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Employment equity and aboriginal people in Canada

Cora Jane Voyageur

Gauge fields in homogeneous and inhomogeneous cosmologies

Bahman K. Darian

The Minerva Press

Deborah Anne. McLeod

Dual-model predictive control

Kent Zhihua. Qi

Alienation and integration: environmental education in Turtle Island

Joseph William. Sheridan

(Alkoxy)aryldioxiranes from ozonation of alkenes

Yu. Xie

Identity formations in an ethic of caring: teaching of post secondary studio art courses

Phillip W. Mann

University practicum associates: shadow faculty in teacher education

Anni S√łogaard. Adams

Reduced pyridine analogs as nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs

Sammy Asiamah. Agudoawu

Landform mapping, analysis and classification using digital terrain models

Gesche. Schmid-McGibbon

Analyses of imipramine, pefloxacin and pefloxacin analogs

Ping Su

Single frequency high temperature microwave dielectrometers

Baiqiang. Tian

Linear Hamiltonian difference systems

Peter Pengxiang. Yan

Of passionate intensity: right-wing populism and the Reform Party of Canada

Trevor Harrison

Revisionary drama: a study of the contemporary Canadian history play

Don. Perkins

Mathematical aspects of the thermistor equations

Hong. Xie

An analysis of perspectives on nonformal adult education: implications for Nepal

Shreeram. Lamichhane

Global events and event stratigraphy in the mid-Paleozoic

Kun. Wang

Volodymyr Antonovych: the making of a Ukrainian populist activist and historian

Bohdan. Klid

Visual search for multiple targets: the influence of stimulus similarity and memory load on search strategy

Jocelyn Barbara. Aubrey

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