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Rethinking conservation goals for North America's gray wolves

This research project was completed as part of the course, Environmental Science (4198).

This side of Main Street

This project was exhibited at the Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

Mother Internet : Blessed Virgin : A Coming of Age Story

Interstate Station Stop: A Voyage into the American Frontier Myth

This research project was completed as part of the course, Architecture (442).

Harvesting Stormwater for Urban Farm Irrigation

This research project was completed as part of the course, Engineering (ENGR 4296).

Constructing Native Homosexuality in British India

This research project was completed as part of the Global Studies Capstone.

A Very Catty Deep Dive: Facilitating Diversity in Video Games

In this project, my intent is to show as much of the foundtation for this game as possible both in effort to share my research, and share my story with other interested parties. As such, while the contents to follow are complete from my self imposed standard in August of 2018, the true nature of this project is for it to grow, change, and evolve as I work and research more. As it stands now,...

Kol Isha Atop the Mechitza: Finding a Women's Voice in Jewish Transgender Activism

Just over a decade ago, the seminal anthology “Balancing on the Mechitza” marked the start of an era of tremendous growth in Jewish transgender life and activism. This paper explores how this movement has experienced its own form of “kol isha,” the restriction placed on Jewish women’s voices within traditional Jewish law. By applying parallels that the author finds in the work and experiences of Jewish lesbian-feminists, and in particular reading the Jewish lesbian anthology...

Material Layering for Impact Mitigation in Football Helmets

This research project was completed as part of the course, Honors Technical Communication (ENGR 2996:001).

From Afro pessimism to Africa Rising: Anglo-American & Afro Media Representations of Africa

This dissertation interrogates the representation of Africa as rising by examining the conditions that have led to the shift from an Afro pessimistic discourse to a more propulsive one. To do so, it examines how “Africa Rising” functions as a discourse articulated through transnational news networks, global financial, development, business organizations and Afrocentric digital platforms. It analyzes the recurring tropes, symbols and language used to signify the notion of “rising”, how various social actors are...

Stress, Coping Strategies, and Cardiovascular Disease in African American Women - With Ethical Considerations for Health Care Practitioners

African American women have the highest rates of hypertension, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and mortality rates related to CVD of all ethnic and racial groups in America. Understanding the factors contributing to these health disparities will be crucial to closing the gap in health outcomes. This thesis proposes that stressors and stress coping strategies are contributing as independent risk factors for CVD, thus leading to health disparities. Studies have shown that stress has a direct relationship...


Terahertz (THz) has become a strong area for scientific research and commercial application in recent years. This research group has redesigned and optimized a THz photoconductive antenna, which currently operates with approximately 10x the power of a commercial antenna. It has been determined by this research that the THz signal emitted from a photoconductive antenna consists of coherent and incoherent signals. In addition to the improvement of the THz photoconductive antenna, I have optimized an...

Role Of Gadd45a In BCR-ABL and NRASD12 Driven Leukemia

BCR-ABL is known as the most common translocation in the myeloproliferative (MPD) disorder chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML); it is the first leukemia to be described and associated with a consistent cytogenetic abnormality, termed the Philadelphia chromosome (Ph1). Ph1 is a shortened chromosome 22 that is the consequence of a reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 9 and 22, t(9;22)(q34;q11). BCR-ABL is known to display constitutively active tyrosine kinase activity that leads to the recruitment of downstream effectors...


Synthetic cathinones, commonly referred to as “bath salts”, are a subgroup of novel psychoactive substances that have seen a dramatic rise in abuse worldwide over the past decade. These compounds are synthesized by clandestine drug manufacturers using basic medicinal chemistry techniques, and marketed as “legal high” alternatives to illicit psychostimulants (ie. cocaine and MDMA). Two of the most common synthetic cathinones since the emergence of this class of drugs are 4-methylmethcathinone (mephedrone, MEPH) and 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone...


Objectives: Traditional guided tissue regeneration procedures use particulate bone graft materials and occlusive membranes with the primary aim of reconstitution of the supporting periodontal tissues. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration has cleared only four treatment modalities for true periodontal regeneration. These materials are autogenous bone, demineralized freeze dried bone allograft, LANAP (Millennium Dental Technologies INC, Cerritos, CA) and Emdogain (Institut Straumann AG, Basel, Switzerland). The biologically inactive nature of many commercially available bone graft...


Objectives: Successful treatment of severe human periodontitis lesions has been shown to be highly dependent upon adequate suppression or eradication of key bacteria, most often species classified as red and orange complex periodontal pathogens, in the subgingival microbiome of diseased periodontal sites. Multiple clinical studies have reported superior therapeutic outcomes when conventional mechanical root debridement of severe periodontitis lesions is supplemented with professional periodontal pocket delivery of a povidone-iodine antiseptic solution, which offers antimicrobial effects...

Patterns of Cross-System Involvement and Factors Associated with Frequent Cycling: The Relationship between Emergency Department Visits and Arrest by Police

A particularly unhealthy and high-risk group of individuals at the intersection of the criminal justice and public health systems often cycle between arrest, jail, prison, public hospitals, emergency departments, homeless shelters, and similar institutions over time. This population, while relatively small, represents disproportionate public spending and complex, multidimensional needs. The overarching goal of the current study is to gain a deeper understanding of the patterns and dimensions of frequent cross-system involvement, or repeat cycling between...

The Racial Significance of Pennsylvania's K-12 Public Education Funding Scheme: An Afrocentric Analysis

The issue of public education has long been studied and continues to stymie communities as they diligently attempt to create effective educational opportunities. This Afrocentric study aims to help students, parents, educators, advocates, legislators and everyone concerned about the future of public education to think differently about how it is funded. This work essentially is an Afrocentric legal analysis of the law that governs the funding of K-12 public education in Pennsylvania. Employing an Afrocentric...

Evaluation of Small Unilamellar Vesicles as a Removal Method of Benzo[a]pyrene from Humic Substances in Soils

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are highly hydrophobic and lipophilic and are readily retained by soil surfaces and organic matter. Hence, several techniques have been developed in an effort to economically and effectively remove them from soil solids. Their strong affinity to soil organic matter limits their biodegradation processes by microorganisms, making them persistent in the soil environment. Recently, the use of “small unilamellar vesicles” (SUVs), nano-scale lipid aggregates, has been proposed as a means to...


Pain is a leading cause of disability and the most common reason for clinical care. The field of pain research has focused on sex differences in the recent years with an expansive body of literature demonstrating sex-related differences in pain behavior and responsiveness to pharmacological interventions. Prescription opioids are potent analgesics and the mainstay for the clinical management of moderate-to-severe acute and chronic pain conditions. However, the long-term clinical use of prescription opioids for chronic...

Uniform exponential growth of non-positively curved groups

The ping-pong lemma was introduced by Klein in the late 1800s to show that certain subgroups of isometries of hyperbolic 3-space are free and remains one of very few tools that certify when a pair of group elements generate a free subgroup or semigroup. Quantitatively applying the ping-pong lemma to more general group actions on metric spaces requires a blend of understanding the large-scale global geometry of the underlying space with local combinatorial and dynamical...


The scope of this research deals with the notion that military service yields higher levels of earnings for individuals who successfully transition into the civilian labor force. Through the Human Capital Theory (HCT) lens, this study assessed the relationship between military connection and civilian labor force economic outcomes for women. The results of this study inform policy makers, military recruiters, civilian employers, and college administrators, with insights into how to support military connected women’s transition...

Ankh, Ujda, Seneb (Life, Strength, Health): “Let Food Be Thy Medicine,” An Epistemic Examination on the Genealogy of the Africana Holistic Health Tradition, with Preliminary Considerations in the City of Philadelphia, 1967 to the Present

The utilization of natural elements of the earth to remedy corporeal maladies dates back to the medical systems of ancient Nile Valley culture. Given the continuity and intergenerational transmission of knowledge evident in African expressions of culture, these olden naturalistic health techniques, throughout time, have continuously been used as therapeutic modalities by posterior African cultures—both continental and Diasporic. Due to its tripartite approach to healing—of mind, body and spirit— this age-old African healing tradition has...

Andalusi Muslims: A Bourdieuian Analysis of Ethnic Group Identity, (881-1110 C.E.)

This work examines ethnic group identities among the Muslim population in the Iberian Peninsula, or al-Andalus, between 881 and 1110 C.E. It specifically addresses three moments in Andalusi history in which ethnic conflict erupted into the political sphere: 1) The revolt of Ibn Hafsun in the late Ninth/early Tenth Century C.E. 2) The collapse of the Umayyad Caliphate in the late Tenth/early Eleventh Century C.E. 3) The arrival of the North African Almoravid dynasty in...

The Design and Synthesis of Peptidomimetic-Hybrids: Expanding Spiroligomers, Peptoids, and Proline

Binding to protein surfaces or shallow grooves with synthetic molecules poses a unique challenge, since this inherently requires large areas to facilitate interactions. Peptoids have been shown to interact with proteins, and combinatorial libraries of peptoids have been proven to be effective in discovering new ligands for protein binding. Unfortunately, most peptoids are flexible and lack the surface area required to compete with larger protein interactions. To combat these problems, we have created spiroligomers that...

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