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Educating lawyers : how law graduates perceive first year law school educational practices

Maureen Fay Fitzgerald
The purpose of this study was to better understand the educational practices used in first year law school and the impact of these practices on students. Prior research showed that students are negatively impacted during first year and that educational practices are somewhat to blame. This study is consistent with this literature and provides new and important information about the extent to which teaching methods; content and curriculum; assessment and grading; learning theory and aims...

A Day-Ahead Decision Rule Method for Multi-Market Multi-Reservoir Management

Peak/off-peak spreads in European electricity spot markets are eroding due to the nuclear phaseout and the recent growth in photovoltaic capacity. The reduced profitability of peak/off-peak arbitrage forces hydropower producers to participate in the reserve markets. We propose a two-layer stochastic programming framework for the optimal operation of a multi-reservoir hydropower plant which sells energy on both the spot and the reserve markets. The backbone of this approach is a combination of decomposition and decision...

Chasing time : the specific impacts and dynamic relationships of physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep on older adults' cognitive health

Ryan Stanley Falck
Effective lifestyle and behavioural strategies which maintain the cognitive health of older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) – a transition stage between healthy cognition and dementia – are greatly needed. There are three time-use activity behaviours which all humans engage in daily: physical activity (PA), sedentary behaviour (SB), and sleep. Each time-use activity behaviour is linked to cognitive health, although the magnitude of these relationships are still uncertain. There is also preliminary evidence that...

Swarming motility in Pseudomonas aeruginosa : a complex adaptation with implications for antibiotic resistance and virulence

Shannon Coleman
Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a Gram-negative opportunistic pathogen that possesses intrinsic antibiotic resistance. Highly adaptable, P. aeruginosa is capable of different forms of motility, including swarming, swimming, twitching and surfing. Swarming motility is a multicellular movement of cells across semisolid surfaces that is associated with complex adaptations including adaptive antibiotic resistance. Here a disc diffusion assay showed that swarming bacteria were resistant to multiple antibiotics, including aminoglycosides, β-lactams, chloramphenicol, ciprofloxacin, macrolides, tetracycline, and trimethoprim. RNA-Seq of...

Configuration conundrum : teachers' beliefs about grade-span configuration and student reading achievement

Jennifer Nicole Torry
Due to shifts in population distribution in British Columbia (B.C.) schools, school districts are scrambling to open, close, and reconfigure schools to meet the needs of fluctuating student populations. However, studies about the impact of grade-span configuration on student reading achievement are inconclusive. This study compared grade 8 teachers’ beliefs about grade-span configuration and student reading achievement through the mediating effects of school transition age and instructional practices. The concepts of sociotechnical systems theory and...

Poetic lyricism in Thomas Hardy's descriptions of nature

Robert M. Flores
The Introduction shows that scholars disagree strongly about Thomas Hardy’s creative abilities as a poet. To avoid this critical impasse, I limited the scope of my study to an aspect of Hardy’s work about whose artistic value Hardy scholars agree: i.e., the inherent lyricism in Hardy’s descriptions of nature. In Chapter 1, I study sixteen poems written by Hardy in which nature is either the principal or the sole subject of the poem and show...

Using shape analysis and human variation to better predict sex in the human coxal bone

Heather Robertson
Metric methods of sex estimation are often less powerful than visual methods because linear measurements represent too may isometric measures of body size and lack sufficient allometric measures of body form (size and shape). This study uses geometric morphometrics to identify 17 landmarks that most effectively represent sex-based shape in right and left coxal bones (n = 394, f = 191, m = 203), these are: the anterior superior iliac spine; posterior superior iliac spine;...

Seist chorus sections in Scottish Gaelic Song : an overview of their evolving uses and functions

Anna Wright
This thesis examines the use of seist chorus sections in the Scottish Gaelic song tradition. These sections consist of nonsense syllables, or vocables. Although lacking semantic meaning, such vocables often provoke the joining in of the audience or listening group. The use of these vocable sections can be seen to have evolved in both their physical (sonic) characteristics and their social use and function over time while still maintaining a marked presence in Scottish Gaelic...

Determination of the size of an inclusion from one boundary measurement at a specific moment of time

Ornella Mattei
In this talk we will show an application of the theory of Herglotz-Nevannlina functions for the linear viscoelastic problem, the dielectric problem and the conductivity problem in the time domain. Specifically, by using the analyticity of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map which relates the applied field on the boundary to the corresponding measured field on the boundary one can determine bounds on the response of the body for any moment of time. Such bounds are tighter the...

Reproducing kernel spaces and the Bargmann-Schiffer lemma

Daniel Alpay
We give a survey of the theory of reproducing kernel spaces of the kind defined by de Branges and Rovnyak and how they can be used to study Nevanlinna functions. In particular we give a proof of the Bargmann-Schiffer lemma. The advantages of the approach are that one can consider the matrix-valued case and also the case of generalized Nevanlinna functions, i.e. when the underlying kernel has a finite number of negative squares. We will...

Self-adjoint boundary conditions for singular Sturm-Liouville problems and the computation of $m$-functions for Bessel, Legendre, and Laguerre operators.

Fritz Gesztesy
We extend the classical boundary values for (general, three-coefficient) regular Sturm-Liouville operators on compact intervals to the singular case as long as the associated minimal operator is bounded from below, utilizing principal and nonprincipal solutions of the underlying differential equation. We derive the singular Weyl-Titchmarsh-Kodaira $m$-function and illustrate the theory with the examples of the Bessel, Legendre, and Laguerre (resp., Kummer) operators. This is based on joint work with Lance Littlejohn and Roger Nichols.

PGRMC1 phosphorylation affects cell shape, motility, glycolysis, mitochondrial form and function, and tumor growth

Bashar M Thejer, Partho P Adhikary, Amandeep Kaur, Sarah L Teakel, Ashleigh Van Oosterum, Ishith Seth, Marina Pajic, Katherine M Hannan, Megan Pavy, Perlita Poh, Jalal A Jazayeri, Thiri Zaw, Dana Pascovici, Marina Ludescher, Michael Pawlak, Juan C Cassano, Lynne Turnbull, Mitra Jazayeri, Alexander C James, Craig P Coorey, Tara L Roberts, Simon J Kinder, Ross D Hannan, Ellis Patrick, Mark P Molloy … & Michael A Cahill
Background Progesterone Receptor Membrane Component 1 (PGRMC1) is expressed in many cancer cells, where it is associated with detrimental patient outcomes. It contains phosphorylated tyrosines which evolutionarily preceded deuterostome gastrulation and tissue differentiation mechanisms. Results We demonstrate that manipulating PGRMC1 phosphorylation status in MIA PaCa-2 (MP) cells imposes broad pleiotropic effects. Relative to parental cells over-expressing hemagglutinin-tagged wild-type (WT) PGRMC1-HA, cells expressing a PGRMC1-HA-S57A/S181A double mutant (DM) exhibited reduced levels of proteins involved in energy...

Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanotube/Polypropylene Composites with Negative Seebeck Coefficient

Beate Krause, Ioannis Konidakis, Mohammad Arjmand, Uttandaraman Sundararaj, Robert Fuge, Marco Liebscher, Silke Hampel, Maxim Klaus, Efthymis Serpetzoglou, Emmanuel Stratakis & Petra Pötschke
This study describes the application of multi-walled carbon nanotubes that were nitrogen-doped during their synthesis (N-MWCNTs) in melt-mixed polypropylene (PP) composites. Different types of N-MWCNTs, synthesized using different methods, were used and compared. Four of the five MWCNT grades showed negative Seebeck coefficients (S), indicating n-type charge carrier behavior. All prepared composites (with a concentration between 2 and 7.5 wt% N-MWCNTs) also showed negative S values, which in most cases had a higher negative value...

Plasma Treatment Reduced the Discoloration of an Acrylic Coating on Hot-Oil Modified Wood Exposed to Natural Weathering

Arash Jamali & Philip D. Evans
We test the hypothesis that plasma-treatment will remove oil from the surface of hot-oil modified blue-stained pine wood, and improve the adhesion and outdoor performance of a white acrylic coating on the modified wood. Modified wood was treated with water-vapour plasma, and microstructural changes at wood surfaces were examined. Plasma treatment removed oil from the surface of modified wood and etched bordered pits. The contact angle of water droplets on modified wood was 91.8°, but...

Design, control and cutting process for a three-degree-of-freedom ultrasonic vibration tool holder

Jian Gao
Ultrasonic vibration-assisted cutting is a popular unconventional manufacturing process with lower cutting forces and less heat generation. Special tools are required to excite high-frequency vibrations at the tool tip during cutting; however, there is no ultrasonic vibration actuated tool holder for general-size milling or drilling tools reported in the literature. This thesis presents the design of a novel three-degree-of-freedom (3DOF) ultrasonic vibration tool holder with a sensorless control system. In addition to proposing a mechatronics...

Free Complementation of Certain MASAs in $L(\mathbb{F}_d)$ via Conditional Transport of Measure

David Jekel
The free group factor $L(\mathbb{F}_d)$ can realized as the von Neumann algebra generated by $d$ freely independent semicircular varables $S_1, \ldots, S_d$, the free probabilistic analogue of an independent family of Gaussians. We consider non-commutative random variables $X_1, \ldots, X_m$ whose non-commutative distribution satisfy the integration-by-parts relation $\tau(D_{X_j} V(X) p(X)) = \tau \otimes \tau(\partial_{X_j} p(X))$, where $V$ is a suitably regular convex function. By studying conditional transport of measure" for the associated $N \times N$...

Design and development of universal antibiofilm coatings for urinary catheters

Yan Mei
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

Wood sawing monitoring : sensory and artificial intelligence approaches

Vahid Nasir
This thesis aimed to develop expert models for intelligent monitoring of the circular sawing process. Circular sawing experiments were conducted under different cutting conditions in kiln-dried, green, and frozen wood to study cutting power and waviness. The effect of the cutting factors and wood conditions on the response variables were reported and discussed. In parallel, the process was monitored using sound, acoustic emission (AE), and vibration sensors. A new wavelet-based methodology was developed to enable...

Von Neumann equivalence and properly proximal groups

Lauren Ruth
We introduce a new equivalence relation on groups, which we call von Neumann equivalence, and which is coarser than both measure equivalence and W*-equivalnce. We introduce a general procedure for inducing actions in this setting and use this to show that the class of properly proximal groups is closed in this equivalence relation. In particular, proper proximality is preserved under both measure equivalence and W*-equivalence, and from this we obtain examples of non-inner amenable groups...

Tensor products of matrix convex sets

Thomas Sinclair
Following work of Kavruk et al. on tensor products of operator systems, we discuss the tensor theory of matrix convex sets. Among applications, we obtain a new formulation of Connes' embedding problem via noncommutative Choquet theory. This is joint work with Roy Araiza and Adam Dor-On.

Forwarder Productivity in Salvage Logging Operations in Difficult Terrain

Alberto Cadei, Omar Mologni, Dominik Röser, Raffaele Cavalli & Stefano Grigolato
Large scale windthrow salvage logging is increasing in Central Europe because of the growth of severe atmospheric events due to global heating. Sustainable forest operations in these conditions are challenging in terms of both productivity performances and safety of the operations. Fully mechanized harvesting systems are the preferred solution on trafficable terrains and proper slopes. However, different work methods and logistic organization of the operations could largely change the overall performances. The study observed three...

The Impact of Acute Ingestion of a Ketone Monoester Drink on LPS-Stimulated NLRP3 Activation in Humans with Obesity

Helena Neudorf, Étienne Myette-Côté & Jonathan P. Little
Activation of the NOD-like receptor pyrin-domain containing 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome is associated with chronic low-grade inflammation in metabolic diseases such as obesity. Mechanistic studies have shown that β-hydroxybutyrate (OHB) attenuates activation of NLRP3, but human data are limited. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial (n = 11) we tested the hypothesis that acutely raising β-OHB by ingestion of exogenous ketones would attenuate NLRP3 activation in humans with obesity. Blood was sampled before and 30...

The impact of task type and domain expertise on information searching behaviours in a full text digital library

Lebedeva Natalya
The purpose of this study is to provide insights into human information searching (IS) behaviour in a full text digital library. In this study, participants searched for historical information in a digital library. My first research interest was to explore IS behaviour in relation to three search tasks of different types: factual (a search for a definite answer like a name, date, location); exploratory (a search for information to broaden knowledge on a topic); interpretive...

The anti-inflammatory effects of long-acting beta-agonists on bronchial epithelium

Nan Yang
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

A trout rod in Natal; fishing for the complete beginner and others

Helen B. Hilliard

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