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A numerical description of nitrogen diffusion in titanium at elevated temperatures

Daniel Hawker
As part of a program to understand the dissolution of nitrogen-rich titanium solids in liquid titanium, a numerical study of nitrogen diffusion in titanium at elevated temperatures has been carried out. A Landau transformation was applied to the equations governing nitrogen diffusion which were used as the basis for the numerical models developed in this study. To begin a numerical model describing the nitriding of commercially pure titanium was developed. The numerical model was used...

Ferruccio Busoni's use of the sostenuto pedal : expansion of the pedalling technique

Edmundo Alejandro González Alvarado
This dissertation is a comprehensive examination of the use of the sostenuto pedal by Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924) in the first Appendix of his edition of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier (1894) and Mit Anwendung des III. Pedals (Steinway & Sons Sustaining-Pedal) (1923). Although Busoni notated the use of the sostenuto pedal in these two works, scholars have largely overlooked the significance of his groundbreaking pedalling techniques. To contextualize the historical significance of Busoni’s use of the sostenuto...

Temporality, authority, and \"ancient Christianity\" in the Carolingian era

Joshua Lee Timmermann
This dissertation examines the powerful, pervasive influence of the past – especially that of “ancient Christianity” and the Latin Church Fathers – on understandings of time, temporality, authority, and the relationship of past to present in the Carolingian era (ca. 751–888), as well as the diverse uses of that past by Carolingian writers, compilers, and readers. The Carolingian reforming project (reformatio, or correctio) was inherently concerned with the social and spiritual improvement of the temporal...

Leveraging human–nature relationships towards sustainable pathways

Harold N. Eyster
Urbanization, habitat change, climate change, biodiversity loss, etc., are eroding human relationships with nature but also generating new ones. Identifying and reorienting these novel human–nature relationships is key to enabling the broad, rapid, and transformative change that today’s environmental challenges require. This dissertation tests how a relational perspective could mobilize diverse human–nature relationships to assist in this crucial venture. Chapter 2 uses bird point counts (n=100) and in situ functional trait observations to explore whether...

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BC Seed Trials and CANOVI Replicated Corno di Toro Pepper Variety Trials 2018-2019

Alexandra Lyon & Chris Thoreau
This dataset comprises data from 2 years of replicated corno di toro pepper variety trials carried out at the UBC Farm. Production and quality data were collected as part of a farmer-participatory variety trialing project that sought to identify vegetable varieties with strong performance for both fresh market sales and seed production in British Columbia. Trials used the “mother-baby” design; the UBC Farm served as a "mother" site that conducted replicated trials, and several on-farm...

Farming after Occupy : institutional politics, activism, and the future of agricultural science

Michael Pinkard
This Master's thesis examines political activism centered at the Gill Tract Community Farm (GTCF) in Berkeley, California. The Gill Tract is roughly 14-acres of University of California, Berkeley (UCB) research land at the boundary of Berkeley and Albany, in the San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA). The GTCF is a community-led agro-ecological farm which emerged out of a protracted land occupation in 2012, and situates itself as a site of opposition to capitalism and colonialism. In...

Probing the universe with multiple large-scale structure tracers

Ziang Yan
Different large-scale structure(LSS) tracers bear rich information about our Universe. In this dissertation, I present my studies on galaxy clusters and multi-tracer cross-correlations to highlight the potential and importance of combining multiple LSS tracers in studying our Universe. I use simulated clusters from the BAHAMAS simulation to study the off-centring effect. I define seven observational-motivated centroids from stars, as well as X-ray and thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich (tSZ) effect data of these clusters. I find that stacked,...

Persuasion awareness in online settings: antecedents, consequences, and transparency mechanisms

Pattharin Tangwaragorn
With the continued growth of technologies, persuasion practices in online settings are on the rise. However, the use of technologies is a double-edged sword. Technologies can influence users without their awareness of being persuaded, making users more vulnerable to such influence. As technologies have been embedded throughout online platforms and provided more insights about their users, there is a major possibility of persuading users via technology design. Thus, the likelihood of being persuaded without awareness...

Chinese-Canadian parents' attitude toward general anesthesia for pediatric dental treatment

Jessica Tam
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

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Efficacy of Dietary and Supplementation Interventions for Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes

Jessica Lewgood, Barbara Oliveira, Marie Korzepa, Scott C. Forbes, Jonathan Little, Leigh Breen, Robert Bailie & Darren G. Candow
The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is increasing, which creates a large economic burden. Diet is a critical factor in the treatment and management of T2D; however, there are a large number of dietary approaches and a general lack of consensus regarding the efficacy of each. Therefore, the purpose of this narrative review is twofold: (1) to critically evaluate the effects of various dietary strategies on diabetes management and treatment, such as Mediterranean diet,...

A multi-scaled approach to understanding the environmental drivers of Southeast Asian forest-savanna mosaics

Elise Pletcher
Seasonally dry tropical forest in Southeast Asia is a complex mosaic of dry evergreen forest and deciduous dipterocarp “forest” (which are structurally and functionally savanna). These patchy savannas are threatened by fragmentation and forest-centric management practices. Understanding the ecological processes that govern the boundaries between forest and savanna is essential for their proper conservation. I analyzed patterns of remotely sensed tree cover and identified the key determinants of both tree cover and landscape mosaics across...

On LASSO parameter sensitivity

Aaron Berk
Compressed sensing (CS) is a paradigm in which a structured high-dimensional signal may be recovered from random, under-determined, corrupted linear measurements. LASSO programs are effective for solving CS problems due to their proven ability to leverage underlying signal structure. Three popular LASSO programs are equivalent in a sense and sometimes used interchangeably. Tuned by a governing parameter, each admits an optimal parameter choice yielding minimax order-optimal error. CS is well-studied, though theory for LASSO programs...

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Development of peptides targeting TDP-43 and CK-1δ as potential amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal lobar degeneration therapies

Jingyan Zhu
The full abstract for this thesis is available in the body of the thesis, and will be available when the embargo expires.

Nurses' experiences with assisted death

Adam Fulton
Background: The 2016 legalization of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) was a landmark event in Canada. For the first time in our country’s history, healthcare providers are legally permitted to play a role in assisting patient death. Existing legislation includes registered nurses (RNs) as core members of the interprofessional MAID team, and nurse practitioners (RN/NPs) as assessors and providers of MAID. This constitutes a significant change in practice. Therefore, the purpose of this study was...

Age-associated differences in human hematopoietic stem cell proliferation control

Colin Hammond
Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) comprise a functionally and molecularly heterogeneous population of cells that collectively maintain the lifelong production of mature blood cells. Known developmental changes in their properties include an early postnatal switch from a rapidly cycling high self-renewal state to a quiescent state with an overall reduced self-renewal potential. Additional age-associated alterations in mouse HSC properties have been predicted but these have remained poorly explored in human HSCs. Of recent interest has been...

Community-wide hackathons to identify central themes in single-cell multi-omics

Kim-Anh Lê Cao, Al J. Abadi, Emily F. Davis-Marcisak, Lauren Hsu, Arshi Arora, Alexis Coullomb, Atul Deshpande, Yuzhou Feng, Pratheepa Jeganathan, Melanie Loth, Chen Meng, Wancen Mu, Vera Pancaldi, Kris Sankaran, Amrit Singh, Joshua S. Sodicoff, Genevieve L. Stein-O’Brien, Ayshwarya Subramanian, Joshua D. Welch, Yue You, Ricard Argelaguet, Vincent J. Carey, Ruben Dries, Casey S. Greene, Susan Holmes … & Elana Fertig

Tailoring renewable materials via plant biotechnology

Lisanne De Vries, Sydne Guevara-Rozo, MiJung Cho, Li-Yang Liu, Scott Renneckar &
Plants inherently display a rich diversity in cell wall chemistry, as they synthesize an array of polysaccharides along with lignin, a polyphenolic that can vary dramatically in subunit composition and interunit linkage complexity. These same cell wall chemical constituents play essential roles in our society, having been isolated by a variety of evolving industrial processes and employed in the production of an array of commodity products to which humans are reliant. However, these polymers are...

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