76 Works

Farm Type and Land Use Variables for Alberta 2011 Census of Agriculture

Basket Ogress

Martha Lamont

Shape File Index to the Sectional Maps, 1917 [of Western Canada, new style, 1905-1955].

L.W. Laliberte

Researcher Perspectives on Data Sharing

Kendall Roark

Story of Mink and Elk

Alfred Sam

sGəluB ?i ti?iA XəAXəAtəds

Martha Lamont

Informant Session with Mrs. Louise George, April 1973

Louise George

Alberta Survey, 2011A

Addresses, Material Type and Heights for City of Edmonton Buildings in 1913.

Jaron Williams

Alberta Survey, 2008

Basket Ogress (Martin Sampson)

Martin Sampson

Basket Ogress (various speakers)

Dewey Mitchell

Training of Snohomish Children

Martha Lamont

The Eyes of Sbyow

Martha Lamont

Raven and Grouse; Deer

M. Pelkey

Interview with Elder re: Canoes

Hess Elder

To Buy a Bride; Tulalip

Elizabeth Krise

The All Year Around Story

Emma Conrad

Cripple Gets tiyulhebaXad

Emma Conrad

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