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The quantification of brain iron using proton MRI

Frank Qing. Ye

When cultures collide: the cinema of Peter Weir

Józef Marek. Haltof

Application of oxygen uptake kinetics in exercise physiology

Stephen R. Norris

An exploration of the meaning of hope in health and illness

Cheryl Lynn Marie. Nekolaichuk

Fluid flow and heat transfer in rotating curved channels

Liqiu. Wang

Dynamics of fertilizer and native nitrogen in a Douglas-fir ecosystem

George E. Nason

Analyte species behaviour in inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Margaret-Anne. Vaughan

Basic and clinical pharmacokinetics of ketoprofen enantiomers

Robert Thomas. Foster

Spherically and cylindrically symmetric finite dynamic hyperelastic deformation

Peter T. Janele

An investigation into the mechanism of respiratory wheeze in cardiac asthma

Koon Kang. Teo

Weak radiative decay of baryons

Praveer. Asthana

The conformational properties of maltose, maltotriose and amylose

Eugenio. Alvarado

In vitro mechanisms of murine B cell activation

Rati Vig. Fotedar

Characterization of the inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometer

Samantha S. H. Tan

Spin excitations in s-d shell nuclei with intermediate energy protons

Reyad Ilayan Tawfiq. Sawafta

Formant transitions, spectral shape, and vowel context in the perception of voiced stops

Sherrie E. Shammass

Identification of reactive intermediates in the photochemistry of furan and thiophenes

W. Alan. Rendall

1H NMR studies of thiol/disulfide exchange reactions of penicillamine and captopril with disulfides

Yvon. Thériault

The interaction between exogenous noradrenaline and transmural nerve stimulation in the canine saphenous vein

Manohara P. J. Senaratne

A study of the perceived need for instructional development at the University of Malaya

Al Ramaiah

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