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Technical Design Report: Photon Arrival Time Monitor (PAM) at the European XFEL

Jia Liu, Florian Dietrich & Jan Grünert
The photon arrival time monitor (PAM), based on X-ray–induced optical reflectivity or transmission changes in solid samples, will be implemented and served to precisely measure the X-ray arrival time and time jitter at the European XFEL facility. The spectral encoding method applies a broadband chirped supercontinuum as a probe, resulting in a wavelength-to-time mapping because different spectral components arrive at different times. One could foresee to record the arrival time for each shot in the...

European XFEL Annual Report 2018

European XFEL Annual Report 2016

Conceptual Design Report: Dynamic Laser Compression Experiments at the HED Instrument of European XFEL

U. Zastrau, M. McMahon, K. Appel, C. Baehtz, E. Brambrink, R. Briggs, T. Butcher, B. Cauble, B. Chen, H. Damker, C. Deiter, J. Eggert, K. Falk, L. Fletcher, S.H. Glenzer, S. Göde, M. Harmand, A. Higginbotham, Z. Konôpková, D. Kraus, H.-P. Liermann, M. Nakatsutsumi, A. Pelka, G. Priebe, R. Redmer … & S. Toleikis
Since the publication of the conceptual design report (CDR) for the High Energy Density Science (HED) instrument at the European XFEL in 2013, it has become clear that a community-wide discussion for shock and ramp compression experiments at the HED instrument is needed. The HED group at European XFEL and the Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields at the European XFEL user consortium (HIBEF UC) agreed to do this together. This CDR on dynamic laser...

European XFEL Annual Report 2019

European XFEL Annual Report 2017

Performance of the SASE3 monochromator equipped with a provisional short grating. Variable line spacing grating specifications

Natalia Gerasimova
The planned gratings for the soft X-ray monochromator at the SASE3 beamline demand extremely high production capabilities, which currently have not been achieved. In this report, the detailed specifications on the variable line spacing parameters of the gratings are set and the expected performance of a short provisional grating is presented.

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