to education due to lack of information for education associated with test reports. Based on the education-health gradient (Cutler & Lleras-Muney, 2006), education has causal effects on various health outcomes; even with similar income and occupation, people with higher educational attainment generally have...

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