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An analysis of perspectives on nonformal adult education: implications for Nepal

Shreeram. Lamichhane

Global events and event stratigraphy in the mid-Paleozoic

Kun. Wang

Volodymyr Antonovych: the making of a Ukrainian populist activist and historian

Bohdan. Klid

Visual search for multiple targets: the influence of stimulus similarity and memory load on search strategy

Jocelyn Barbara. Aubrey

Undergraduate calculus students' language use and sources of conviction

Sandra D. Frid

Mechanism and inhibition of peptidylglcine α-Hydroxylating monooxygenase

Hengmiao. Cheng

Engendering genre: Victorian poetry and the woman question

Sue Brown

Biological control of the common root of barley through the use of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Susan Mary. Boyetchko

Teachers of children's literature: voices of interpretation

Karen S. Day

Asset pricing models with time varying moments

Harry J. Turtle

Prolonged severe hypothermia in the laboratory rat

Michael L. Jourdan

The nihilistic challenge to curriculum and pedagogy

Yŏng-Sik. Kim

Potential use of aspartame in liquid pharmaceutical dosage forms

Sanyude. Sanyude

Conflicto y concordia: la figura del adolescente en José María Arguedas

José M. Alonso

Understanding lifeworlds of mentally handicapped children

Chizuko. Maeda-Fujita

Function of group 1 extensor feedback in the control of locomotion

Patrick J. Whelan

Pyridine and reduced pyridine analogs of opiate-like analgesics

John Kwesi. Buolamwini

Factors affecting nifedipine bioavailability

John Stewart. Grundy

Effect of endotoxin alteration on Bordetellae outer membrane function

Marie Laurina. Turcotte

From the voices of children: transition stories from kindergarten to grade one

Ji-Sook. Yeom

Geometrical optics for nonlinear conservation laws and shock wave dynamics

Yuanping. He

University in the context of national development: a case-study of Malaysian academics' perceptions

Lay Kim. Thong

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