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How clinical nursing instructors define and construct interpersonal boundaries with their students

Mark Richard Pijl Zieber
The purpose of this study was to examine how nursing instructors define and construct interpersonal boundaries with the students they teach. While the last two decades have seen a transition in the philosophy of teaching and learning in nursing, boundary construction within the new direction has not yet been fully examined. The literature reflects a wide variety of opinions on what constitutes an interpersonal boundary in the context of a teaching practice. Data collection involved...

Effect of hypertension on the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy

David R. Mathis
The general objective of this thesis was to examine whether or not hypertension exacerbated the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy. Previous reports in the literature support the idea that hypertension and diabetes have an additive effect and impair cardiac performance to a greater extent than does diabetes alone. However, recent evidence suggests that the rodent model of hypertension used in these studies (the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR)) is more sensitive to the diabetogenic effects of streptozotocin...

A study of acorn feeding insects : filbert weevil (Curculio occidentis (Casey)) and filbertworm (Cydia latiferreana (Walsingham)) on Garry oak (Quercus garryana) (Dougl.) in the southeastern Vancouver Island area

Doris Andrea Rohlfs
The Garry oak (Quercus garryana) Dougl. is the only oak native to British Columbia and is one of the more distinct and stately trees growing in the Greater Victoria area. The Garry oak meadow ecosystem is unique and rich, with the largest number of rare plant species of any ecosystem not only in British Columbia, but in Canada. Since acorns are vital to maintain future generations of Garry oak trees, the insects that attack and...

Carbon dioxide flux within and above a boreal aspen forest

Paul Chenggang Yang
Carbon dioxide, water vapour, sensible heat and momentum fluxes were continuously measured using the eddy covariance technique above and below the overstory in a 70-year old aspen (OA) stand in northern Saskatchewan from October to November 1993 and from February to September 1994, and above the overstory from April to December 1996 as a part of the Boreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (BOREAS). Due to the relative openness of the aspen canopy, the air within the forest...

Inscribing Ireland : Place-names and the author/ity of the Ordnance Survey (1824-1846)

Elizabeth Anne Gilchrist
In 1825, two detachments of Royal Engineers were dispatched from their English headquarters and sent to Dublin to undertake the first Ordnance Survey of Ireland. This Survey aimed to set new standards for topographical mapping: however there was an anxiety to make the maps a standard of orthography as well as of topography. Placenames were to be examined and 'rectified' with the same ardour for precision as all other aspects of the Survey. This thesis...

Self-deception : a critique of Alfred Mele’s theory of self-deception

Yixi Zhang
This thesis deals with some basic philosophical problems of self-deception. Following a detailed exposition of Alfred Mele's account of self-deception, it shows that Mele's account is inadequate but can be improved by a reason explanation of self-deception that is based on a concept of deception narrower than the one that Mele has been using.

Home care nurses’ perceptions of their nursing practice in today’s health care delivery system

Nancy Joanne Keyes
Major health care changes have arisen recently that have affected the delivery of health care by community home care nurses. The reason for this research study was to explore and describe the experiences of home care nurses in order to gain an understanding of home care nursing practice from the perspectives of home care nurses in the current restructured health care system, and to identify the needs or concerns of these nurses with regard to...

Novel genetic effects of a human endogenous retrovirus insertion

Paul Edward Kowalski
Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) are repetitive, noninfectious chromosomal elements degenerated from exogenous retroviruses, and compose as much as 2% of the human genome. The HERV-H family numbers approximately 1000 elements dispersed throughout the human genome. HERV-H elements have been shown to affect the expression of adjacent cellular genes. For example, in teratocarcinoma cell lines, a HERV-H LTR promotes expression of, and splices into a downstream cellular transcript, PLA2L, which contains two phospholipase A₂ (PLA₂)-like domains....

The Vancouver Peretz Institute Yiddish Library : the social history of a jewish community library

Faith Jones
This thesis examines the Vancouver Peretz Institute Library, a Yiddish language library housed in a secular humanist Jewish community centre. The organization provides supplementary schooling for children, and holds seniors' groups, adult classes, and special events. In this thesis the organization's library is placed in the context of Yiddish library history, the history of the Yiddish secular school movement, and the mainstream Jewish community in Vancouver. Attention is given to the organization's founding in 1945,...

Towards an effective transboundary environmental impact assessment regime for North America

James Frank Sussex
Threats to the ecological integrity of the biosphere increasingly involve complex cause and effect relationships that transcend political boundaries. Transboundary impacts have become a growing international concern as the scale of human influence on global ecosystems expands and international trade liberalization policies accelerate regional and global economic integration. These political-economic forces are paralleled by a growing recognition that efforts to protect important ecosystem functions often suffer from jurisdictional fragmentation, lack of international cooperation, and environmental...

Characterization of the mannan-degrading system of cellulomonas fimi

Dominik Stoll
In this study the mannan-degrading system of the Gram positive bacterium Cellulomonas fimi was characterised. C. fimi can degrade different forms of mannan and can use the degradation products as carbon and energy source. This study focuses on the galactomannan-degrading system which was found to be composed of one secreted endo- 1,4- β -mannanase (Man26A), one intracellular l,4-β-mannosidase (Man2A) and one intracellular 1,6-α-galactosidase. The genes encoding Man26A and Man2A have been isolated and sequenced, and...

An architectual mind : the nature of real, created, and fabricated memories for emotional childhood events

Stephen Porter
The false/ recovered memory debate has highlighted the complexities involved in assessing the validity of memories for emotional childhood events. This dissertation begins by tracing the history of the dominant school of thought on memory, the spatial perspective, as well as far less conspicuous reconstructive views, and challenges influential modern spatial views (e.g., repression) in light of a more defensible reconstructive model. The empirical component of this dissertation was designed to compare the nature of...

Institutionalization of economic neoliberalism in the international system with emphasis on international agreements on trade and finance

Enrique Salgado Garza
This thesis is a description and analysis of the inclusion of neoliberal norms in international rules and practices. Neoliberalism is a normative framework composed of norms for economic liberalization, privatization, and monetarism. Particular emphasis is made on the institutionalization of neoliberal norms in international agreements on trade and finance. The method of investigation is documentary research and analysis. The general conclusions are that (a) since 1971 neoliberalism has been institutionalized in the international system; (b)...

Structural studies of the catalytic mechanism of bacillus circulans xylanase

Gary Sidhu
The goals of the work described in this thesis were to gain further insight into the structural aspects of the catalytic mechanism of the retaining β-1,4-xylanase from Bacillus circulans. This included the study of both the wild type and certain variants of this enzyme as well as glycosyl-enzyme catalytic intermediates. The 1.6 A resolution recombinant wild type enzyme structure determined in this thesis is very similar to the previously published 1.49 A resolution structure, especially...

Investigation of peptidergic and nitrergic innervation of the human antrum

Valerie C. Smith
Immunocytochemical studies were carried out to determine the normal peptidergic and nitrergic innervation, as well as the cellular expression of the neurokinin 1 receptor in the human antrum. Antral tissue was obtained from 36 multiple organ donors and processed for immunocytochemical studies using antibodies/antisera for vasoactive intestinal polypeptide, nitric oxide synthase, calcitonin gene-related peptide, substance P, gastrin releasing peptide, the neurokinin 1 receptor, c-kit, s100, fibronectin, von Willebrand factor, gastrin, somatostatin and serotonin. The significant...

A naturalistic justification for criminal punishment

Diane Elizabeth Whiteley
In this study I tackle the problem of justifying criminal punishment. Although I take heed of a traditional line of theorizing which says that punishment is an expressive and communicative endeavour, my theory breaks away from traditional approaches. This break is motivated by a recognition that theorists working in the traditional framework have failed to resolve the tension between retributivist and consequentialist reasons for punishment. I argue that punishment is justified as a type of...

Learning when to breathe : performance as art and commodity in Opera Breve’s first season

Michael Allan Groberman
This thesis documents the growth of Opera Breve, a new performing arts organization in Vancouver, over the course of the 1997-98 season. The time frame begins with the company's conception in a basement cafeteria, and ends with a meeting a week following the season's final curtain. This chronicle of a new performing arts company, a self-initiated project by artists and arts managers to provide themselves artistic and managerial opportunities, is an example of how individuals...

Putting the cart behind the horse : using interface driven modeling to help regional stakeholders craft an understanding of sustainability

Michael Dennis Walsh
This thesis examines the theoretical underpinnings of an innovative approach used in developing a computer based educational tool. The tool itself combines two fundamental design philosophies from a previous modeling and scenario building exercise with an urgent need to more effectively engage regional stakeholders in the complexities and intricacies of sustainability. The result is a powerful learning tool aimed at stimulating dialogue and increasing understanding about regional growth and development issues. In order for this...

Factors affecting the lipoprotein distribution of cyclosporine : lipoprotein lipid concentration, lipoprotein composition and cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity

Wesley Wong
The purpose of this study was to determine factors that influence the lipoprotein distribution of cyclosporine (CSA). Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressant drug that has been effective in preventing graft rejection but the use of cyclosporine is limited by its renal toxicity. The majority of the cyclosporine (-95%) is found in the high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL) fractions with the remainder in the very low density lipoprotein fraction (VLDL) following incubation in...

From witchcraze to bitchcraze: a comparative dimension between the malleus maleficarum and Hustler magazine

Mary Zakova Savic
This thesis examines the Malleus Maleficarum and Hustler magazine for themes they may have in common. The purpose of this comparison is to display a manner in which women have been constructed and reconstructed within different social cultural contexts, maintaining similar personifications, specifically the personification of women as the witch/bitch. Qualitative content analysis was employed to glean the comparative dimension between the two publications. There were four categories of inquiry: 1) damage caused to male...

Modern art in Shanghai during the 1990s

Wei Xia
My thesis studies modern art in Shanghai during the 1990s, concentrating on the work of four of the more original and well-known artists, Yu Youhan, Ding Yi, Shi Yong, and Zhou Tiehai. In Chapter One, I briefly discuss the historical role that Shanghai played in the transplantation of Western-style oil painting to China in the later 19th-early 20th centuries, the first great Shanghai age of the 1920s and 1930s, the isolated and sterile period that...

Evaporation from a Canadian west coast douglas-fir forest : seasonal patterns and controls

Elyn Robin Humphreys
In order to understand how forest functioning will respond to global climate change, longterm and direct measurements of water vapour and energy exchange over forested ecosystems are needed. Between October 15, 1997 and May 31, 1999, eddy covariance measurements of latent and sensible heat flux were made above a 50-year-old, 33-m tall Douglas-fir forest, part of the seasonal temperate rainforest located on Vancouver Island, B.C, on the west coast of Canada. Winters at this site...

From \"contested space\" to \"shared place\" : options for public realm enhancement in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Jennifer Anne Franks
The primary objective of this thesis is to examine the opportunities and constraints for transforming "contested" public space into "shared" place in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. This examination is informed by: a literature review of public space theory; a review of City of Vancouver policies pertaining to public space conditions in the Downtown Eastside; a case study of community-driven public realm initiatives in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington; personal experience both working in, and observing conditions...

The community forest model and planning for ecological sustainability : exploring assumed synergies in Revelstoke, B.C.

Scott Lewis Aycock
In response to the current "crisis in the British Columbia forest industry, communities, academics, non-profit organizations, and government agencies and departments are exploring alternative strategies for the management of the forested ecosystems of the province, and for maintaining livelihoods in forest-dependent communities. The focus of the thesis is one such strategy, community forestry, specifically the planning strategies and principles that the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation utilizes in its management of local forests. Community forestry has...

The diplomatic background of the war: 1870-1914

Ernest George Barlow Stevens
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