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Performances of Posterity: Theatre, Archives and Cultural Regulation in Modern India

Sharvari Sastry
“Performances of Posterity: Theatre, Archives and Cultural Regulation in Modern India,” excavates processes of cultural preservation and appropriation in the context of Indian theatre and performance. This inquiry is centered in Maharashtra in Western India, and I primarily work with materials in Marathi. I argue that in the post-independence decades, theatre emerged as a crucial, but largely understudied, archival site for the preservation of subaltern art forms, specifically tamasha and lavani. Tamasha is a composite...

Site-Selective Difunctionalization of Arenes and Heteroarenes Enabled by Palladium/Norbornene Cooperative Catalysis

Renhe Li
Poly-substituted aromatics are frequently found in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. During the past decades, cross-coupling reactions and nucleophilic aromatic substitutions (SNAr) have become indispensable tools for preparing functionalized arenes from readily available aryl halides. Recently, ortho metalation approaches, mediated by either stoichiometric organometallics or catalytic transition metals, enabled broadly useful ortho C−H functionalization. We were motivated by the merits of merging cross-coupling and ortho metalation, two powerful organic reactions, into a single palladium/norbornene (Pd/NBE)-catalyzed transformation. Pd/NBE...

From Adherents to Activists: The Process of Social Movement Mobilization

Elizabeth Davies
In this dissertation, drawing from the Black politics and social movement literature, I develop a theory of “Alienated Activist” movements. In Chapter 1, I argue that the nationalization of Black politics, the constraints of Barack Obama’s presidency, and the quotidian nature of Black death opened a political opportunity for a new mass movement to occur. I claim that Black Lives Matter (BLM) represents a departure from Black “politics-as-usual,” and with other contemporary mass movements, including...

The Impact of a Response: inner and outer perceptions of police misconduct from law enforcement and black students at an elite university

Michael Theodore
Police misconduct is a source of great scholarship in these modern times. Due to what is seen on television and personal emotions, a decision was made to pursue a project to take the perspectives of black students from an elite university and police officers from a large, midwestern city. Gaining the perspectives of black students and police officers about controversial cases of police misconduct and the interconnected parts of this issue became the overall objective...

Political Alignment and Chinese Government’s Evaluation on Outward FDI Climate

Zizhen Jin
Building on the literature on the influence of geopolitical relations upon international commercial interactions and the growing discussion on the political implication of Chinese OFDI, I investigated the relationship between countries’ political alignment with China and the US and the Chinese government’s evaluation of the FDI climate in these countries. Using dictionary-based text analysis, I extracted the sentiments in the country-based FDI climate evaluation reports to measure the Chinese government’s preference on overseas FDI climate....

Hydrogen Bond Mediated [3+3] Cycloaddition Reactions of Oxyallyl Cations with Nitrones and Total Syntheses of Pentacyclic Ambiguine Natural Products

Lingbowei Hu
Described herein are the development of a novel [3+3] cycloaddition reaction of oxyallyl cations with nitrones and the catalysis of this reaction with hydrogen-bond donors, as well as the synthetic studies toward pentacyclic ambiguine natural products.

Music and Commemoration in Early Modern Europe: Visual and Sonic Intersections of Remembrance

Barbara Elisabeth Dietlinger
This dissertation explores the role of music and visual art in commemorative events in Europe throughout the seventeenth century. Following the lead of medievalists, I look beyond disciplinary boundaries and consider the full range of media including written documents, visual art, objects, and performed (thus ephemeral) music that were used for commemoration. This multi-confessional and -regional project, set in Saxony, Bohemia, and the Low Countries, elucidates how acoustic and visual carriers of memory contributed to...

An Examination of Prices and Wages in Babylonia – ca. 2000-1600 B.C.E.

Howard Martin Farber
This dissertation identifies long term fluctuations in prices and wages in northern and southern Babylonia during the Isin-Larsa/Old Babylonian period (ca. 2000-1600 B.C.E.). The introduction orients the reader to the study of prices and wages. It reviews previous studies, defines objectives, scope, and methodology, presents an overview of the sources for prices and wages, and outlines limitations. The scope of this study includes the following categories: 1) prices paid for real estate (houses, fields, orchards),...

Viewing the World after Structural Film: Realist Impulses in Experimental Cinema

Dave C. Burnham
This dissertation argues for the importance of realist aesthetics to the theory and practice of experimental cinema. While experimental cinema has traditionally been conceived as cinema’s most modernist form due to its rejection of representation in favor of an emphasis of cinema’s material basis, I argue that this view has obscured key elements of experimental films and filmmakers, a problem that has only grown more pronounced with time. Drawing on Stanley Cavell’s theory of modernist...

Analytic and Machine Learning Methods for Controlling Nonlinearities in Particle Accelerators

Lipi Gupta
Particle accelerators are versatile machines which make both particle physics research and probing nature at microscopic scales possible. At advanced light source facilities, high energy charged particles are used to produce energetic photons. The light generated can resolve atomic structures at Angstrom length scales and observing processes occurring at femtosecond time scales. To achieve this, advancements in methods for designing and controlling nonlinear phenomena in the accelerator is crucial. In machines with periodic structures such...

Vortex Flows on Surfaces and Their Anomalous Hydrodynamics

Aleksandr Bogatskii
Hydrodynamic flows with large numbers of vortices have been a staple of theoretical hydrodynamics since Onsager and Feynman. Treating such vortices as constituents of a new fluid of their own leads to an interesting anomalous hydrodynamics that exhibits curious phenomena such as odd viscosity. Starting with the incompressible Euler equation, we rigorously derive the entire coarse-grained hydrodynamics of the "vortex matter" consisting of many identical discrete point vortices on an arbitrary closed 2D surface. The...


Micol Federica Tresoldi
Despite its generic title, this thesis is about a specific notion of sparsity, the one introduced by McCullagh and Polson (2018). In that paper, the intuitive idea that sparsity, in a statistical framework, refers to those ''phenomena that are mostly negligible or seldom appreciably large'', has, for the first time, been given a mathematical definition. In studying this definition of statistical sparsity as a limiting property of a sequence of probability distributions, research has proceeded...

Unmoved Emotions in Shakespeare and Milton

Michal Zechariah
“Unmoved Emotions in Shakespeare and Milton” challenges the longstanding understanding of the relation between emotion and morality as primarily one of motivation and action. On this view, emotions either serve morality by motivating virtuous actions or do the opposite by driving evil actions. This is a plausible position—and yet the passions, affections, humors, and sentiments that saturate English writing in the seventeenth century often arise amid ambiguous moral demands, and they do not always correspond...

The \"New Jew\" of Zionist Historiography: The Social Vision and Historical Imagination of Yitzhak Baer, Gershom Scholem, and Yehezkel Kaufmann

Yiftach Ofek
The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the Zionist project of creating a “New Jew” (or “New Hebrew”) from the perspective of three of the founding fathers of Israeli historiography, all associated with the so-called “Jerusalem School” of Jewish historiography: Yitzhak Baer (1888-1980), the historian of the Jewish Middle Ages, who late in life turned to the study of Second Commonwealth Judaism; Gershom Scholem (1897-1982), the founder of the academic study of Jewish mysticism;...

The Contingency of Moral Personhood

Emily Dupree
The Contingency of Moral Personhood challenges conceptions of the person on which moral personhood is an inviolable feature of the human condition. In its place, I argue for a novel account of moral personhood in which having the status as an end in oneself is contingent on the social and political factors of one’s environment. By investigating the moral psychology of living under conditions of oppression, I argue that its distinct interpersonal trauma has the...

Reading The Idea of History through The Principles of Art: Collingwood on Communication and Emotions

Parysa Clare Mostajir
While Collingwood’s Idea of History (IH) is an excellent resource for defending history’s autonomy, its invocation is not without problems. If history deals only in reflective thought, how can it encompass irrational action? How can history reconcile its subjective method of imagination with its claim to objectivity? The most successful solutions to these problems, such as those proposed by D’Oro and Mink, appeal to Collingwood’s greater philosophical system, but they typically attribute him a restrictive...

Kant's Critique of Rationalism: Substance, Essence, Noumenon

Andrew Usitalo Pitel
This dissertation provides a novel account of Kant’s distinction between appearances and things in themselves, and of Kant’s denial that we know things in themselves. I show that one can appreciate Kant’s distinction only by seeing how deeply engaged his philosophy is with the metaphysics of substance as developed in the Aristotelian and scholastic traditions. I argue that Kant’s distinction amounts to the classical distinction between the essence of a substance on the one hand...

The Politics of Invasion: Northern Mexican Public Housing, Land Struggle History, and the Twilight of an Infrastructure-Building State

Matthew Furlong
What does politics look like from the perspective of an emergent population of ‘housing invaders’ in northern Mexican public housing contexts? How might this seemingly novel phenomenon (of large-scale housing invasion) be tied not only to a certain politics in the present, but to social policies of the recent past, from Agrarian Reform (which land invasions attempted to radicalize or realize) to family planning and demographic policies? Just as this dissertation’s reflections on extended fieldwork...

Riding the (Shock)Wave: Diverse Young Adult Phenomenological Processes and Postsecondary Experiences through the Great Recession and COVID-19

Bronwyn Nichols Lodato
The Great Recession of 2008 and the COVID-19 global pandemic, which sparked a linked economic recession, are global, asymmetric events that have had vast, life-altering consequences for people in the United States (U.S.), with communities of color and those persons residing in low-resourced areas enduring the most acute negative effects due to pre-existing, endemic inequality in the U.S. Situating postsecondary education as a critical site of identity-building tasks associated with young adults’ development, this dissertation...

Application and Development of the Reactions of Oxyallyl Cations and Synthetic Studies towards Ambiguine Q

Ferdinand Taenzler
Cycloadditions have long been held as the premier for economical constructions in organic synthesis, the use of which has led to the completion of innumerable total syntheses and methodologies. Towards this end, the Rawal group has a long-standing interest in cycloaddition methodologies and applications in total synthesis. This thesis details the exploration of a novel approach to cyclohepta[b] indoles via a [4+3] cycloaddition reaction of 3-alkenyl indoles and stabilized oxyallyl cations. The transformation was explored...

Transplant Center Practices and the Survival Benefit of Organ Transplantation

William Fiske Parker
Deceased donor organs are an absolutely scare healthcare resource, meaning demand vastly exceeds a fixed supply with a hard limit. Allocation of donor organs requires difficult choices between thousands of waiting candidates who would benefit from transplantation. But allocation does not occur in a vacuum- transplant programs link donor organs and needy patients. Understanding how allocation rules shape their treatment and selection practices is key to designing effective systems. This three manuscript dissertation explores the...

Transnational Svāminārāyaṇ Hinduism: Mass Mediation and the Rise of BAPS

Andrew Carl Kunze
This dissertation studies the role of mass mediation in the transnational growth of one Svāminārāyaṇ Hindu organization, called BAPS (Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Sanstha), through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It argues that the sacred figure of the BAPS guru is now constituted by and dependent upon the institutional media apparatus built around him. The dissertation focuses on sevā (devotional service) in media technologies as a practice of guru worship that manifests the guru’s spiritual...

How to Photograph the Air: Photography, Cinema, and the Problem of Atmosphere in German Modernism, 1893-1933

Katerina Maria Korola
This dissertation investigates the aesthetic and material problems that the air of industrial modernity posed for photographers, filmmakers, and critics active in Wilhelmine and Weimar Germany (ca. 1893-1933). During this period, which followed the nation’s rapid industrialization in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the steadily worsening air quality of urban and industrial centers brought the question of atmosphere to the forefront of public debate, implicating architects, urbanists, physicians, hygiene engineers, cultural commentators, and...

Nonlinear and Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy

Andrei Tokmakoff
These notes are meant as an introduction to the key concepts, methods, and theory of nonlinear spectroscopy for people entering the field. The main topics are (1) the nonlinear polarization and nonlinear response functions, (2) diagrammatic perturbation theory, (3) third-order nonlinear spectroscopies, (4) characterization of fluctuations, and (5) two-dimensional spectroscopy.

Can you scare away anxiety? Analyzing the relationship between morbid curiosity and anxiety

Patrick Cecil
Morbid curiosity refers to a phenomenon where certain individuals are drawn to seek out dangerous stimuli as expressed in horror fandom and interest in true crime. Recent studies have shown that morbid curiosity might act to promote effective coping strategies in the face of anxiety and stress. Across two studies, we seek to shed light on the nature of the relationship between morbid curiosity and anxiety. In Study 1, we tested the relationship between morbid...

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